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    My Sony STR-DA4ES is RUINED!

    The cat must die! Seriously, if you have no other resort, you can attempt to remove the affected/effected(?) boards. They can be washed in electronic curcuit board cleaner fluid, the same stuff that they are washed with at the factory. I just can't think of the name of the stuff. Good luck.
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    Amp for Def Techs

    I have BP20's on an ADCOM 555. Awesome! My HT setup is BP20 fronts, CLR2000 center, BP2X surround on a Sony DA3. Not too bad, but doesn't compare to the ADCOM. Have fun! Don
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    Cambridge Soundworks, how do they rate?

    Do they sound good to you? That is what really matters. I have a 12S with Def Tech speaker system and I think the 12S works very well.
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    STRDA4ES Speaker calibration

    I have a DA3 and you have full control on every channel, including increasing or attenuating each channel. I think by either +/-10db max or +/-12db in 1db steps.
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    Cambridge Soundworks 12S Sub

    Anyone using one, and if so what do you think of it? Thanks
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    What Receiver for Definitve Technology Towers?

    I have a DA3ES on BP20's, CLR2002, and BP2X for the rears. Sounds good, especially at loaud levels.