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  1. InLikeFlynn

    Press Release Edge of Darkness (Warner Archive Collection) (1943) (Blu-ray)

    Really hoping for DESPERATE JOURNEY and DIVE BOMBER in 2022!
  2. InLikeFlynn

    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Volume VI and Volume VII sets are must buys for me. Psyched that Singapore is finally get a release (I do NOT believe it was ever released on DVD, let alone blu-ray in North America). Raging Tide and Johnny Stool Pigeon also never released. And The Boss will presumably be getting its first...
  3. InLikeFlynn

    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    I rarely post but STEP BY STEP with Lawrence Tierney is a holy grail of mine. Great little film, very tense, spies, and light-hearted noir if you will. I wouldn't be in Your Shoes is also a great little noir. Don Castle - who lives in obscurity nowadays - made a few really good ones in the...
  4. InLikeFlynn

    MGM MOD: Fox Bows On Demand MGM Movies for Retailers

    My best guess is that Fox decided not to renew the agreement with MGM given they wanted to bring their own MOD program on-line. The expiring MGM MOD program would have conceivably taken resources from the start up of Fox's MOD program. I do not know how MGM's MOD program performed sales-wise...