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  1. Guyza

    Comparison Between Axiom M80ti and Revel Concerta F12

    While I agree that vast facilities can provide all a designer needs to make a great speaker, it doesn't insure a great speaker is made. Take General Motors for example. Vast facilities, huge testing grounds, and yet still turn out low priced crap. Their higher priced stuff may be top notch...
  2. Guyza

    Comparison Between Axiom M80ti and Revel Concerta F12

    Has anyone even heard the F12s? Every local Revel dealer I've called doesn't have any in stock. Curious as they look like a good value.
  3. Guyza

    Bi-wiring - That much difference?

    Bi-Wiring = Buy Wiring! Tried it once on my Dahlquist QX6 bookshelfs. With an HK-525 driving them, I noticed no difference with the 3 recordings I was attuned to. If you have an esoteric system that distinguishes very small changes, then maybe it's for you. For me, $100 would equal a new...
  4. Guyza

    HK-525 sound issues.

    I have an HK525 and noticed a similar problem. What I found was that my DVD player (a really, really, really, cheap one!) was decoding the dolby first, then the HK was feeding off of that. I went to the DVD setup options and changed the output stream to BITSTREAM. This sends the "raw"...
  5. Guyza

    As promised SVS B4+ pictures

  6. Guyza

    DIY Amp Trigger?

    Thanks, The switched power outlet is more to my liking. I'm not dead set on DIY, I just didn't know switched power conditioners existed! Damn....the more I know, the more I realize how much I don't know. Off to shop for these things. thanks again, guy
  7. Guyza

    DIY Amp Trigger?

    Has anyone heard of a DIY amp trigger for an older amp that has no 12V trigger. My pre-pro has a 12V trigger output, but the amp does not. I'm thinking some sort of FET circuit spliced into the power cord. I'm not quite up to the point of diminishing returns whereby my power cord is the...
  8. Guyza

    amp with shallow depth

    If the back panel of the entertainment is luan plywood (or some other thin wood), it's very easy to cut out a hole that allows clearance for the equipment. A slightly bigger patch can be used to cover up if you move the equipment.
  9. Guyza

    cage match: Rotel RMB1075 vs. Parasound HCA1206

    Thanks, guys. Great feedback! Ernest: yeah. the 1075 vs 1205 would be a "fairer" comparison, but I have the opportunity right now in my life to get either the 1075 or 1206 at right around $700, both used. So that's the basis for my thread. I should've pointed that out earlier. Eric...
  10. Guyza

    cage match: Rotel RMB1075 vs. Parasound HCA1206

    Who comes out of the cage a winner? I know 1 has an extra channel. Is that enough to tip the scales? I can get both at similar prices, and have no opportunity to in-home audition them. Both have similar power and stats. I'll be using HK525 as pre-pro in a 6.1 movie setup. No multi-channel...
  11. Guyza

    I ordered the 25-31 PCi!

    Nice choice! I love my 25-32Pci (tuned to 22hz).
  12. Guyza

    New Dahlquist Lineup

    I have some QX6 speakers. Less than 1 year old. What have they changed on the QX6? I went to Dahlquist's website and it's not showing any new models. Thanks, guy
  13. Guyza

    Sherbourn 5/5210 specs?

    I'm shopping for a 5-channel amp for ~$1500. Looking at: Outlaw, Parasound & Sherbourn. Comparing specs along the way to help me make my decision. After numerous emails to Sherbourn, I still can not get a spec sheet out of them for the 5/5210. They also have not responded to my question...
  14. Guyza

    Sherbourn amp volume controls

    Mike, Have you got to the bottom of this problem? Curious if it's just a settings oversight or if it's amp realted. Thanks, Guy
  15. Guyza

    Sherbourn Diff btw 2/1500A and 2/5210?

    Can someone point out the differences between the older Sherbourn 2/1500A (5x200W) and newer 2/5210 (5x200w) amplifiers? I've poked around on and couldn't really come up with a difference list. Both have 5 independent channels internally but there must be some significant...
  16. Guyza

    what's the word on KEF

    About how much are the XQ's? They sound interesting.
  17. Guyza

    Polk LSi9 as center

    Maybe Albert would buy 2 pairs of LSi9s and use one for a center and one for a 6th rear channel in a 6.1 setup? It'd be cheaper than 2 centers for the same purpose.
  18. Guyza

    Ear Fatigue??

    Bryan, My experience with Axiom is with the M22Ti. I ordered them based on all the great reviews, posts, etc... If I liked them a lot I was prepared to grab a whole 7.1 setup. Like you, I have an H/K 525. Out of the box, they were very harsh. I proceeded to break them in over a 5 day...
  19. Guyza

    FS: Dahlquist QX6 (5) and QX60c (1) for 6.0 setup (w/out sub)

    I'll split shipping costs wih you.
  20. Guyza

    30 Days to decide - Others??

    I like to base my decisions on the sounds of the mains first, then build the 5.1 setup around that. The comparisons you make should probably be with just the mains. M60 vs Paradigm Monitor 7 or 9 . the comparisons in an A/B fashion. Don't necessarily rely on your sonic memory...
  21. Guyza

    Paradigm ADP surround speaker placement

    MarkVH, Look at this website for a pretty large selection of stands, many of them suitable for holding 20+ lb. speakers at 40" for surround duty. SPEAKER STANDS I just bought some ATACAMA NEXUS from here and the service and shipping was quick and painless. Ordered Monday afternoon...
  22. Guyza

    Speaker choices (Home Theater Direct owners wanted)...

    James, Here's a link to 6 speakers for sale that might fit your budget and are highly rated and reviewed. 5 qx6s + center for sale Guy
  23. Guyza

    FS: OmniMount Speaker brackets

    Sold! Thanks for all the quick responses.
  24. Guyza

    FS: Dahlquist QX6 (5) and QX60c (1) for 6.0 setup (w/out sub)

    No Longer for sale. thanks, g
  25. Guyza

    FS: OmniMount Speaker brackets

    All 5 are currently on hold for a prospective buyer. Will update the status of this ad based on the outcome of that transaction. Thanks!
  26. Guyza

    FS: OmniMount Speaker brackets

    These are very nice, multi-angular wall/ceiling mounts for speakers. MANUFACTURER LINK TO MOUNTS There's a brochure on the website and even a list of speakers that these mounts will fit. These are the 20.0 WB for 20lbs, Wall mount, Black. These are MADE IN USA and are STAINLESS STEEL...
  27. Guyza

    Speaker Stand Spikes - Top & Bottom

    So, in theory, a speaker suspended in mid-air might sound the best? I'm thinking of hanging my speakers by cables and maybe I'll hear things I've never heard before! Thanks for the input, Guy
  28. Guyza

    Speaker Stand Spikes - Top & Bottom

    Well, that explains the carpet spikes. How about the top-plate spikes?
  29. Guyza

    Speaker Stand Spikes - Top & Bottom

    What are the pros/cons of using spikes on speaker stands? Some stands have no spikes top or bottom (mostly cheaply priced ones). Some stands I see have spikes on the bottom plate and rubber pads on the top plate. Some stands have spikes on the top and bottom plate. What's the school of...