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  1. Dave Morton

    Books You've Read 2015

    My wife just published her second book, Chubby Chasers, on Amazon. Although I'm biased, it's really a good quick read and it's cheap. The link to amazon is I hope you all get a chance to read it and the proceeds go...
  2. Dave Morton

    Replacing old Rotel power amp/pre-amp, need advice.

    I'm kind of in the same situation. I have a rotel rsp 985 that's been no problem for the past 15? years or so. But now that I've finally gotten an HDTV (i know, late adopter but my 40" tube was/is still working), I think I need something with HDMI pass throughs as I'm maxed out with the 2 HDMI...
  3. Dave Morton

    *** Official KUNG FU PANDA Discussion Thread

    I thought this movie was very well made. It had a good cast too. I was thinking it was going to be some b-movie but I was pleasantly surprised. The kids liked it too. I will probably pick up the blu ray disc when it comes out.
  4. Dave Morton

    Lost season 3 discussion....

    Perhaps the gas has a very short 1/2 life
  5. Dave Morton

    Weekly RoundUp 11-14-2006

    Music-wise, Widespread Panic is releasing a double dvd "Earth to Atlanta" on Tuesday Nov, 14. More info at
  6. Dave Morton

    birth control

    I couldn't stop laughing. As disgusting as that is, I find it completely hilarious. Maybe because my son was like that when he was an infant.
  7. Dave Morton

    XM And Sirius to merge a possability?

    this would be as likely to happen as the dish network/direct tv merger.
  8. Dave Morton

    NCAA Football 2007 Season

    I think Purdue has an easy schedule this year. We're not playing OSU or Michigan. Hopefully with Painter as the QB at the start will prove good. The defense can't get any worse than last year, so I keep my fingers crossed. We really only have 2 tough opponents this year, Penn State and (cough...
  9. Dave Morton

    Rush Concerts on DVD coming in 2002

    I've been enjoying the concerts. I agree that the DTS kicks ass. I can live with the graininess on my 40" mitsubishi tube. Doesn't look that bad to me.
  10. Dave Morton

    Bands you discovered/liked before they made it big?

    I found this new cd coming out and gave it a try and loved Nora Jones. About a month later, she was a national hit.
  11. Dave Morton

    Doctor Who on Sci-Fi - ongoing thread (merged)

    I just got on board with this show. I'm hooked now. I really like this Doctor for some reason. I thought the way the ended the show friday night was in classic Who style.
  12. Dave Morton

    Weekly RoundUp 2-14-2006

    WOW!!! Quick Change!!!!!! I can't believe it. I'm all over this classic comedy.
  13. Dave Morton

    LOST season 2 discussion thread......

    At first I thought the Others that were keeping Jin, Michael, and Sawyer were cannibals. Thats why not all of them are there. But it appears that's not the case. Also, if they were in the bunker, why did they have that hole dug for prisoners? Hurley did the best thing with the food. Jack's...
  14. Dave Morton

    NCAA Football 2005 Season

    Matt, I agree. When I left Ross-Ade Stadium, I thought that the score was not indicative of the entire game. Purdue didn't blow them out until the 4th quarter. I think the heat got to Akron before it got to the Boilers. The defense should have been much better than they played. I thought...
  15. Dave Morton

    Tommy Lee Goes To College

    Anyone see this gem? Tommy Lee goes to Nebraska and they film it. It is absolutely hilarious. Very entertaining. I recommend it.
  16. Dave Morton

    NCAA Football 2005 Season

    I definitely will not be complaining because of Purdue's schedule, especially since I'm an alumni. :D With the entire defense coming back, the Boilermakers should do well. Let's hope the new QB fires it up. Should be interesting in that he's a running QB and will probably see the option run.
  17. Dave Morton

    portable cd player

    problem is that I have about 300 cds and I don't want to go through my entire catalogue. Plus, my wife also will use this to play her cd's and I don't want to have to rip all her cd's either. I'd rather stay away from the lossy stuff too.
  18. Dave Morton

    portable cd player

    My portable cd player just went out on my. It was a Sony Sport discman. I use it for running, riding my mountain bike, working out, etc.. Anyone have a good recommendation? One that's less than $50.
  19. Dave Morton

    Anyone here ever eat 'Dippin' Dots' ice cream?

    I've had them at the zoo near my house. Good, but I think the cost is too high compared to a regular ice cream cone.
  20. Dave Morton

    Good Eats - Food network

    Any one ever watch the show called Good Eats? It's on the food network channel on wednesdays and thursday nights. The guy that hosts the show, Alton Brown, is absolutely hilarious. Plus, he gives a lot of insight into why things work the way they do, like going into the chemistry of cooking. He...
  21. Dave Morton

    a little logical/probability/math problem for you

    This seems to have the hypergeometric distribution or the negative binomial distribution (if you're looking at time to first occurrance).
  22. Dave Morton

    Get Rid of Your Hot Water Tank?

    I was going to consider the Rinnai but after getting quotes of $3k, it's cheaper in the long run to get a $400 50 gallon tank every 10-15 years.
  23. Dave Morton

    New to projectors...any tips or advice?

    I suggest hanging out at . There is a lot of information on that site and everyone is very nice and helpful
  24. Dave Morton

    Marantz vs Rotel - which amp for B&W N805

    I am running my N805's in my home theater with the Rotel RB991 and they sound great. I have the rb991 for my fronts and the rotel rb993 (3 channel) for my center and rear speakers. I really like the sound. I'm running it through an 985 rotel pre-amp/processor. I think the sound is fabulous. I...
  25. Dave Morton

    What was the First concert you ever went to?

    I saw UFO/Rainbow in 1981.
  26. Dave Morton

    Directors Actors who ruin movies

    Bill Paxton - horrible, just horrible, IMHO :)
  27. Dave Morton

    I need a hangover remedy

    Don't take tylenol. Tylenol is acetomenophen and that combined with alcohol can cause liver/kidney problems. Go with the ibuprofen. I usually like to each a mcdonalds quarter pounder with cheese and a filet o' fish. The grease always seemed to work well for me.
  28. Dave Morton

    Break-up songs

    How about "The Breakup Song" by Greg Kihn
  29. Dave Morton

    Bye bye Paige Davis (Trading Spaces)

    Paige is too big for the show anyways. She's better off this way.
  30. Dave Morton

    American Idol Season 4

    I was a bit disappointed with Gene too. He's a very smart guy and definitely knows the business, but as far as judging pop singers, I don't think he was a wise choice. He didn't add too much to the show and he didn't like anyone, it seemed.