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  1. Mark Murphy

    Does a 768p plasma look best with 720p or 1080i?

    I have a 768p Sony Bravia and for whatever reason, 1080i looks much better than 720p. That goes for both my HR20 and my Oppo 971H. I'm using HDMI for both but noticed it as well with the HR20 using components. With 720p, the picture seems to be a whole lot grainier on both sources while...
  2. Mark Murphy

    How good is a PlayStation 3 as a DVD player?

    I was thinking of playing stupid and trying to us my 12% off coupon this weekend.
  3. Mark Murphy

    Creative Zen Vision M and Album Cover Art

    I have a Vision:M and use mediamonkey to sync mp3s/wma's to my player. You can use the "autotag from Amazon" feature to add album art, track listings, etc. and send it directly to the player. The album art is embedded in the tag. Anythingbutipod and epizenter have excellent forums on the...
  4. Mark Murphy

    best place for Harmony 880

    I ordered it from the Tivo Community store for $149 along with the Paypal $15 rebate for a total of $134. They screwed up my order, however, and I don't think its been shipped after a week. I'm praying I receive it by the end of next week.
  5. Mark Murphy

    FS: Oppo OPDV971 DVD Player

    The player arrived today and it might as well have been brand new. The packing was immaculate. My wife didn't believe that I bought it used. Thanks alot, Brian!
  6. Mark Murphy

    FS: Oppo OPDV971 DVD Player

    I'll take it, PM sent.
  7. Mark Murphy

    Should I buy a new LCD or keep my RPTV?

    Thanks, I'll check them out. Does the LCos televisions suffer from glare? Thats a big issue in this room for me.
  8. Mark Murphy

    Should I buy a new LCD or keep my RPTV?

    Fortunately, that decision has been left up to me. She got to pick the new living room furniture, I get to pick the television. I have more spending restraint than she does.
  9. Mark Murphy

    Should I buy a new LCD or keep my RPTV?

    There is little I can do in the way of light control, that would satisfy my wife, in this room. Although I'd like to go somewhat bigger, my viewing distance is only 7 feet, so I'd keep it between 42" and 50".
  10. Mark Murphy

    Should I buy a new LCD or keep my RPTV?

    Here's my dilemma: I currently own a 3 1/2 year old Toshiba 42H82 RPTV. I'm thinking of getting an LCD, either a flat panel or projection. So my questions are: 1. Should I keep the Tosh & get it ISF'd and save a bunch of cash. 2. Should I get an LCD flat screen 3. Should I get an...
  11. Mark Murphy

    Feeler price? FS: Toshiba 46HM84 DLP, local pickup only.

    It says local pickup only but I don't know your location. Hopefully, you're in New England!
  12. Mark Murphy

    I want a Zune

    I looked into a Zune but ended up getting a Creative Zen Vison:m. Its a great alternative to an Ipod.
  13. Mark Murphy

    My electric bill is way high..... why?

    I've been seeing my electric bills go through the roof as well. I have gas for heat, hot water and cooking but my electric bills can be close to $300. Thats with barely using my ACs in the summer. Although my bill did "drop" to $115 last month, its still higher than it ever was at my previous home.
  14. Mark Murphy

    How long have you been doing...

    10 yrs Employed at Verizon/Bell Atlantic/Nynex 15 yrs Driving 5 yrs Married Since my memories can carry me back to about 1978, I've been a Star Wars and Red Sox fan for 28 yrs.
  15. Mark Murphy

    Bands you discovered/liked before they made it big?

    Godsmack is a band from my area that used to play at some real "upscale" places. I actually sat at the bar next to Sully and had a beer and chatted with him before he went on once. Staind is another band that I've seen a few times locally before they made it big.
  16. Mark Murphy

    Can't access Craigs list from my home. What to do?

    The thread says it all. I cannot connect to Craig's List from any of the computers in my home. Its the only website that gives me a problem. I get the cannot connect/server error on both IE and Firefox. So far, I've tried clearing the cookies, shutting down the firewall and rebooting everything...
  17. Mark Murphy

    Any early impressions of the new Tool and Pearl Jam CDs?

    Tool is, by far, my favorite band, so in my very biased opinion, I think 10,000 Days is great. I've had it for almost two weeks so there's been ample time to digest it. Tool, especially with Lateralus and 10,000 Days, isn't one of those bands that you can just pop in one of their CDs and listen...
  18. Mark Murphy

    Live action "Star Blazers" coming to the big screen...

    That was one of my favorite shows growing up. I'm not sure how a live action movie will play out but I'm looking forward to it.
  19. Mark Murphy

    Seriously, was 2 Live Crew just ahead of their time?

    No, they were not ahead of their time. 2-Live Crew was a gimmick. They couldn't rap at all in a time where the best MCs were in their prime.
  20. Mark Murphy

    New Tool in January?

    I made a futile attempt to purchase tickets to Tool's show on May 21st in Boston but they were sold out within three minutes. The "brokers" and Ebay have plenty in stock and that was before the onsale at 10am. Us regular fans are going to be priced out of almost every show from here on in.
  21. Mark Murphy

    New Tool in January?

    I've heard the album and it reminds me of Lateralus. I'm not sure if what I have is the complete and final product that will be released on May 2nd, but it is Tool.
  22. Mark Murphy

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    Unless both league are drafting simultaneously, the only draft that I'm aware of tonight is the NON-Keeper league. I know Corbin changed the date of the keeper draft but I don't think its tonight. The regular draft, which Mark Dill mentioned, is tonight and I will be accepting applications...
  23. Mark Murphy

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    There are currently three teams available for the non-keeper league. The draft is Thursday night at 8p EST. C'mon people, sign up!:D
  24. Mark Murphy

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    There are ten signed up for the league I started right now with room for four more. I extended an invite to Corbin as well.
  25. Mark Murphy

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    Ross, I thought I sent you an invite to the other league I started up. If you want in, theres a spot for you. I thought the draft for the keeper league was last night. How'd it go? Did anyone receive a roster beforehand?
  26. Mark Murphy

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    It looks like the league has ten teams. I'm still reserving a spot for Corbin so for now, we need three teams.
  27. Mark Murphy

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    There's always room for two leagues, hell, I've reached the allowable limit for Yahoo teams;) . I took over the HTF league from John Thomas in '04 and I thought we had a good thing going too. There's no reason there can't be two.
  28. Mark Murphy

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    Nice, we have 8 total so far. The league is strictly 2006. No keepers. I PM'd and e-mailed as many people that I could remember from the '04 league as well. It'll be a good time and good luck to all those playing for second place.:D
  29. Mark Murphy

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    The league ID is 180302 and the Live draft is set for Thursday 3/9 at 8p EST. I e-mailed all current members of the league with the password. There are at least four more slots available if anyone else is interested.
  30. Mark Murphy

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    With all the confusion and unanswered questions and the draft being two days away, I'm going to drop out. If anyone is interested, I'm going to start up a 14 Team 6X6 H2H league w/NO keepers. Its strictly a 2006 league. ML Universe Avg. HR RBI SB BB R W S ERA WHIP K H I ran...