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  1. MarkBourne

    Warner announces Forbidden Planet for November

    Absolutely. I'd also add The Man in the White Suit.
  2. MarkBourne

    Donnie Darko Directors Cut DVD?

    Oh, no he's not. Watching it, it's pretty obvious that the whole thing is a put-on. A very well made put-on, granted, but it does fall off its razor's edge a time or too. No matter -- it's still hilarious.
  3. MarkBourne

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Warner Brothers Gangster Collection (VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    It's not complete info, but I sure was pleased to read it.
  4. MarkBourne

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Ivanhoe

    Fun Fact trivia: On location in Scotland, Ivanhoe's cinematographer Freddie Young, who later shot Lawrence of Arabia, made fine use of the countryside and Doune Castle -- years before the castle returned in its greatest star appearance in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Suddenly Ivanhoe's siege...
  5. MarkBourne

    Jersey Girl - Official double-dip warning

    In January '03 I saw a screening of a longer cut of Jersey Girl with Smith, David Duchovny, and others. (There's a long story behind how that came to be.) That cut was better than the version released theatrically and on the current DVD. It was a stronger film. The scenes depicting how Ollie and...
  6. MarkBourne

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Marx Brothers - Silver Screen Collection

    in "Animal Crackers" is the line "I think I'd like to make her." still cut out? It's still cut, darn it, as is Harpo putting his head in Thelma Todd's lap in Horse Feathers' chopped-up "ice man" scene. These are the same prints that have been in circulation (although Dave Kehr in the New...
  7. MarkBourne

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Marx Brothers - Silver Screen Collection

    In the FWIW dept., I received the set today and am now sitting at my workplace desk with Animal Crackers running on my laptop next to my office computer. I'm only at Chico's "If we don't play, that-a runs into money" bit, and already I can see significant improvement over my beloved Image...
  8. MarkBourne

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Marx Brothers - Silver Screen Collection

    From Dave Kehr's review in the New York Times (reg. req'd.):
  9. MarkBourne

    Marx Brothers' Duck Soup to be edited?

    I'm with ArthurMy and Ronald on this one, in a big way. Yes, of course I'd love to see these films restored or otherwise given the spruce-up they need and deserve. Duck Soup, at least, deserves a Criterion treatment for all the usual, erm, criteria. But for now I'm very pleased that they're...
  10. MarkBourne

    Marx Brothers News?

    Thanks, Randy. By ragged I meant, as you say, awkward and obvious. It's a double pity because it happens during a song lyric, so it blows the rhythm of the line. As to whether there's only one source print for Animal Crackers, it just now occurs to me that Glenn Mitchell's exhaustive...
  11. MarkBourne

    Marx Brothers News?

    What I'm most curious about: If the source prints are the same used for the Image discs, or if better ones are available. (I don't even know that better ones exist, but here's hoping.) I should be getting a review copy verysoonnow, and the first scene I'll check will be early in Animal...
  12. MarkBourne

    "New" restoration of Murnau's Nosferatu?

    Thanks, Jack, for that info (and corrections). Interesting stuff.
  13. MarkBourne

    "New" restoration of Murnau's Nosferatu?

    Orlock instead of Dracula is how the movie was originally released, so it's a matter of not changing the names back, not cutting the names out. Oh, heavens, yes. Any print that calls the vampire "Dracula" should be replaced with any edition that preserves the original "Count Orlock."...
  14. MarkBourne

    "New" restoration of Murnau's Nosferatu?

    I adore David Shepard's edition from Image, especially for its Silent Orchestra score. However, the BFI release -- available at -- includes the much-praised score by James Bernard (Hammer's court composer), and (so I hear) finally gives Orlock ample head room when he rises stiff as...
  15. MarkBourne

    Sondheim's A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC?

    Thanks for the information. I'm surprised that there's so little word on what I'd assume would be an obviously DVD release. I recall enjoying the Lincoln Center production quite a lot, and it's been 14 years since it aired. Ah well. If there's anything I've learned from waiting for DVDs...
  16. MarkBourne

    Sondheim's A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC?

    With the recent releases of Sweeney Todd and the Stephen Sondheim Collection (Into the Woods, Sunday in the Park with George, Follies in Concert, Passion, Sweeney Todd in Concert, A Celebration at Carnegie Hall), I've been expecting my favorite (by a wide margin) Sondheim musical, A Little Night...
  17. MarkBourne

    The Beatles' HELP! -- why OOP so long?

    Thanks, folks, for all the info. I'll be looking for a Special Edition of this one in '05. Much appreciated. --MB
  18. MarkBourne

    HP Lovecraft Collection, Volume 1: Cool Air

    The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival is one of the things I love about quirky Portland. My wife and I never miss it. The fellow behind the festival has put out a couple of VHS's of assorted entries, so it's good to know that at least one DVD is also on the stands. Here's hoping for more soon. The...
  19. MarkBourne

    Lost Star Trek 2 footage

    That's true. In the commentary, Nimoy posits that the answer to the question "do they 'do it'?" is an uncommitting yes, and that Saavik ultimately stays on Vulcan quite probably because she's carrying Spock's child. He doesn't absolutely nail it down, but (as I recall) he sure sounds like that's...
  20. MarkBourne

    The Beatles' HELP! -- why OOP so long?

    Anyone here have the scoop on why MPI (or whoever now owns it) hasn't had an edition of HELP! on the stands for years? Any news about a reissue? Spending $80+ for one on eBay or at Amazon is not my first choice. Thanks. --MB
  21. MarkBourne

    Is Forbidden Planet SE still on August 2004 from WB?

    Once I get new SE's of King Kong and Forbidden Planet, my days of DVD-gathering and -writing will -- at least emotionally -- be over. There are no two more highly desired discs left on my "desert island" list. So while I'd love love love for this apparent rumor to be true, my gut tells me that...
  22. MarkBourne

    Problem with disc 2 of Chaplin's "The Circus"

    I had the same problem with the same disc, THE CIRCUS Disc Two. The first time I played it on my Sony, it loaded only reluctantly -- after much hesitation and even then it gave me serious trouble navigating the menus. I figured that I had a flukey faulty disc, but I had a review to write, so...
  23. MarkBourne

    Film Historian/Critic Commentaries

    David Kalat's commentary on Image's two-disc release of Fritz Lang's Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler is one of the most illuminating and entertaining historian tracks I've heard.
  24. MarkBourne

    Anyone pick up the new Chaplin collection today?

    Damn. I guess I should feel fortunate because I can't see it (for whatever reason), but it's a shame that the blurring remains a technical reality and that it's a real bother to some viewers.
  25. MarkBourne

    Anyone pick up the new Chaplin collection today?

    700?! Yes, congrats! Jeez. By my quickie calculations, that represents almost two months straight of non-stop, round-the-clock, no-bathroom-breaks movie-watching.
  26. MarkBourne

    Anyone pick up the new Chaplin collection today?

    Heh. Happy accidents indeed. By the way, MarkZ, I continue to be impressed by your and others' reviews at It's one of my few gotta-read review sites because so often the writing is as good as the reviews are thorough, a rare combination. (John Sinnott at DVDTalk, and...
  27. MarkBourne

    Anyone pick up the new Chaplin collection today?

    I'm with Michael. Throughout the Volume 1 set I could spot the ghosting only when I step-framed, obviously not something I'm prone to do while simply enjoying the movie. Otherwise I'd never know it was there, though I was never sure whether that suggested a flaw in my eyesight or if when it...
  28. MarkBourne

    Anyone pick up the new Chaplin collection today?

    The Chaplin Revue has long been a point of bother for Chaplin fans for that reason among others (e.g., some scenes in the reissue were assembled from Camera B takes that differed sharply from the original versions). The physical alterations made for The Chaplin Revue are at least as irksome as...
  29. MarkBourne

    Merged Thread: Marx Brothers on DVD - 7 more films on May 4th

    Granted, THE COCOANUTS and ANIMAL CRACKERS -- once you're past watching them for the first time -- seem to be made for the fast-forward button that gets you from one Marx scene to the next without having to endure the supporting actors and sappy songs. However, those films are derived from...