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  1. Patrick Mason

    Wings Of Desire (1987) 4K UHD

    I just received the Wings of Desire 4K steelbook release. The transfer is indeed an absolute knockout from what I sampled, and huge improvement over the older Criterion release. But what I was not expecting was SDH-only style English subtitles. Obviously great to have as an option, but horrible...
  2. Patrick Mason

    The Official Disney Movie Club Blu-ray Exclusives Thread

    I received Darby O'Gill. The audio is encoded at a whopping 96 kbps (much like the last batch of releases such as Make Mine Music). Not using lossless audio is disappointing/puzzling enough, but why encode it at such a ridiculously low bit rate as well? Happy to see some catalog releases that...
  3. Patrick Mason

    Perry Mason HBO Miniseries! Spoiler Alert Advisory

    Glad there will be a second season, as I am enjoying it quite a bit. One thing that's been bothering me, though: does anyone find the score in this show intrusive and grating? Every time you're about to feel any emotion in this show, and those damn couple piano keys come in for about the 400th...
  4. Patrick Mason

    Fandango purchases Vudu!

    Mainly sad to assume Disc + Digital is going away, no one else had anything like that. Loved getting to buy the digital copy before the physical release was out, and then having Walmart ship the disc when it streeted. That was really the main reason I use Vudu.
  5. Patrick Mason

    Disney 4k on Apple TV

    Crossing fingers, seems crazy it has taken so long for this to happen. However, we have been fooled by iTunes banner ads before...
  6. Patrick Mason

    Buster Keaton Collection: Volume I (The General/Steamboat Bill Jr.) from Cohen 5/14

    Very excited for this release, but very disappointed that they will not be releasing Sherlock Jr in this set, which was included in the Masters of Cinema release (and is definitely one of my favorites!) Not sure if they intend to release it later with another Keaton restoration, here's hoping.
  7. Patrick Mason

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    Left out the most exciting one for me, Elevator to the Gallows on Feb 6! Silence of the Lambs is in some ways almost disappointing to see going back to Criterion, as there has been a 4K master popping up on Vudu and iTunes. I'd rather have an Ultra HD Blu-ray, even if it meant still having to...
  8. Patrick Mason

    Press Release Announcing the launch of MOVIES ANYWHERE

    Creed and Magnificent Seven are MGM titles, and Last Vegas I believe is CBS. Sony may act as the distributer for the discs, but they don't own the titles. Hopefully the last of the studios will come onboard before too long.
  9. Patrick Mason

    Press Release Announcing the launch of MOVIES ANYWHERE

    Nice find! I noticed another title like this, Kiss Me Kate (1953). Purchased through Vudu and shows up in my iTunes library despite not being available when searching. I wonder what other hidden iTunes movies can be had this way.
  10. Patrick Mason

    The X Files is coming back!

    Darin Morgan is some kind of hero, it's a shame he hardly writes anything outside of Chris Carter shows (which aren't exactly plentiful these days.) As far as "plot holes" in this episode go, well... I guess you either like the absurdist humor or you don't. It's not meant to make logical...
  11. Patrick Mason

    A Few Words About While we wait for A few words about...™ Triumph of the Will -- in Blu-ray

    I would like to hear confirmation from someone who has seen the disc here as well, as I am now hesitant to purchase it. I would like an option to watch the film without logo watermarking and the descriptive IDs and text. I actually like the descriptions as an option and would definitely like...
  12. Patrick Mason

    wireless headphones

    Hi Jim, Glad it all worked out!
  13. Patrick Mason

    wireless headphones

    Hi Jim, As you were already thinking, you can try grabbing a bluetooth transmitter and plugging it into the headphone jack on your receiver, like this one: The biggest problem would be latency, which might throw the sync...
  14. Patrick Mason

    Programming Universal Remote: direct code for apps

    Hi Jim, It depends on your specific devices, but generally your installer is probably correct. If the remote that came with your TV has dedicated app buttons, your universal remote may have a learning function that will allow it to copy those buttons. Otherwise the macro option would...
  15. Patrick Mason

    Vizio sound bar drops when playing DVD Concerts

    It's hard to know for sure without knowing the model numbers of your soundbar and DVD player, as well has how they are hooked up. Are you using an HDMI or optical cable from the player to the soundbar, or just the red and white audio cables? If you are using HDMI or optical, my first thought...
  16. Patrick Mason

    'The Egg and I' Blu-ray (TCM Exclusive)

    That's too bad. I like the title, but I too have had issues with TCM pre-orders in the past that required exchanges, I was just waiting to hear that the disc was okay before ordering.
  17. Patrick Mason

    Twentieth Century Fox will make 100 films available digitally for the first time ever

    Ford films posted so far: My Darling Clementine (iTunes) Young Mr Lincoln (iTunes & Vudu) The Prisoner of Shark Island (iTunes & Vudu) The Seas Beneath (iTunes & Vudu) Doctor Bull (iTunes) Tobacco Road (iTunes & Vudu) World Moves On (iTunes & Vudu)
  18. Patrick Mason

    Twentieth Century Fox will make 100 films available digitally for the first time ever

    Looks like more titles went up on iTunes today. So far I've found: The Mark of Zorro Daddy Long Legs Jane Eyre (with Orson Welles) The Big Trail The Sun Also Rises This is in addition to the titles that went up just a few days ago, like Call Northside 777 and The Keys to the Kingdom...
  19. Patrick Mason

    Fox Offers 100 New Classic Film Titles Digitally

    Full list from: The Affairs of Cellini (1934) Alien Nation (1988) Anna and the King of Siam (1946) Baby, Take a Bow (1934) Bad Girl (1931) The Best of Everything (1959) The Big Trail (1930) The Black...
  20. Patrick Mason

    Amazon will ban sales of Apple TV & Google Chromecast

    That's the way the current Apple TV works, certainly. There is access to subscription stuff like Netflix and Hulu, but nothing to compete with purchases and rentals through iTunes. But the new Apple TV releasing later this month has a full App Store, so anyone including Amazon can create an...
  21. Patrick Mason

    Amazon will ban sales of Apple TV & Google Chromecast

    Odd reasoning and timing considering Apple just opened up their box to third party developers. Guess that means they will not be creating an app for it? That is a shame, would be nice to finally have all of the major video services in one place. I hope Amazon reconsiders and puts full Prime...
  22. Patrick Mason

    Complete Apple Fall event discussion, Give us a hint, Siri (iPad Pro, new Apple TV, 6S)

    Well to be fair, they had those buttons on the left side of the screen before Windows even existed. New iPhones look like typical S upgrades: same design, faster, better camera, 1 big new feature (3D Touch, in this case.) The iPad Pro looks alright but crazy expensive (and 256GB option?)...
  23. Patrick Mason

    Complete Apple Fall event discussion, Give us a hint, Siri (iPad Pro, new Apple TV, 6S)

    I could see them announcing the iPad Pro early to give developers time to take advantage of the new screen size and features, before releasing it after the usual iPad-focused event in October. That could explain some of the conflicting rumors as well. Guess we'll find out tomorrow!
  24. Patrick Mason

    Amazon Instant shutting down it's Offline Viewing App for purchased content

    Hi Bruce, You don't need to purchase any digital content from Amazon to use this service, you just need to have an Amazon Prime subscription (the same one that gives you free 2-day shipping, etc). This now allows you to download subscription video titles that you have not purchased for a...
  25. Patrick Mason


    Lots of great news there, but the Marx Brothers and My Man Godfrey restorations have me incredibly excited. Finally! Hope some amazing Blu-ray releases will follow sooner rather than later.
  26. Patrick Mason

    Should we ban GONE WITH THE WIND?

    Obviously this article is saddled with a silly headline intended to provoke and generate traffic. Banning access to Gone with the Wind or Birth of a Nation for possible offense is not an argument worthy of any consideration. But displaying a mural based on Birth of a Nation imagery on a wall...
  27. Patrick Mason

    The X Files is coming back!

    The best news in the article? We have a confirmed new Darin Morgan-penned episode coming our way: But the tough questions are being asked on EW's cover: "What's the story with Scully's hair?" What indeed. Hopefully next month they can have a follow-up article on her nail polish. Edit...
  28. Patrick Mason

    WMC dead. What's the future of HTPC?

    Whether or not you use an Apple TV, I think Raul's approach outlined above is basically "the future" for HTPCs. You will rip your content to a computer that hosts files to streaming boxes or other devices on your network. You can accomplish the same thing by using Plex with a Roku box or game...
  29. Patrick Mason

    Star Wars on Digital HD/Disney Movies Anywhere in May?

    I think a $60 bundle would have been a reasonable expectation (and still quite expensive for a digital-only release), and I would not have been hugely surprised by anything in the $70 to $80 range considering that, y'know... Star Wars. But $120? Whew. When the Blu-rays were first announced...