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  1. Joe Rigali

    Question for those who aren't buying an X-Box ...

    I initially preordered the GCN - yes because even with the bundle it was $100 cheaper and I wanted Rogue Leader like Michael Jackson wanted Maculay Culkin. Then I kept hearing about Halo. I read everything I could get my hands on. Then played it. And loved it. I then thought about the...
  2. Joe Rigali

    Just lost all Grand Theft Auto 3 save info!!!

    sorry about that bro, but I gotta be honest - I thought the missions were better early on in the game. Id rather work for the Italian mob than the Yakuza anyway.
  3. Joe Rigali

    console DLP burn-in worries?

    DLPs do not suffer from burn-in. LCDs do, to a point, but the process is reversable. CRTs - you better believe it. Sorry - if this seems like a stupid question - but what do those mean?
  4. Joe Rigali

    This is how SEGA rewards the USA!!!!!

    I know this is all Would've, Could've, Should've but... not having EA was a big disappointment. I think that if EA had supported the Dc strongly from the getgo, and if Namco would have brought some more games over (Soul Caliber is still IMHO the best DC game) and if we had some more Sega games...
  5. Joe Rigali

    Does anyone think that Nintendo may pull a Sega?

    Can anyone see Nintendo getting out of the Harware business if the GCN isnt successful? Dont get me wrong I think that Nintendo will give the system 100%. But... If the userbase of the X-box and PS2 is that much greater than the GCN, wouldnt it make sense for Nintendo to ditch the Hardware...
  6. Joe Rigali

    This is how SEGA rewards the USA!!!!!

    WELL... Enjoy your sega games then fellas. My intention was to show you what we DC owners have in store for us, and to let off a little steam. (nothing personal to anyone here) Sega did do whats best for them, but that doesnt change the fact that they have cancelled some games that I was...
  7. Joe Rigali

    This is how SEGA rewards the USA!!!!!

    No Maybe we'd all be happier if sega supported their machines instead of just giving up when the competition gets tough. There should still be plenty of life in the DC. And Nfl2k2 locks up on my DC (no other game does that and I play my DC quite a bit) It also did it when I brought it over to...
  8. Joe Rigali

    This is how SEGA rewards the USA!!!!!

    Just a funny letter I found on I really admire what Sega has done to reward us DC owners for our loyalty. The DC was somewhat successful here in the USA - it flopped in Japan. And how do they reward us? To our Sega fans, First, I want to thank the legion of loyal Sega fans for...
  9. Joe Rigali

    More RL2 shots for your viewing pleasure...

    I totally agree with you. I hated the new Zelda game the first time I saw it. But after seeing it in motion I think it will be really cool. (he still reminds me of Hermie from rudolph)
  10. Joe Rigali

    Found an Xbox kiosk today...

    My local Gamestop has Halo in its Kiosk. My only initial gripe was that the levels were too dark. - I thought the brightness needed to turned up, then I realized that your character was equipped with a flashlight. Its pretty cool. I like the first level (running through your ship with...
  11. Joe Rigali

    Almost got divorced last night... (trust me its a TV topic)

    My bad it was a 50' here is the link and here is the one that was next to it that was 53' Toshiba
  12. Joe Rigali

    Fave music from a game?

    Theme song to Lunar from the US sega CD Duke Nukem: Time to KIll (Stabbing Westward - The thing I hate)
  13. Joe Rigali

    Panasonic: Not Releasing DVD Gamecube in US.

    Plus it would confuse alot of the parents out there. I still remember the crap my parents went through with the Goldstar 3DO because some idiot at Babbages told them it would only play half the games that the panasonic one did.
  14. Joe Rigali

    Do you think Fanboys are good/bad for gaming?

    I think alot of Nintendos "kiddie" image was started when Mortal Kombat was released. (who remembers NARC for the nes and that hampster you could explode in the microwave in the first few copies of Maniac Mansion?) But then... Remember the "blood" the genesis version had and the "sweat" the...
  15. Joe Rigali

    Do you think Fanboys are good/bad for gaming?

    The "Fanboy" type I was referring to is someone who "at all costs" defends their chosen system. regardless of what they have seen/heard their system is better because: They own it They preordered it They want to own it I own a PS2, Preordered a GCN, and will be trying to score an X-box at...
  16. Joe Rigali

    My thoughts on what the console companies should do to sell their systems...

    ok - Im gonna post this BEFORE I read the othert responses. (Good topic BTW Calvin) 1. Sony Just because your on top now - doesnt mean your gonna stay there. Your system (spec wise) is the weakest of the bunch. So you definetly need the killer apps. Securing Final Fantasy was a good move...
  17. Joe Rigali

    My experience with the XBox last night......

    thanks for the honest info - I appreciate it
  18. Joe Rigali

    Almost got divorced last night... (trust me its a TV topic)

    I went into best buy yesterday to get Sworfish on DVD. I almost walked out with a 53in Toshiba HD TV theaterwide. They have a sale going on today use your BestBuy card and get 10% off. The price was 2300.00 so i figured it would be about that with tax. Man that was tough not to buy it. I...
  19. Joe Rigali

    When did you buy into 3DO? $800? $600? $400? $150?

    OMG - I cant belive I forgot about the Need For Speed GUY! "So what do ya want a hero biscut?" He was the most annoying thing Ive seen in a game, and I loved that version because of him. I got the PS version about a year later - the graphics were better but I couldnt figure out why I didnt...
  20. Joe Rigali

    Do you think Fanboys are good/bad for gaming?

    I have some close friends who are dedicated fanboys. They would like to see The X-box/PS2/GCN fail. What is everyone elses opinions? Loyalty to 1 system reminds me of a movie I saw called the "Bronx Tale". In the movie there is a little boy who loves Mickey Mantle and has his baseball cards...
  21. Joe Rigali

    My experience with the XBox last night......

    DAMN YOU TROY!!!!! Now I have to add NFL Fever to my list!!!!! Is it really that good? How's the AI?, what about the play calling - like madden or NFL2k1? Did you see how extensive the franchise mode was? Sorry for the 20 questions but that was a game I was teetering on. Any info would be...
  22. Joe Rigali

    When did you buy into 3DO? $800? $600? $400? $150?

    1st time $300.00 brand new Then I sold it to a friend to get a PSx then I bought it at a funco for $ 30.00 9 months later
  23. Joe Rigali

    X-Box or GameCube or PlayStation 2

    Have a PS2 Preordered a GC Hoping to get an X-box at launch
  24. Joe Rigali

    Can the gaming industry support 3?

    Actually I dont think you screwed up any "moment", but you are absolutley right - it all depends on the programmers. There are some games out there that look like psx games, and then you see something like Devil May Cry or MGS2 and your jaw drops! Its all about the games.
  25. Joe Rigali

    Have you ever tried a phone # that was mentioned on a movie?

    According to imdb In the middle of the film's initial release, to keep interest going, Ivan Reitman had a trailer run, which was basically the commercial the Ghostbusters' use in the movie, but with the 555 number replaced with a 1-800 number, allowing people to call. They got a recorded...
  26. Joe Rigali

    TOSLink output on Xbox?

    Ok so does all this mean that if I buy an Hd pack I can use my optical cable for my DTS system (just like on the back of my PS2) and my componet cables?
  27. Joe Rigali

    Can the gaming industry support 3?

    Do you think that all 3 systems will do well? Which one will do best? I do think that the industry can support all 3. The Dark Horse however will be the X-box. If Microsoft does this thing right - they can steal a huge share of the market away from Sony and Nintendo. (remember how alot of...
  28. Joe Rigali

    Halo, Best Game Ever?

    Halo is the reason I'm buying an X-box. Rogue Leader is the reason I'm buying a Cube. And games like MGS2 and GTA3 are reasons I bought a Ps2 (then again I bought a 3DO for Madden and a jag for Aliens Vs Predator)
  29. Joe Rigali

    Gamecube to be released EARLY?

    The earliest I heard was gonna be the 16th of Nov.