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  1. Dave Upton

    For Sale: Sony VPL-VW675ES Native 4K UHD Projector w/ 3D Glasses

    Purchased from Value Electronics about 5 years ago, this projector originally retailed for $14,999 and features top of the line Sony image processing, excellent optics, HDR and 3D support. The unit as a whole has about 4500 hours, but the bulb is nearly new at ~500 hours. Mint condition. Asking...
  2. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review JVC DLA-RS3100 (NZ8) Laser Projector Review

    I think Auto calibration is well worth it. Someone actually wrote a custom DLL for it so you can use other colorimeters. I was able to use my SpectraCal C6 (which is an i1 DisplayPro with the JVC software after doing so. You can read all about that here
  3. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review JVC DLA-RS3100 (NZ8) Laser Projector Review

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  4. Dave Upton

    Anthem AVM 70 - Initial Impressions

    I've been largely MIA focusing on my home build project, but I'm sorry to hear you ran into trouble. That's one of the reasons I have stuck with my AVM60. The AVM70 also had poorer measured performance, which in a newer project seems tantamount to regression in technology. My next AVP will...
  5. Dave Upton

    Your one, and ONLY ONE exclusion from the Rolling Stone 200 greatest singers list.

    I'm absolutely shocked there was no mention of Josh Groban. It also seems like the whole group of more classical performers in that vein were ignored.
  6. Dave Upton

    How To Men’s Cologne 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I mostly wear Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport these days, but I used to wear Polo Explorer, which was my favorite scent of all time. I'll have to give that Dylan a smell next time i'm in a department store.
  7. Dave Upton

    SOLD: Tranche of Twilight Time Movies (Unopened)

    EDIT: Sold
  8. Dave Upton

    Member Subcriptions

    @Rodney - was this an email from the forum or from PayPal?
  9. Dave Upton

    Announcing New Ownership at Home Theater Forum

    I just wanted to pitch in as one of the outgoing owners, and say that we were very careful in making sure we passed on the community to people we know will take great care of it. Colin and Jonathan are great guys, and I’m very confident that they will do wonderful things for the forum. It...
  10. Dave Upton

    Testy Area 51

  11. Dave Upton

    Surround Sound Not Working

    The reality is that using a PC as a source for streaming is difficult and fraught with challenges. What are you using as your surround processor?
  12. Dave Upton

    AudioControl debuts latest 8K home theater preamps and receivers

    It's nice seeing the latest batch of these starting to come out. I'm getting antsy to upgrade my pre/pro, and this latest batch seems to finally have what i'm looking for (solid HDMI 2.1 support, future proofing).
  13. Dave Upton

    Surround Sound Not Working

    This is Netflix not supporting browser based surround. You'll need to download their native UWP Windows app. Source:
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  15. Dave Upton

    Apple unveils next-gen Apple TV 4K with Dolby Vision and high frame rates

    Sounds like a scaling issue causing something to come down in a lower res. Let us know once you force ATV to 1080p SDR if that looks better
  16. Dave Upton

    Need a new Computer!

    Honestly, the hardware you get from Dell/HP etc is about as cheap as it gets, even worse than cheap DIY PC parts. I purchase a few thousand machines a year for the employees at my company (I lead IT) and have seen the issues with these brands again and again. I know it may not sound like a good...
  17. Dave Upton

    Need a new Computer!

    Other folks were similarly frustrated and released a utility to help with this:
  18. Dave Upton

    Test Image Uploader

    You could try google image search or tineye
  19. Dave Upton

    Need a new Computer!

    @Robert Crawford - are you opposed to a PC that has lots of blinky lights? I ask because although typically used for gaming, the builders who make these PCs generally give you the best product for your dollar, with no crappy software to muck it up from day 1. Something like this would be a...
  20. Dave Upton

    Room shape and dimensions

    I don't think it would matter a whole lot - but I like having more room for treatments at the screen wall personally. My theater design calls for a lot of acoustic treatments up there.
  21. Dave Upton

    Looking for help with "dead vent" design

    Those are two separate folks. Dennis is in Colorado.
  22. Dave Upton

    Looking for help with "dead vent" design

    You can reach Dennis Erskine here: I just emailed the admin of that board letting them know registration was broken.
  23. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review QNAP TS-853 Pro NAS & Media Player Review

    In that case, any NAS should suffice. If you’re planning to use the ATV as a playback device- that’s more complex. That usually requires transcoding on the NAS and a much beefier cpu
  24. Dave Upton

    Looking for help with "dead vent" design

    Jeff, I would suggest you contact Dennis Erskine if you aren't already working with him, as he's an expert at most of this. Generally speaking, if you cool via mini-split, the problem solves itself as there is no sound transmission over that as the unit has no vents. Your ERV/HRV will require...
  25. Dave Upton

    Sony's 2022-23 Native 4K HDR Laser Projector line-up

    I'm hoping 10 years from now that 120-150" microLED wall setups will be in the sub 25K price range. A man can dream...
  26. Dave Upton

    Sony's 2022-23 Native 4K HDR Laser Projector line-up

    Another huge detractor from OLED for me is that you can't position speakers optimally. There's nothing quite like a center channel right in the middle of an AT screen. Yes, OLED can be close, but it's a compromise in audio vs the AT screen approach.
  27. Dave Upton

    How much would a DAC improve iPhone to car stereo lossless streaming playback?

    It depends on your car and the DAC. Moving from a terrible Bluetooth implementation to an aux input via DAC can be a massive upgrade. My Acura TL has great upgraded speakers in it, but the factory bluetooth is awful. I use a Qudelix 5K to feed my car stereo via AUX input, and it's a dramatic...
  28. Dave Upton

    How much would a DAC improve iPhone to car stereo lossless streaming playback?

    @Ronald Epstein - are you using CarPlay? Either way, without an analog input, you won't want to touch this. The DAC is built into the car and tied into the DSP engine that feeds all your speakers, so you can't do anything about it unless your system has an aux input available.
  29. Dave Upton

    Monoprice announces two Monolith 8-channel Class D amps

    I have an NCore NC200 based amp powering my desktop setup. It's fine - sounds good, but it lacks that something special that the best amps have. It's a bit of bloom/tonal warmth in the lower registers that most folks associate with Class A/AB amps. Hypex boards include the input circuit, so...
  30. Dave Upton

    Monoprice announces two Monolith 8-channel Class D amps

    I've heard plenty of NCore amps and while they're just fine, I tend to listen to my D-Sonics a lot more. There's something about the input circuit in the NCore amps that doesn't do it for me.