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  1. Mark Hobbs

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    Did anyone else notice that when the architect says the " more accurately reflect the varying grotesqueties of your nature..." line, there are pictures of war and dying on the monitors, then a big picture of Hitler that turns into a big picture of G.W.Bush? That really pulled me out of...
  2. Mark Hobbs

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    What if Neo is the machines' effort to bridge the gap between machinery and humanity and evolve into more than man or machine, but man+machine?
  3. Mark Hobbs

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    I want to weigh in and agree with Seth that Zion is real. The argument that Zion is another level of the Matrix makes sense, but I don't buy it. I prefer another explanation for Neo's power over the sentinels: he is gaining power in the real world unlike the other "ONE"s before him.
  4. Mark Hobbs

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    Door #1: Reboot the matrix, choose 24 people to repopulate Zion. Door #2: Save Trinity, but everyone dies (in and outside Zion) and the matrix is over. If Neo chooses door #2 (which he did) and fails, EVERYONE DIES. Neo then says that the machines need the humans for energy. The architect...
  5. Mark Hobbs

    OK, not Bose -- tell me what to buy instead!

    We use Paradigm Titans and a Paradigm CC-170 center speaker paired with Paradigm Cinema rears. The Titans aren't invisible (about 12" tall), but even my wife agreed that they sounded good enough to overlook the fact that they aren't invisible. The price is a steal at $220 for the pair. As a...
  6. Mark Hobbs

    DOGG Digital Audio...

    What is there to wonder about? Just check Ebay. People realize they have been scammed, so the first thing they do is try to pass them off on some other schmuck. It's the American way. :)
  7. Mark Hobbs

    Help--Have Bose but want more?

    Might want to check out this thread:
  8. Mark Hobbs

    Help--Have Bose but want more?

    There are several good options for under $1,000. We have Paradigm Titan mains and a CC-170 center that, when paired with Titan or Atom rears and a decent inexpensive sub (like the Sony SAWM-40) will blow you away compared to that Bose setup. Total cost = $800. Use the search feature for...
  9. Mark Hobbs

    Final vote on Sub

    Haven't heard the others, but I'm very happy with my $150 Sony. If I had $400, I would have had more options. But you don't have many options under $200 and the Sony (modified easily with a bit of polyfill) does a nice job. The DLS sub sounds like it is worth considering also.
  10. Mark Hobbs

    Remote question ...

    Press the TV/Video button and the number 1-5 at the same time. If you press TV/Video and 3, you get Video 3. So that is how you use it in a macro. At least that is the way it works with my Sony RM-VL900 remote and Sony 27FS13 TV. One quirky thing about this on my set is that it doesn't...
  11. Mark Hobbs

    Bookshelf Speakers - Best all-around value?

    I don't think you will find a better sounding speaker for the money than the Paradigm Titans at $220/pair. Dimensions are 12.5" tall, 7.75" wide, and 9.5" deep. Do a search on Titans. They work well in any role. Excellent bass to 50HZ. I bought mine nearly a year ago on the...
  12. Mark Hobbs

    NEW Top 100 DVD Census - Vote Now For Your Top 10

    1. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition 2. Moulin Rouge 3. Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones 4. Toy Story I & II: Ultimate Toy Box 5. The Godfather Collection 6. The Matrix 7. Saving Private Ryan: DTS 8. E.T.: 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition 9...
  13. Mark Hobbs

    *** Official "TWO WEEKS NOTICE" Review Thread

    No plot, no chemistry, no reason for Hugh Grant and Sandra to hook up except, well, they are Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. I chuckled twice, and I laugh easily. Not even a good date movie. Too many good movies out there right now to see this on a date just because Hugh Grant is in it. 2/10
  14. Mark Hobbs

    The great consolidated all-in-one OFFICE SPACE SE thread

    I honestly think this is one of the top 5 funniest movies I have ever seen. My wife and I have watched it over and over and laugh harder every time.
  15. Mark Hobbs

    ***Official "AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER" Review Thread

    This is one of those movies where everyone laughs because everyone else is laughing because everyone thinks what they are seeing is SUPPOSED to be funny. The truth is there isn't much humor here at all. I can't give any film much credit for fart jokes and other 12-year-old-boy humor, and once...
  16. Mark Hobbs

    *** Official "ROAD TO PERDITION" Review Thread

    Excellent movie and a fine piece of filmaking. A delightful detour from the usual summer fare. My first perfect rating of the year and easily ousts Spidey/Star Wars from the top of my 2002 movie list. 10/10
  17. Mark Hobbs

    *** "WINDTALKERS" Review Thread

    I'm amazed at the early positive reviews in this thread. Windtalkers is easily the worst movie I have seen this year. I'm a fan of war movies but this one is ridiculous. 2/10
  18. Mark Hobbs

    Is The Jurassic Park Issue Settled?

    Thanks Sean, that is exactly what mine says...PEMC 22. I hadn't seen that info anywhere else.
  19. Mark Hobbs

    Is The Jurassic Park Issue Settled?

    Well, I saw in the other thread that if you have a DVD-ROM drive you can check the file dates. The original pressing has July dates in the Video_TS folder. The new version has November dates. So I checked my disk and I have the November files. So, just for the record, my disk has a BLACK...
  20. Mark Hobbs

    Is The Jurassic Park Issue Settled?

    I purchased the DTS version of Jurassic Park earlier this week at Best Buy. My version doesn't say D2R2 or D2R1 on the band. I have read it should say PEMC-D2R2 (for the corrected version), but mine just says PEMC, at the end of a string of other random numbers. Anyone else have this problem?
  21. Mark Hobbs

    Favorite Scenes for Demonstration Of Home Theater

    Some we use... Lobby scene in the Matrix First 5 minutes of Toy Story 2 Flying scene from Out of Africa (my wife's favorite)
  22. Mark Hobbs

    Good price on Sony's SAW-M40 Sub?

    I found the Sony wm40 as an open box at Best Buy. I paid around $170. At the time, it was marked $199, but I've heard they put it on sale from time to time. I wasn't able to find it online anywhere that they had it in stock and for a good price (once you factor in shipping). It's a great...
  23. Mark Hobbs

    Trailers Before Star Wars?

    Matrix sequels (got a huge cheer from the audience when the green numbers start rolling down the screen) 007 - Die Another Day Like Mike MIB 2 Goldmember Sum of All Fears Minority Report These seen in 2 viewings. As far as I know, you will definitely see the Matrix preview, the...
  24. Mark Hobbs

    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)

    Help me out with something... Who ordered the clones to be built "10 years ago"?
  25. Mark Hobbs

    *** Official "STAR WARS EPISODE II ATTACK OF THE CLONES" Review Thread

    I'm deleting my (somewhat) negative review after seeing the film a second time. The second viewing was MUCH more enjoyable than the first for me. I would rewrite the review, but everyone has said everything already anyway. This movie is a 9/10 and the best (2002) movie I've seen this year...
  26. Mark Hobbs

    Saving Private Ryan, Omaha Beach Scene

    There are better ways to test the functionality of your center speaker than trying to hear dialog in this scene. It is supposed to be loud and confusing.
  27. Mark Hobbs

    Vertigo alternate ending?

    Robert, thanks for your comments. I just want to say again what a great job you guys did with this incredible movie. My wife and I were able to enjoy Vertigo for the first time in its OAR and with vivid color and sound thanks to your efforts.
  28. Mark Hobbs

    Vertigo alternate ending?

    You are right Sam. I just found it myself. For those who are interested, go to the "Obsessed with Vertigo" chapter listing and page through to number 14. The alternate ending is there. It's not much really, the notes made it sound like more than it is.
  29. Mark Hobbs

    Vertigo alternate ending?

    I just saw Vertigo tonight for the first time. Wow. GREAT movie and a beautiful restoration. Anyway, I was reading the production notes on the R1 DVD and came across this: "One thing Hitchcock may not have counted on was the uncovering of an alternate ending to Vertigo...This brief final...