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  1. Berk

    SOPRANOS Season 6: Season Finally!!!.. Episode 12: "KAISHA"

    Find yourself liking the first 4 seasons of the Sopranos and being disappointed with what’s followed? Consider the impact of the following and cross the line between art and business… Length of original story – I’d question the length of Chase’s original story line for the Sopranos. I recall...
  2. Berk

    SOPRANOS Season 6: Season Finally!!!.. Episode 12: "KAISHA"

    No more Johnny Cakes!
  3. Berk

    What Has Happened to the Black Sitcom?

    If there was money in black sitcoms (from advertising revenue, of course), we'd see more black sitcoms. If there is no perceived financial profit from such an endeavor, concepts won’t even go to pilot without an influential backer (Spielberg, for instance).
  4. Berk

    Terminator 4

    A couple of handfuls of steroids and Arnold will be back on track. This guy knows how to get in shape!
  5. Berk

    SOPRANOS Season 6: Season Finally!!!.. Episode 12: "KAISHA"

    So the gal who played Johnny Sack's daughter is related to some other actor in the show. That explains it. If it worked for Joan Rivers and her talentless daughter, it can work for you too!
  6. Berk

    Sharon Stone isnt giving up...

  7. Berk

    Sofia Coppola's Latest: "Marie-Antoinette"

    Sophia Coppola has a style? Aside from being the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, that is? If Lost in Translation is any indication I'd say her style is quiet boredom. Exactly how many movies has she directed? Curious...
  8. Berk

    Love Monkey ongoing thread

    I love Ed. I get bored watching Love Monkey. Too many secondary characters I care nothing about and enough of the Wayne guy, already.
  9. Berk

    Love Monkey ongoing thread

    I’m not sure if our local network screwed up or what, but last week the pilot of Love Monkey aired and this week it was episode 3. At the end of the pilot Ed, or whatever his new name is, was without a job and just gave up his new talent find. In episode 3 he’s working at an independent label...
  10. Berk

    Why I Stopped Watching the Sci-Fi Channel

    Just think, one day we’ll be saying… “Remember when TV stations used to have commercials? Now the picture is ¼ the screen size surrounded by several other boxes of advertisements and a stock ticker of what’s hot in girls fashion!” Next up: Pay extra for what TV used to be like! Only 17...
  11. Berk

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread

    On a related political note… I was kind of hoping that President Stands With a Fist would have been killed off this season. Given this past weeks episode it looks like anything can happen at this point.
  12. Berk

    Love Monkey ongoing thread

    Tom Cavanaugh's role in Love Monkey is very similar to Ed, I'll admit. I'm not too surprised by this though. As far as I'm aware, Tom Cavanaugh hasn't made any movies or sitcoms since Ed. Given this, I didn't expect a network to take a chance on a role change for him. I mean, his character in...
  13. Berk

    40 year old virgin - "R" Rated WS

    I have to say it... Speaking of theatrical cuts being released on DVD, how about Blade Runner?!
  14. Berk

    Summer of Sam.....Any chance of a SE???

    The historical aspect of Summer of Sam would suggest at least an overview of the actual case file as an extra. I wouldn't think this would be too hard to do given the fascination society has with serial killers.
  15. Berk

    Bad News for Ed Fans

    Ed is the only TV show that I would be interested in buying on DVD at this point. The way I see it, the studio isn't willing to take my money. I guess I'll just save it.
  16. Berk


    What I dislike most about Land of the Dead is the prestigious conditions of the city in comparison to the other Dead films. Perhaps I got used to the – running out of food, low on ammo – climate of the previous films, but it seems to me the world went under when the gang was in the mall in Dawn...
  17. Berk

    Joey -- Season 2 (Submerged)

    I’m saving my judgment of the new season until the first half-hour episode. Some half-hour shows don’t do well in an hour format (Seinfeld especially) and Joey may be one of them.
  18. Berk

    Rome. Season One: *Discuss*

    My interest in Rome decreases with every episode.
  19. Berk

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Outsiders - Two Disc Special Edition (RECOMMENDED).

    Don't get me wrong, I prefer the extended version of the film as well. I just wish the extended version had been offered with the original score.
  20. Berk

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Outsiders - Two Disc Special Edition (RECOMMENDED).

    Why couldn't Coppola be satisfied with the additional scenes? Why did he have to go and screw with the music in the film? If you haven't watched the new version yet, do yourself a favor and don't. For the rest of my life every time I watch The Outsiders (original version, of course) I'll be...
  21. Berk

    Deer Hunter 2-disc SE in September (MERGED THREAD)

    In regards to picture quality and sound of the new SE, I can speak to the picture quality but not the sound, as I simply use stereo speaker and not a home theater. The picture quality, to me, looks very similar to the previous disc. If there's improved sharpness or color, I didn't really...
  22. Berk

    Deer Hunter 2-disc SE in September (MERGED THREAD)

    I got the Se of Deer Hunter yesterday and have made it through the commentary with Vilmos Zsigmond and some guy from the film institute. Overall I am disappointed in the commentary. Vilmos Zsigmond was the cinematographer for the film and the majority of his commentary is related to how the...
  23. Berk

    How do you sort your collection?

    I sort based on how much I like the film. I have 5 shelves with the top being reserved for my favorite films and the lowest being my "watch every couple of years" movies.
  24. Berk

    The 40 Year Old Virgin with Steve Carell

    Not to play amateur psychologist… Her mother married her father due to social expectations and gave up college and a career as a result. The mother raised the kids under a strict belief that relationships only serve to drain you of your opportunities and resources. Both kids are now in the...
  25. Berk

    The 40 Year Old Virgin with Steve Carell

    I know of a certain 40 something female virgin who is likely sweating it over the release of this film as a comedy. Her reasons for virginity are much less entertaining, I assure you.
  26. Berk

    Easter Eggs, a thing of the past?

    Add me to the list of people who DO NOT enjoy Easter eggs on DVDs. Now that the "new-ness" of DVD features is over, I'm glad to see Easter eggs are falling out of favor. I always figured they were put in place to showcase the DVD technology over VHS. I like the special features/extras to be...
  27. Berk

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread

    I may be in the minority but the political vs. military issue in the show is of no interest to me. I get enough of that on a daily basis. As Tony Soprano would say, "I'm saturated with it!"
  28. Berk

    Six Feet Under Season 5

    There's a lot of talk of morality in the judgment of Nate's character. However, I believe the above quote sums up Western society as a whole nowadays. Anyone who thinks they're above such behavior should honestly review their personal relationships, or even just a handful of postings, for a...
  29. Berk

    Shark Week

    Way-back-when Shark Week was an informative week of programming. The shows centered around the education of shark behavior and ongoing studies with one-hour being dedicated to shark attacks. Nowadays Shark Week is less than informative and centers around the dramatization of sharks...
  30. Berk

    Over The Edge announced (finally!) -9/20

    This is one of those flicks that I loved as a kid but don't really relate to as an adult. Considering this, I'd say it's a great film for youth to find a voice.