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  1. Tim_Stack

    Would you buy a turntable?

    Just bought a Music Hall MMF 2.2LE and a relatively inexpensive Vincent Audio - PHO-111- MM/MC - Phonostage. It forced me to upgrade my speaker cables as well. We'll see how it sounds. I like "old" stuff and this fits into that part of my personality - old shaving tools and creams, old looking...
  2. Tim_Stack

    How's the Airport Express?

    Exactly - Airfoil is great for me since I have Sirius Sat. Radio - so I can listen to Stern downstairs via streaming Sirius in Safari > Airfoil > Airport Express > stereo, without having to buy a separate Sirius reciever and pay another subscription fee.
  3. Tim_Stack

    New MacPros out

    I put in my order yesterday * Processor 065-7534 Two 3.0GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon * Memory 065-7176 4GB (4x1GB) * Graphics Card 065-7537 NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB * Hard Drive Bay1 065-7189 320GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb * Hard Drive Bay2 065-7195 500GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb * Optical...
  4. Tim_Stack

    Led Zeppelin Channel on XM

    Nice - love the Zep. Hopefully this channel will survive the merger. I have Sirius and the "one artist" stations there aren't my favorites.
  5. Tim_Stack

    Question about optical inputs...what if you run out on the receiver???

    Or just use a coax cable. I generally like the sound better.
  6. Tim_Stack

    Censorship_ON O&A Suspended 30 Days by XM

    And even that "apology" was funny because he did it in horrible Spanish...
  7. Tim_Stack

    Censorship_ON O&A Suspended 30 Days by XM

    He talked about the situation. I happen to agree with his assessment - which was that the bit was unfunny and that should be the overriding concern. That's what you guys should be concerned about - instead of attacking HS. There's a layer of satire that Stern's bits contain that I think other...
  8. Tim_Stack

    What Does XM/Sirius Merger Mean for Opie and Anthony?

    They got dropped in Dallas...they got a rating of Zero Point Zero :-)
  9. Tim_Stack

    Have I told you guys lately how much I love my Mac?

    Congrats to the new Mac guys who have made the switch. My PowerMac G4 is getting a little long in the tooth so I need to get a new MacPro eventually. I'm waiting until Leopard is released in the fall. I'm hoping they keep BootCamp a boot manager and not an "emulation" piece. I want to be able to...
  10. Tim_Stack

    What Does XM/Sirius Merger Mean for Opie and Anthony?

    They got a 1.2 in the last NYC ratings book - simply horrible...worse than DLR...
  11. Tim_Stack

    Mastertape Theater

    I agree. I guess the long commercial breaks from the k-Rock shows really cut down the amount of content, so now when they're played back, it comes out to 3 hrs or so. I think they should play a show once through on a Friday and then cycle to another show later in the day.
  12. Tim_Stack

    ICED EARTH "Alive in Athens" -- The DVD

    Is Richard Christy drumming on this? Not very familiar with the band.
  13. Tim_Stack

    O&A Fans question

    Ok, so I've heard several interviews these guys have done, most recently a Kevin Smith interview I got from his site. For you O&A fans, what movies do you find funny because I just don't get it. I didn't even get a smile on my face and Jim Norton is comic death. Maybe we just have totally...
  14. Tim_Stack

    Mastertape Theater

    HowardTV onDemand has made me cancel Netflix. I hardly had time for the rentals so not only is it a great service, it's saving me money!
  15. Tim_Stack

    Mastertape Theater

    Jeff, whenever I get down, I do the Jackie laugh and my spirits rise. I think I'm going to use them as my cell ringtones. With Artie's latest heroin revelation, I think he's gone from "loveable loser" to a really dark guy. Maybe that's just me.
  16. Tim_Stack

    Mastertape Theater

    Jackie's Joke Hunt on in a few mins! Now all we need is a Billy West show and the channels will be complete. Oh - and Pat Cooper tomorrow!
  17. Tim_Stack

    Mastertape Theater

    I can't wait to hear Mastertape Theater on Tuesday, hosted by Sir Harden Thicke. When Sternie talks about that show and "Jackie's Joke Hunt" - I laugh harder at that than anything Artie has said in 5 yrs.
  18. Tim_Stack

    I feel like a traitor...

    Welcome back! Things haven't changed much - Beetlejuice will be on next week I hear. But I got a problem with Sirius - since the change on Monday, their streamer doesn't work on my Mac - doh! Gotta send a complaint e-mail.
  19. Tim_Stack

    Comcast and HDMI

    I have the DVR (Motorolla something-orother) and just installed an HDMI cable last night - switching from their crappy components. After a bit of tweaking, I'm noticing some better color depth and also less "fuzzies" on fast-moving HD images on the INHD channels.
  20. Tim_Stack

    Opie & Anthony on Letterman 8/31

    ...and the showbiz world is abuzz....yeah right :-)
  21. Tim_Stack

    "The Godfather" it the perfect movie?

    This reminds me of Artie Lange's great joke. "The Godfather DVD set is great because you get two movies to watch and one disc to do coke off of."
  22. Tim_Stack

    The movies' most visceral DEATH SCENES...

    This thread reminds me of the lyrics to TOOL's "Vicarious" - "I need to watch things die....from a good, safe distance."
  23. Tim_Stack

    Time to get another player: was that the Director's cut or ClearPlay?

    Good court ruling this week:
  24. Tim_Stack

    Artie Roast

    ***double post***
  25. Tim_Stack

    Artie Roast

    I gotta hear the whole thing when I get home. Sal was killer! "The only vegetable you ever loved was your dad!" That was a great line. Now, if he'd cut out the sick stunts he'd be a genious.
  26. Tim_Stack

    Great News! Opie & Anthony Virus Looks To Spread Within Weeks

    I listened to their interview with Kevin Smith & Jay Mohr. As a huge Kevin Smith fan, I'm always excited to hear him on anything. Jay Mohr can be funny at times and I enjoyed that aspect of the show. That Jim Norton is flat out unfunny. He'd pipe-up occassionally and I just didn't get it. Are...
  27. Tim_Stack

    Sirius Exec promises fee increase

    I very much doubt that the relevant agencies would do anything but process the paperwork. They won't hold up anything any corporation wants to do...
  28. Tim_Stack


    That "Miss Howard Stern" segment was even better on HowardTV. You can see how out of control she was. "Hi, I'm Sal Governale..." - the phoney-phone call that Richard made with Sal's tape was killer.
  29. Tim_Stack

    Firewire versus Component inputs

    Be careful with the FireWire connection. I have a Motorolla HD-Cable Box (and DVR) - and none of the cable menu options are available when you use this connection. So, you can change the channels but you can't use the guide or any other of those features.
  30. Tim_Stack


    I guess that makes these XM guys "Beef Stews" that are gonna get "Trunk Music" Elliot rules!