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  1. Daniel-M

    THE SIMPSONS SEASON 12: Any Indication on the Type of Packaging?

    This is just fantastic. Fox Home Entertainment is now confirmed the most retarded DVD-publisher ever. No more Simpsons DVD for me
  2. Daniel-M

    THE SIMPSONS SEASON 12: Any Indication on the Type of Packaging?

    A was in a store two days ago where they had the outer packaging on the shelf and it's as thin as season 11 was, so sadly i think they are still not using plastic trays. We can only hope it's more like the Futurama-movies this time
  3. Daniel-M

    Will Battlestar's Ending Dissuade You From Buying the Complete Series?

    No, that it lacks "The Plan" and "Face of the Enemy" is why i am not going to buy the complete series
  4. Daniel-M

    The Birth of TV on DVD: How were shows selected?

    Most likely the shows the audience at the time were most likely to buy, and considering the audience at the time was "geeks" Star Trek and X-Files probably was the likely choice
  5. Daniel-M

    James Bond volumes 3 & 4??

    The only thing that will make me buy Bond on BD is if they fixed Goldeneye. What they did there is completely unacceptable for a Ultimate Edition
  6. Daniel-M

    A Year in Review - Purchases Made in 2008

    This year i bought: Angel The Complete Series Heroes Season 2 Simpsons Season 11 LOST Season 4 and they all have been disappointing in a way. With Angel i got two Disc 6's of Season 4, instead of Disc 5. The Heroes-packaging fell apart, Simpsons came with the worst packaging ever and...
  7. Daniel-M

    Current TV DVDs you plan to buy in 2009

    Lost Season 5 Heroes Season 3 Simpsons Season 12(and hopefully 13) Dollhouse season 1 Battlestar Galactica Complete series maybe i'll finally get X-Files
  8. Daniel-M

    All-Time Worst DVD Packaging

    Simpsons season 11 is the worst ever.
  9. Daniel-M

    2009 Wishlist: TV Shows On DVD?

    The only thing i want is as many The Simpsons Seasons as possible(in real packagaing)
  10. Daniel-M

    Anyone else clearing out their SD-DVDs?

    I am shipping of allof my region 1 movies tomorrow, and the region 2 DVD's i have are going next.
  11. Daniel-M

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Got the word LOST Season 4 is on the way in the mail
  12. Daniel-M

    Lost Season 4 DVD announced, lacking something important?

    Great to hear cause the DVD-set wouldn't be complete without them
  13. Daniel-M

    Where can I buy the season 3 of Heros?

    August 25th 2009
  14. Daniel-M

    Friday The 13th SEs/Box Set Info Coming on September 19th!?

    If the first isn't uncut i won't even bother
  15. Daniel-M

    Breaking News: Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (DVD/Blu-ray)

    So no boxart that fits with the first boxset then?
  16. Daniel-M

    The Simpsons: Season 11 - 10/07

    TVShowsOnDvd now has boxart. While it looks better than the headboxes why did they choose Krusty. There are no Episodes in Season 11 that focus on Krusty. A better choice would have been Flanders considering there is a episode on this season that is huge for him.
  17. Daniel-M

    The Simpsons: Season 11 - 10/07

    About frakking time. Simpsons DVD's are a mighty drug
  18. Daniel-M

    When the next Simpsons DVD Boxset?

    I completley agree. They should have done this from the start. A classic season in February, the newest in August. As for when season 11 is released i am starting to doubt it will be released in August. Every set released in August so far has been announced in May. Maybe the writers strike...
  19. Daniel-M

    What are some dvd your plan on getting?

    Eventually the complete series boxset of 24, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Battlestar Galactica Incredible Hulk 1-5 A-Team 1-5
  20. Daniel-M

    how many tvshow on dvds do you have?

    The Simpsons The Complete 1st Season The Simpsons The Complete 2nd Season The Simpsons The Complete 3rd Season The Simpsons The Complete 4th Season The Simpsons The Complete 5th Season The Simpsons The Complete 6th Season The Simpsons The Complete 7th Season The Simpsons The Complete 8th...
  21. Daniel-M

    NCIS Season 5: Where is the Announcement?

    The season isn't even over yet. It won't be announced for another month
  22. Daniel-M

    Lost Season 4 DVD announced, lacking something important?

    Where are the mobisodes that led up to season 4. Maybe they are present just not mentioned. They really should be there, especially since they have decided to charge full price for a 14 episode boxset
  23. Daniel-M

    What Is Your BEST & WORST Blind Buy TV On DVD?

    Best: Arrested Development Worst: None
  24. Daniel-M

    George Lucas finally talks Season 1 Live action show

    I reall hope there are jedi's in the live-action one, it isn't really Star WARS without Jedi's
  25. Daniel-M

    Time to Thrown Down! 2007 Top Ten Lists

    1. The Simpsons Movie 2. Stardust 3. Transformers 4. The Bourne Ultimatum 5. Die Hard 4.0 6. 3:10 to Yuma 7. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 8. Ratatouille 9. TMNT 10. Superbad
  26. Daniel-M

    Track the Films You Watch (2008)

    Bold are first time viewing 1. 01/01 The Simpsons Movie 10/10 2. 01/05 Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace 6/10 3. 01/05 Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones 7/10 4. 01/05 Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith 8/10 5. 01/05 Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope 8/10 6. 01/05...
  27. Daniel-M

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Heroes Season 1 and 24 Season 6
  28. Daniel-M

    TITANIC: You all knew this was coming...

    How was the 4 discser not enough
  29. Daniel-M

    Full Series Sets Being Released Last Quarter 2007

    I don't see Angel on your list