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  1. Tim Dogg

    Nine Inch Nails: Beside You In Time BD

    I picked up my copy on Blu-ray at BB on Tuesday. Really hard to find since it wasn’t in the Blu-ray section. Turns out they only had one left so I got pretty lucky. I have mixed emotions about this disc. The video quality and sound are awesome to say the least. I think the surrounds are a bit...
  2. Tim Dogg

    So is Dual Disc making a splash or sinking?

    I picked up the Dual Disc yesterday and gave it a listen last night.I didnt really get to bring it to the volumes I usually to because the girl had a headache,ugggggg. I like it over all and the surround seems to be very good.Im not to into this album as much as The Fragile but its not too...
  3. Tim Dogg

    NIN: Downward Spiral 5.1 remix reviews

    Trust me there is nothing wrong with sacds you describe.I remember when i first bought The downward spiral back when it came out I had it cranked in my truck and when I came to the track A Downward Spiral I thought I blew my $1000.00 MB Quart Q series speakers.Man I was bummed.Well after...
  4. Tim Dogg

    In-Dash Navigation Suggestions

    Pac makes a video bypass for alpine that bypasses the need for using the e brake in order to get video and nav to come up.This will enable you to use all the nav options and let your passenger watch video while driving.I put one in a few weeks ago and they work great.Sure beats using 2 toggle...
  5. Tim Dogg

    DVD/MP3 Head Unit?

    I have the Kenwood kvt-915 dvd and I burn mp3 dvd discs all the time.Its pretty crazy having 1 disc with that much music on them.You must break the disc down to folders or it would take you forever to find what your looking for going song by song. I have one Rush DVD I made which has every...
  6. Tim Dogg

    Howard Stern signed to Sirius

    To tell you the truth Micheal,im not sure if you are anal like this while walking this earth or just on this forum?That I am not sure of.Please tell us that. Tim
  7. Tim Dogg

    Howard Stern signed to Sirius

    At the time when Sirius first came out there was no monthly payment offered.Im almost sure of this but may be wrong its been a while.Whatever it was it wasnt fair if you ask me.I know with XM even if you sign up for 2 or 3 years you get a discount and you can still cancel anytime with no fees or...
  8. Tim Dogg

    Howard Stern signed to Sirius

    Theif ????? Youve got to be kidding me.I paid over $300 for a KENWOOD Sirius unit from Tweeter.That is no discounted price but full retail.I still have the thing sitting on a shelf and tried putting it on e bay for 50 bucks with out a bid! Im sorry but there was NO WAY I was paying $12.95 for...
  9. Tim Dogg

    In-Dash Navigation Suggestions

    Your best bet is the Pioneer Avic-N1 if your shopping for price for a hands down bad azz unit.If you seached you can probably pick one up for around $1500.00 brand new and pay like $300 to get it installed and your all set.Try to come close in price range with Alpine,Kenwood or Eclipse with a...
  10. Tim Dogg

    Howard Stern signed to Sirius

    Heres my 2 cents worth, Back when Sat. radio first came out a few years ago being the music buff that I am I had a Kenwood indash DVD player that was Sirius ready.Well I went out and spent like $300 for the tuner and antenna and signed up. Back and forth to work I listened to Sirius and after...
  11. Tim Dogg

    Has Anybody Figured This Out?

    I cant beleive I read this whole thread :frowning:
  12. Tim Dogg

    Bands/Singers on DVD that blew you away!

    Nine Inch Nails -- All that could have been DTS Version Trent Rezner did a totally awsome job mixing this double dvd set.There was a dolby version and a DTS version.I prefer the dts vesion but never really did a comparison. If youve ever seen NIN in concert its pretty amazing show to say the...
  13. Tim Dogg

    What kind of separates do you have?

    The New Sherwood Newcastle P-965 Marantz MM-9000 Amp Samson Amp for subs Klipsch Classic epic cf-3 fronts Klipsch Classic cv-4 center Klipsch RS-35 surrounds 2 custon built end table enclosers with shiva 12" subs
  14. Tim Dogg

    Samsung HD-931 4 sale

    E bay it,I just got $199.00 for mine plus $20.00 for shipping.I also had the original box packing and manual which always helps out. Tim
  15. Tim Dogg

    x10 Remote Light Dimmers

    I have the x10 dimmers installed with the IR543 that i programmed to my pronto 7000 remote.I got some promotion buy 3 get 2 free.X10 always has some kind of dumb sale going on. Anyways the 2 dimmers i installed in my living room work fine 95% of the time while the ones i installed in the...
  16. Tim Dogg

    Building a new sub incloser,sealed or ported?

    What does most people use in an home setup.Ive been doing car audio for many years and have been buiding mostly sealed enclosers. I see most home subwoofers are ported.Why ported over sealed and what would be the best tuned freq. for say 50% movies 5.1 and 50% music? I was thing about 40 hrts...
  17. Tim Dogg

    Some music id like to see on Sacd or DVD-A 5.1

    Wow,Speaking of Rush and surround sound.I remember seeing Rush around the Signals and Grace under pressure tours where they used to set up surround speakers in the rear of the arenas and use them just for the surround effects. If you had good seats the sound was incredable.Also in the earlyer...
  18. Tim Dogg

    What Hirez Discs Have You Purchased Recently?

    I recently bought the flaming lips The Pink Robots DVD-A after reading all of the reveiws from other users on here. Well if anyone wants to buy it its up for sale.The surround effects are good on 5.1 but that guys voice just makes me want to kill myself.UGGGGGGGGGG Think im going to...
  19. Tim Dogg

    Some music id like to see on Sacd or DVD-A 5.1

    Here is a few artist id love to here in 5.1 surround.Post your thoughts and what youd like to hear also. 1.Dead Can Dance ........Anything 2.Dire Straits............Anything 3.Type O Negative.........October Rust 4.Nine Inch Nails...All that could have been DVD is AWSOME 5.Depeche...
  20. Tim Dogg

    Is the Marantz MM9000 4 ohm stable?

    yup no problem with 4 ohm load
  21. Tim Dogg

    The New Harmon Kardon AVR 7300.

    I would not worry about it not haveing the little THX badge in the corner.It cost these companys a ton of money just to put that badge on the front of their products.Take a look at some of the high end amps out there.They dont have that THX badge but do they need it too sell? I think Not. I was...
  22. Tim Dogg

    Can you burn SACD and dvd audio discs?

    I just tried to copy a sacd using Nero 6 and it failed very early.It said somthing about a copy right problem or somthing to that effect.There must be somthing different about the protection on sacd compared to normal cds. When I get some time I will try like Rob just said and try to rip it to...
  23. Tim Dogg

    Can you burn SACD and dvd audio discs?

    For backup copies of course!If it can be done do you loose any sound quality between the two? Thanks Tim
  24. Tim Dogg

    Does anyone sell a wireless level controller for amps?

    Im not sure if someone makes such a thing.I have a Samson amplifer which I use for my subwoofers.I am constantly getting up to turn it up or down because of different recording levels and different amounts of bass in recordings. It would be nice if I had somthing that went inline of the input...
  25. Tim Dogg

    My tests between DVI and Comp. video.......

    OK Someone please explain to me why because I prefer to watch DVDs in full screen rather than have the black bars is such a sin?Excuse me for posting my thoughts and prefrences.This is a forum isnt it to help others not to cut down others or how they prefer to run their home theater setup or cut...
  26. Tim Dogg

    My tests between DVI and Comp. video.......

    I dont recall seeing any settings for that in the tv setup menu.Where abouts is it in the menu?
  27. Tim Dogg

    My tests between DVI and Comp. video.......

    I think I may be wording wrong.I dont beleive its actualy a zoom im talking about.On the Samsung hd931 if you go into the menu theirs a feature called screen fit.This is what im talking about.It is not like zoom where you can zoom to different levels it just fills the screen to full size. You...
  28. Tim Dogg

    My tests between DVI and Comp. video.......

    Well I finally had some time too fool around with my dvd player and do some test between DVI and Comp. video and heres my findings. First im running a Philips 55pp9753 rear projection which has only one dvi input and one high def 1080 input for either progressive scan dvd or hdtv.I have the...
  29. Tim Dogg

    Proton D-1200 specs?

    Anyone have specs for the proton d-1200 amp.Ive seached all over the internet for info on this amp with nothing coming back. Has anyone used these to drive subwoofers before?I have 2 12" 8 ohm subwoofers in a sealed encloser and need some serios juice for these subs.Ive narrowed it down to this...
  30. Tim Dogg

    Marantz SR-19 Question about Sub-Out

    If anyone has this receiver I was wondering if the sub out is lowpass or full range signal.Any help would be great.