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  1. mag1

    120" Screen for sale

    Great 120" white screen for $150. It is fully assembled and ready for pick up. Screen is in great condition. I won't do deliveries. Screen needs to be pickup from Delray Beach, FL 33446.
  2. mag1

    Panasonic PT-AE4000 for sale

    Great home theater projector in excellent condition for $200. Current lamp has less than 200 hours. I will also include a replacement lamp original from Panasonic. I will include the ceiling mount for free. I also have a 120" screen that was used with the projector. I will add the screen for...
  3. mag1

    I got $3000 budget. Can I get a better system than the ORBS with this budget?

    I am about to spend close to $3000 on an orb 7.1 system 2 Mod2 Speaker for front 1 Mod4 Speaker for center 4 Mod2 Speaker for surround/back Orb UBER TEN 300W Subwoofer Yamaha RX-V765 I will mostly use in my HT for watching movies. My room is 18 ft w x 20 ft deep x 9 ft h. Please advise if I...
  4. mag1

    Pan AE4000U or Sony HW15 or JVC DLA-RS25

    I am setting my HT and I need to decide which projector is the best value. Are the most expensive JVC and Sony models worth the extra money? My room is 20 feet long x 17 feet wide x 9 feet height. Budget is not an issue but I would like to get the projector that provides the most value for the...