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    Worth driving 100 miles one way and then 100 miles back for a JVC projector discounted at least a lot off

    I having second thoughts lol. Though I know the Epson 5050ub is still good I just don't think it is as good. I guess this based on perspective Sorry.
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    Small dilemma on playing movies and tv shows

    Stupid question would this headphone amp or any headphone amp that supports bluetooth too connect to my Apple TV 4k streaming device easily instead too. Thus solving my issue of having 2 different devices using my wired headphones at the same time...
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    Small dilemma on playing movies and tv shows

    My only question is how would I have my headphones connected to my PC and my projector at the same time ? So I don't have to keep unplugging them and replugging them back in to switch from my projector to my pc or my pc to my projector. Sorry.
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    Small dilemma on playing movies and tv shows

    Cool. Thanks. Greatly appreciated!
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    Small dilemma on playing movies and tv shows

    Thanks. How would this work please? Sorry.
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    Small dilemma on playing movies and tv shows

    Not bragging just saying my dilemma is how should I play movies and tv shows with my new projector that is not here yet while waiting for a JVC-NP5 projector to be delivered by Friday maybe sooner. My problem/dilemma is I can't use a streaming device because I need a headphone 3.5mm jack. Yeah...
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    JVC NX5 vs JVC-NP5

    So JVC NX5 and JVC-NP5 even though lamp base are still good ?
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    JVC NX5 vs JVC-NP5

    Which is better? Are they better than Epson projectors ? Sorry. Found one for $2000 used with like 500 hours of usage. If that is not worth it then I will pass.
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    Epson LS11000 vs Epson 5050ub

    I found this thread but it is over 2 years old sadly :( Stays black levels are on the ls11000 are bad. Hmm This picture too from another country comparing the ls11000 vs ls12000 too with picture quality...
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    Epson LS11000 vs Epson 5050ub

    I would get the LS12000 instead but it is sadly out of my price range :(
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    Epson LS11000 vs Epson 5050ub

    What about the difference in contrast between the two please ?
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    Epson LS11000 vs Epson 5050ub

    Which is better ?
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    How would you design this room to create is as a home theater?

    No I did not take everything out just to take the picture lol.
  14. almost like the room my projector and projector screen will be in.jpg

    almost like the room my projector and projector screen will be in.jpg

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    Screen prices? Was: $14,000

    Why are some projector screens up to $14,000 + ? Just wondering. What are the advantages ?
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    Dream projector screen (temporarily)

    None of my walls are white. All agreeable gray. :(
  17. Projector screen.jpeg

    Projector screen.jpeg

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    Dream projector screen (temporarily)

    Please do not laugh but if you do it is ok lol. I still have the frame and legs just finally got tired of it taking up so much room in my small home theater area. So decided to put just the screen material up with command strips. I know not perfect. Never will be. Though it looks better than...
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    The biggest issue with floor rising screens is no wheels the 120" versions are so heavy and I need that

    Anyway to add wheels myself without hurting anything?
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    Stewart Screens AllRise

    First yes I know how expensive they are you do not have tell me. My question is does anyone own one here ?
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    Floor rising Projector Screen prevent from moving with AC breeze or ceiling fan being on?

    I know I know turn off ceiling fan. Don't want to. Sorry. Is there any other way ?
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    Portable Folding screens standalone

    Do all Portable Folding screens standalone have creases or lines in the screen or bound to ? Even the more expensive Portable Folding screens standalone ? Curious. Is there anyway to prevent it before buying it ? Example:
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    Elite Screens FT113UH-C5D

    Thank you.
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    Elite Screens FT113UH-C5D Does anyone own this screen yet? How do you like it if so ? Do you really think it is tab tension ? Sorry again for asking. I can't decide if 113" is a lot smaller than 120" either ? :( Is CineGrey 5D even good screen...
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    Best way to hang a fixed projector screen without making any holes in the wall

    I heard good and bad things about them. Which is it? Do you own one? Is it really tension and stays tension even after having it lift down and back up after a lot of times ? 100+ or even 1000+ Has any site done a review ? The biggest disadvantage of see is it is around 70 pounds :eek: I...
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    Elite TTP110UWH-D

    Does anyone own this tab tension tripod screen? It is so difficult to find reviews of it :( Curious if it is any good? Worth it ?