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  1. SimiA

    Crystal Image Scaler

    I have a 2.0 version of this scaler for sale. It works great, but I do not need it anymore! I purchased this from AVS for $1700. I'll let it go for $250!
  2. SimiA

    NEC LT 150 $ Crystal Image Scaler

    New price!!
  3. SimiA

    NEC LT 150 $ Crystal Image Scaler

    How about $800 for both??!
  4. SimiA

    HP 2335 LCD puter monitor

  5. SimiA

    EVGA eGeForce 6800 GFX Card

  6. SimiA

    HP 2335 LCD puter monitor

  7. SimiA

    EVGA eGeForce 6800 GFX Card

    FS: GeForce 6800 DDR 256mb PCI-E Graphics card. Asking $150, one month old. See it here:
  8. SimiA

    HP 2335 LCD puter monitor

    I have a 23" Hewlett Packard (Model 2335) up for grabs. This unit has 1920x1080 res, DVI & VGA connections. Comes with pivot software to rotate this screen 90 degrees. Asking $700 Read about it here:
  9. SimiA

    NEC LT 150 $ Crystal Image Scaler

    Make your best offer.
  10. SimiA

    NEC LT 150 $ Crystal Image Scaler

    Anyone with an offer?
  11. SimiA

    Stern & Buchwald issued stock

    Oh YEAH!!! That Pat O'Brian phone call was a freaking riot, especially with the music! Hey NOW!
  12. SimiA

    Stern the best thing to happen to Satellite

    Hey Now!!!! Stern had a (Siriusly) funny program this morning!! Mr Sulu (G. Takaei) is a riot! I hope they can keep him on the show! Arty had some of the funniest comments, especially without the bleeps! The uncensored Pat O'Brian phone call was great! When I have clients in the car and I...
  13. SimiA

    NEC LT 150 $ Crystal Image Scaler

    I have both these items up for sale. The 150 has less than 500 hours on the bulb, plus I have a band new spare bulb. The scaler was used with this PJ and gave a great PQ with my Da-lite model B screen, 100". I'm asking $1000 for the package. They sold originally for $3500, and the new bulb...
  14. SimiA

    NEC 150 w/Crystal Image Scaler

    I have these items up for sale for $1000.00. The NEC has less than 500 hours on the bulb and I'm adding a new replacement bulb to the offer. Also, I have Bose Acoustimas AM 5's with the subwofer for sale.$250. Both can be seen here:
  15. SimiA

    RCA = Junk?

    ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not an informative thread anymore. I do not want to see anymore e-mail responses with this dreck! If you're happy with what you got...GREAT! Let this thread die, like it did weeks ago! :thumbsdown:
  16. SimiA

    I can't search for LG, so I need some help!

    I found these in one minute... Vb
  17. SimiA

    Best 42" or smaller HDTV for $1500 or less?

    Stick with the 42". 47" are ED panels also, but now , having the same pixel count, the 47" will seem grainer. Getting back to your original price point, 42" is way out of your price range for a quality set. If you get a set smaller than 42", your seating distance could be from 6-8 ft, or...
  18. SimiA

    Beginning to upgrade.

    Hold off until you can "see" the sets you're interested in. This is a large amount of $$$ you're seeking to spend! Once you're actually able to see them for youself, you can make a more infomed choice. Your understanding of burn-in issues with regards to plasmas should not be a concern...
  19. SimiA

    Looking for a flat panel TV under $2000, need advice

    "I will be sitting as close as 2 feet from it at times so picture quality is a must." At 2 feet, a 42" plasma is out of the question. The sreen door affect alone would be annoying, not to mention the resolution of the set when used as a computer monitor just wouldn't cut it. You'd be able...
  20. SimiA

    Best 42" or smaller HDTV for $1500 or less?

    You could chech out these guys: I've seen some very good sets there in my area (Boston) in your price range. Vb
  21. SimiA

    Voom goes Boom

    So Shane, does that mean the E* will not be adding any of Voom's HD programing to their lineup? Thanks ,Vb
  22. SimiA

    Rogers 'n me

    Ahhhh, a story with a happy ending. I feel all warm a fuzzy. Glad it worked out for you, and thanks for the tip. I'm storing it on my hard drive for future reference. Cheers, Vb
  23. SimiA

    Business Week artcile on Extended Warranties

    If you use a credit card for your purchase, many of them offer a doubling of the existing warranty @ no charge. Vb
  24. SimiA

    HK AVR 230--what cable should I use??

    "I like optical because I like the little red light comming out of the cable" And I thought I was the only one that found that light cool.:D It kinda reminds me of my laser sights. Vb