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  1. Greg Robertson

    Soo, what do you all think of this idea to wire my surrounds?

    Yeah, I think ya'll are right. I'm just going to bite the bullet and do it with wires. With all the other hassles of moving I was trying to make the HT a little easier. But thanks for the valuable feedback. Wireless might still be interesting to consider if I want to setup the rcvr in 7.1 mode...
  2. Greg Robertson

    Soo, what do you all think of this idea to wire my surrounds?

    ..or lack of wire. I have an HK avr 520, an old Denon 1700, and a new apartment that'll be a nightmare to wire up the rear speakers. How horrible would it be to send the surround signal wirelessly to the denon in the back of the living room? The HK has preouts and I could run the denon in...
  3. Greg Robertson

    I just heard the Metallica/JaRule song....

    I'm not a huge fan of metallica, but I found the song and was hoping it was a joke. I like a lot of the 'rap-rock' music we hear, but this is SO bad I felt embarassed for metallica. Hearing that song, I think that Newstead was the smart one of the group. I was hoping it was an internet...
  4. Greg Robertson

    Uninstalling one OS in a dual boot system

    Hey thanks guys. 98 is no more. Good riddance. Hasta la pasta...
  5. Greg Robertson

    Uninstalling one OS in a dual boot system

    Rob, yup they are on the same partition. Mike, I didn't think of just trying to rename the directory (silly me)
  6. Greg Robertson

    Uninstalling one OS in a dual boot system

    I've got XP and 98 setup to dual boot and on the same partition. Now I want to get rid of 98 and just use XP. Can I just delete the win98 directory and edit the boot.ini file, or is there more to it? It makes sense to me, but I wanted to be sure and avoid a major problem.
  7. Greg Robertson

    Looking for some trance dvds...

    Anyone here own or seen one of those? They have 5 dvds priced at $20 plus s/h, and I might be interested but who knows they might turn out to really stink...
  8. Greg Robertson

    Best Simpsons qoute ever!!!

    "Homer no well work beer without!" Good episode too.
  9. Greg Robertson

    Prodigy's new CD is nearly here!

    Listening to 'Baby got a Temper' right now and while it's good, it doesn't scream great or even really good. It definitely sounds like Prodigy (which is a good thing), but there's nothing about the song that really grabs me. Here's to hoping that this is one of the lesser songs on the album.
  10. Greg Robertson

    Fans of 'Desperado' might appreciate this

    I got blitzed at the bar that Antonio Banderas shot the crap out of at the beginning of Desperado! Actually I walked in and thought 'Dang this looks familiar for some reason', it wasn't until a half hour later that someone informed me that it was where one of the coolest shoot out scenes ever...
  11. Greg Robertson

    New Eminem CD

    I have to agree with the majority on the new album here. I'm not a big fan of rap music, but I can't stop listening to this cd. It doesn't seem quite as 'catchy' as the last album, but that will probably mean that I won't get burned out on it easily. It's not musically boring though, quite the...
  12. Greg Robertson

    What Happend To Jay Mohr's Sports Show?

    I just caught this last night for the first time. Great show! Seeing him and some friends going curling was priceless. He also had on Shuge Knight (sp?). It was on espn2, don't know if it was a rerun.
  13. Greg Robertson

    Anyone know how to rehab a knee?

    Ok, I've got a question for ya'll. I've always had problems with the two 'cords' that are on the back of one's knee. I have no idea what they're called (question number 1 :)) and they will randomly pop out of place. The only way I know how to get them back is to extend my leg until they pop back...
  14. Greg Robertson

    Moby's new album coming soon!

    I managed to get a copy of the album, and am less than impressed. I haven't listened to it enough to give a decent review, but the overall impression I got was that it seemed like he was just going through the motions. Everything sounded like I'd heard it before. I would say it's just OK. and...
  15. Greg Robertson

    Do you look like someone famous?

    Make that two people here who somehow look like the lead singer from Creed. But I think the hair has to be at just the right length, it's a little longer now and I haven't heard that remark in a couple months. (Dang, time to cut it again, has it been 6 months already :))
  16. Greg Robertson

    How's this for fish selection (aquarium)?

    Looks like a interesting group of fish. I don't know if the red tail shark is more aggressive than a rainbow shark (basically the same but all the fins are red), but my rainbow is relatively nonconfrontational. Also those first two look like they're african cichlids. If they're not, then...
  17. Greg Robertson

    I like to drink beer and get rowdy.

    Beer Bad! :P I've been in college for the past 7 years and am loving every minute of it. I will lament the day when getting drunk with friends on a tuesday is out of the ordinary. :D Zen, sounds like you've got some good taste in beer, but since I live in texas, my beverage of choice is...
  18. Greg Robertson

    White/Rob Zombie samples

    I'd like to know where "Use my body to keep you warm" comes from. :)
  19. Greg Robertson

    Should I be ashamed to admit to being a Journey fan?

    Journey has been one of my favorite bands for about as long as I've been listening to music. I consider it one of my guilty pleasures. 'Don't Stop Believin'..maybe my favorite song. I saw them live once with the new singer and was blown away! Yeah, the new album is kinda eh... But Trial by...
  20. Greg Robertson

    Early teaser up for the musical "Chicago"

    Looks like it could be interesting. I'm just glad that studios are starting to make musicals again, thank god for Moulin Rouge having been as big a hit as it was. Next I'd love to see a movie version of Rent :)
  21. Greg Robertson

    Is Chazz Palmenteri ill?

    You know I was thinking the same thing while watching special features last night.. He looks plain frail. But who knows, maybe he's losing weight for a role.
  22. Greg Robertson

    The new MTV reality sitcom "The Osbournes"

    "He's contemplating his next wank... whether to use the right hand or the left" best quote of the show! :) And Jack is how old? and trying to start a record label?
  23. Greg Robertson

    Red Jaggies in picture on SVideo

    Actually, I had the same problem on my old panasonic a110. Of course, that is an older player.
  24. Greg Robertson

    Rock Star? Anybody?

    Whoops. :) Thanks. surprisingly, that didn't come up when I searched.
  25. Greg Robertson

    Rock Star? Anybody?

    I just noticed this is coming out on the 22nd and am kinda surprised nobody's mentioned it. Was the movie any good? I seem to remember people liking it when it came out.. Amazon also doesn't list any special features to it. Surely there's a trailer at least.. Yoohoo.. knock knock.. anybody.. :)
  26. Greg Robertson

    My new H/K 520 is putting my old Denon to shame

    I didn't mean to come off as bashing Denon (don't worry all you denon lovers). I still think Denon is a great brand, which is why I was surprised at the differences. Granted it is indeed, apples and oranges between the two. Although, Phil, I'm surprised to hear about your HK 320 vs denon 3300...
  27. Greg Robertson

    Deep DEEP bass in real music.

    Another vote for The Fragile. That album goes lower and louder than any other non-hiphop/rap album in my collection. Tracks 8 and 10 off the first disc alone will get you kicked out of most apartment complexes. :) The other NIN albums aren't bad either. If you don't mind rap, I'm partial to...
  28. Greg Robertson

    My new H/K 520 is putting my old Denon to shame

    Just felt like writing to express my extreme pleasure with my new toy, the avr-520! I always thought my Denon avr-1700 sounded good, but now I know there's a difference between good and great! I recently had gotten a pair of Polk RT55i mains and a cs400 center (about a month and a half before...