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  1. Joe Szott

    Questions you are afraid to ask....

    You pray to god that A, C, or S never read the home theater forum if you have posted this info under your REAL name, Andrew Markworthy! Not that they would recognze that you were talking about them, even though you mentioned you are married to sister B. Living on the edge baby!
  2. Joe Szott

    I Was Reading Dear Abby A While Back...

    OK, let's back up our judgements a little bit here and aknowledge that people might want to stay together even if there is no sex or extra-marital cheating. For example, if one person works and the other relies on them for money and medical coverage (and say also needs that medical attention)...
  3. Joe Szott

    John Hammond, call your office

    and they will always slow down and pause for dramatic effect while hunting, so you can use that to your advantage. Who knew they loved the camera so much? ;)
  4. Joe Szott

    My thoughts on Vegas trip

    Laughlin, NV or Reno are the places to go these days IMHO. Smaller, not as opulent, but realls the Vegas of old with good prices on food and decent odds on games. YMMV, but the last few times I went to either of these places the experience was good.
  5. Joe Szott

    Scarlett Johansson is delusional

    I was waiting for this. OK, someone tell us where the screen capture above came from. I need to rent it ASAP...
  6. Joe Szott

    Willie Nelson busted

    How humorous, you think Willie only has ONE source...
  7. Joe Szott

    Scarlett Johansson is delusional

    She's about 8 years late to that White House party. If Hillary wins in '08, maybe Scarlett can get her chance...
  8. Joe Szott

    Scarlett Johansson is delusional

    Holy cow, what movie is that still from? I've been renting the wrong titles!
  9. Joe Szott

    Is Scaring People Illegal?

    Zen didn't mention that she knew the people until his second post, so really you can discount my martial artist comment. His first post sounded very much like she would do this guerilla-style to anyone, anywhere that struck her fancy. Scaring friends is not only legit, I consider it highly...
  10. Joe Szott

    Any suggestions for separates?

    I've had an Outlaw 950 mated to an Outlaw 750, using JBL Studio speakers, for a few years now. It's great and we've loved it, but the 950 has a few niggling issues that we'd like to correct (the most major of which is a 2-3 sec "dropout" every time it switches inputs. Unfortunately our D*TV box...
  11. Joe Szott

    Is Scaring People Illegal?

    What if she chooses someone who is a 4th degree Jujitsu master and winds up drinking her meals through a straw? Legal is here and there, but you just can't go wrong with adding a dash of smart. El Diablo no juege...
  12. Joe Szott

    Buying a new home: Home Theater & a full finished basement?

    Our HT is in our basement. It is perfect, I will never have it anywhere else if I have a choice. I can crank our SVS way up and shake the foundations and the neighbors rarely hear a thing. The only thing about basements is be sure to use about 50% more lights than you would need in any other...
  13. Joe Szott

    Best Hangover Cure?

    Yeah, best one I've found so far is to stay up an extra hour or two, finish a tumbler or so of water/juice/gatorade/(non alcoholic bev), and pop two aspirin before hitting the sack. Doesn't totally wipe out a hangover, but takes it down a notch or three. If you are really, really drunk...
  14. Joe Szott

    Science question about Dark Matter and Dark Energy

    Yes and No. Due to fact that matter/enengry cannot be created or destroyed we could in fact exchange our Shatner but would be required to accept 1.3 young Shatners in return. That 0.3 likely taking the form of a "mini Shatner" with powers yet to be determined. Possibly he could also be...
  15. Joe Szott

    Buying my first home: advice?

    I don't know, personally I would have held off a couple of years if I was looking at houses in Sept of 1929, but each to his own I guess. I also don't use $100 bills as kindling, but I can't argue with enjoying a nice fire to stay comfortable. ;) ------- I definitely agree on the...
  16. Joe Szott

    Buying my first home: advice?

    The housing market is starting to cool off big time in the USA. Hard landing or soft landing, all signs are pointing to a landing in the next few years. The coasts should see the most drop off initially (because they are the most overheated.) You can buy now at the top and watch your home lose...
  17. Joe Szott

    Energy Crisis? What Energy Crisis!

    "We have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy. This means never having to recharge your phone, never having to refuel your car. A world with an infinite supply of clean energy for all. Our technology has been independently validated by engineers and...
  18. Joe Szott

    South Africa's Response to Addressing Aids

    Didn't they try this though for like 10 years back in the 90s? Did it do anything to slow it down?
  19. Joe Szott

    Kidnapped girl escapes her "Master" and returns home after 8 years

    Wow, that's a new one. The silver lining is the guy went ahead and killed himself, so no expensive trials or long jail terms required. What a sicko...
  20. Joe Szott

    South Africa's Response to Addressing Aids

    To tell the truth, I have mixed feelings about this. This guy is a quack if he thinks you can battle aids with olive oil and garlic, no doubt. At the same time, what the hell can S Africa do about the problem? I assume the pharma companies aren't lining up to give them antivirals for free...
  21. Joe Szott

    What's up with the price of cereal?

    The store brands are the way to go if they have your 'type' available. We've probably saved $200 since the kids were born by buyng Marshmallow Mateys instead of Lucky Charms (unless LC is on sale.) Really, it tastes exactly the same just lamer marshmellow shapes.
  22. Joe Szott

    What's up with the price of spice?

    Luckily, you usually don't have to blow the manager at the supermarket to hook you up with a bag of p-corn. I'm Orville Reddenbaucher bitch!
  23. Joe Szott

    Science question about Dark Matter and Dark Energy

    Yeah, no matter what your thinking on the theory was, these are some very exciting observations. Now if we could just slingshot a starship around a clump of dark matter, we could go back in time and save the humpback whales. Oh wait, that hasn't happened yet... ;)
  24. Joe Szott

    Science question about Dark Matter and Dark Energy

    The funny thing is I read it as the first direct inferrence that it exists.
  25. Joe Szott

    Science question about Dark Matter and Dark Energy

    I'm certainly not an expert, but I did take a good deal of physics (including relativity and quantum) in college. From what I understand, they don't know what the heck dark matter or dark energy is. They just know that in order for what they are observing to be correct (for the math to "add...
  26. Joe Szott

    HDMI vs. DVI on pre-pros & receivers - Outlaw Audio was right a couple of years ago

    So wouldn't you need an HDTV, HD-DVD player, and a receiver that can all accept HDMI 1.3 to get the better picture/sound? Or if I had an HDTV that could accept 1.2, would the DVD player just downscale the 1.3 to a 1.2 signal? If that is true, then waiting for 1.3 might be way more costly (for...
  27. Joe Szott

    At what point do you choose to put your dog down?

    I think that is a good way to go. A tenative warning: our last dog had epilepsy (we didn't know this) and went into grand mal seizures last July. Although the dog hospital was able to stop the seizures with enough medicine after 4-5 days, our dog wasn't the same dog afterward. Quality of...
  28. Joe Szott

    Aliens and Ghosts..

    Hmmm, that's interesting stuff. I'd never heard of sleep paralysis and had not (really) experienced it myself. Oddly enough though I get the opposite effect fairly often: coming out of paralysis while still stone asleep (or should I just say sleepwalking?) I can't tell you how many times...
  29. Joe Szott

    Ever wonder what is your purpose in life?

    The Lords of Silicia will reveal your purposes when it suites their need-wants. Do not have the hubris to believe you may guess their hive-will, meatbag. *End of Line*