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  1. BenK

    Interested in DLP....

    The Samsung (74 or 85 series models) and Toshiba models are both good brands. Compare the features and of course the picture to see which looks best to you. I find the Samsungs look a little better. I have the Mits 62725 DLP which I absolutely love. It does have the glare screen but it takes 5...
  2. BenK

    Hi folks! Status of DLP

    The difference though is that not everyone sees the rainbow effect on DLP's. Screen door effect and/or silk screen effect on LCD's can be seen by everyone. Unless the viewing distance is very far away. Whether it bothers the viewer is a different situation.
  3. BenK

    Hi folks! Status of DLP

    Hey Ted, I originally got the 60" but had a hard time with the screen door effect and hard edged digital looking picture. I thought maybe it was too big for my viewing distance so I tried the 55". It was better but the screen door effect was just too distracting. I didnt realize how much better...
  4. BenK

    Distance from TV?

    Its definitely not the viewing distance. I've got a 62" Mits DLP and I sit about 10 feet from the screen. Absolutely awesome. Even when I lean forward the picture is still beautiful.
  5. BenK

    Hi folks! Status of DLP

    The lag in video games is specific to the Samsungs 480i input. Not necessarily DLP. Motion blur and pixelation with HD material is most likely bandwidth issues. That'll be the case with any tv. Having had a Sony LCD 55XS955 and now a Mitsubishi DLP 62725 the picture quality is much better on the...
  6. BenK

    are fixed pixel displays more "pixely"...

    Ted, the XS series is the one to get. Properly setup its output is truly stunning. Check out the 55/60XS955 owners thread at "the other forum".
  7. BenK

    Is it just me? I am trying give non-CRT RPTVs a chance but... YUCK!!!

    Any HD set won't display SD content very well. They werent made for that. I have the 55" version and it displays SD content much better than my CRT RPTV.
  8. BenK

    are fixed pixel displays more "pixely"...

    A good signal or DVD transfer will look phenominal on a microdisplay. But it works both ways as a bad signal will look worse. They're much sharper so they'll accentuate the good AND bad. I've got a Sony 55" XS955 series LCD RPTV and I've seen detail in DVD's that I've never seen on my CRT RPTV...
  9. BenK

    Adjustments to having an HDTV???

    Viewing distance can play a part also as well as the display technology. Since the screen is much bigger it'll accentuate the good AND bad in the video signal. I went from a 56" CRT RP to a 55" LCD RP and although the picture is MUCH sharper and brighter I also see more flaws than with the CRT...
  10. BenK

    "mechanical complexity" of DLP

    As far as mechanical complexity goes LCD technology has no moving parts (except for the cooling fan) and has been around much longer than DLP. More moving parts means more chance of failure. Compare flash memory to a hard drive. All hard drives eventually fail. I've had enough of them fail to...
  11. BenK

    Sony Wega KDF60WF655 - Looking for feedback

    Or you can get a learning remote with macros and set it up to switch through all the inputs automatically with one button press.
  12. BenK

    XBox jaggies on new HDTV

    A large high quality display will bring out the good and also the bad in whatever you're viewing. Hopefully game console makers will incorporate anti-aliasing technology in their next crop of consoles if they haven't already. Going from a 56" CRT rear projection to a 60" LCD rear projection...
  13. BenK

    RP CRT VS. RP LCD Help

    Elinor, what I see is the pixel structure or the effects of it. It looks like the screen is dirty or has smudges on it. Especially in lighter backrounds or peoples faces and such. If its a snow scene...forget it. For me its extremely distracting.
  14. BenK

    RP CRT VS. RP LCD Help

    I just recently "upgraded" to a 60" Sony RP LCD from a 56" Toshiba RP. The reason I went with LCD technology was for a brighter, sharper, "digital", no glare display. The Sony covers all those things but the one thing I have a big problem with is the screen door effect. Coming from a smooth...
  15. BenK

    FS: Klipsch Promedia GMX 2.1 PC Audio Speakers

    Speakers are in excellent condition with original box, documentation and accessories. $100. I also have the matching floor stands for sale. Please email for inquiries.
  16. BenK

    FS: Klipsch Promedia GMX 2.1 PC Audio Speakers

    Speakers are in excellent condition with original box, documentation and accessories. $100. I also have the matching floor stands for sale. Please email for inquiries.
  17. BenK

    SVS = Bad Neighbors...?

    Theres no other way to live bro :D I just bought a house a few months ago and theres nothing like coming home at 2:00 in the morning and blasting a movie. Theres definitely some BS going on with those neighbors. I have an SVS tuned pretty hot with many late night movie sessions without a single...
  18. BenK

    Bummer, been badly burgled boys!

    So is theft covered under the normal home insurance? Also is it necessary to take pictures and write down serial numbers to get reimbursed or does that vary by company and/or does it just make it easier to get your claim through? I bought a house recently and I've been a bit paranoid about my...
  19. BenK

    Is there a dvd player with a child lock?

    If I understand this correctly your child is taking the discs out of the player when its off and you're not watching his/her every move. I can relate. If this is the case maybe you can plug the player into a switched outlet or a power strip that you can switch off when your not around. Something...
  20. BenK

    Xbox Optical Out

    The Xbox's in-game Dolby Digital is very impressive. It adds quite a bit to the gaming experience. Well worth the price of the AV pack.
  21. BenK

    Klipsch Reference Series

    Try either Denon or Pioneer Elites auto calibration/eq receivers. They can do wonders for the sound. When accurately setup they can smooth out the sound. My Pioneer Elite's auto eq did an excellent job on my Klipsch reference speakers.
  22. BenK

    Does any one use their Ipod with thier home theatre?

    I use an iPod mini with my home theater system with excellent results. I have it hooked up with this and lay it on my coffee table. For best sound quality I recommend having the ipod volume all the way up. I use a similar hookup to the head unit in my car using the external "mp3" input jack on it.
  23. BenK

    Denon, Pioneer Elite, Yamaha

    I read the 2805 will be out in June for $899. Heres some info. I'd have to assume it wont include the mic either like the 3805. And yes, what interests me most is the Denons auto parametric equalization and that it reportedly mates really well with Klipsch speakers.
  24. BenK

    Denon, Pioneer Elite, Yamaha

    Chuck, I run Klipsch reference speakers with my 53TX. When I listened to the Denon 3803 against the Pioneer 55TXi the differences were immediately apparent. That was at a store through Klipsch reference speakers. When I compared the Denon 3805 with the Pioneer 53TX through Paradigm speakers at...
  25. BenK

    Denon, Pioneer Elite, Yamaha

    Yes I've compared the Denon 3803 to the Pioneer Elite 55TXi through Klipsch reference speakers and the Denon was just too warm sounding for me. The difference was immediately noticeable. But I know the Denon and Klipsch are a very popular combo. I've read the Denon 3805 doesnt sound as warm to...
  26. BenK

    Denon, Pioneer Elite, Yamaha

    Chuck, for what its worth I've been able to compare the Denon 3805, Yamaha 2400 and Pioneer Elite 53TX side by side. This was through Paradigm monitor speakers if that matters any. I found the Denon to have a warmer, smoother sound which was consistent to what I heard with the 3803. The Pioneer...
  27. BenK

    Problems with Comcast Cable HD Box

    I'm in Michigan and I get pixelation and audio dropouts occasionally using the same box. Its not very common but then again I dont really watch HD cable much.
  28. BenK

    8ohm Fronts with 4ohm Surrounds?

    Those are the exact settings to choose from. 8ohms and 6 ohms. So it sounds like either would be fine. Thanks Cees.
  29. BenK

    8ohm Fronts with 4ohm Surrounds?

    So with that same rationale what if the mains are 8 ohms and the center is 6 ohm with one master ohm switch? Should it be kept on the default 8-16 ohms? I also have a Pioneer Elite and I'm curious about this. My manual recommends nothing less than 6 ohms but not about how to configure the switch...
  30. BenK

    Inexpensive 5 disc CD player with...

    Check out the Denon DCM-380 and Onkyo DX-C390 (which is a 6-disc player). They meet your requirements except I dont think they have on-screen navigation and I'm not sure about the cd/mp3 shuffle. You can get them for about $200 US new or $100 US refurbished.