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  1. Ray R

    Do you ever check out other peoples DVD collections and feel sad..........

    I have to agree with Jonathan Perregaux's last paragraph. I'm becoming more and more interested in old movies. At first many of them seem boring and slow, but then I realized how much harder the script and actors are working. They didn't have the luxury of throwing in a couple big explosions...
  2. Ray R

    Torque wrenches (click type)

    Going with the new ISIS bottom bracket? Funny you should bring this up. I just bought a craftsmen beam torque wrench to install my new bottom bracket. The beam torque is only $19.99 at Sears and does work both ways. Only problem I have is didn't send me the crank bolts...
  3. Ray R

    Little wonder some are turning to online buying!

    My salemen test. The more money I plan on spending, the more I dress down. I want to see how the saleman treats a person when it is pretty clear that they won't make a sale. If a salesman is willing to put an effort into building a relationship that may only pay off in a sale years from now...
  4. Ray R

    Describe your favourite sandwich!

    A perfectly cooked and constructed egg sandwich Fry two eggs over easy in a little olive oil, but break the yoke just before you flip it. Eggs are done when the yoke is about 60-70% hard. This goes on just barely toasted white bread with mayo on both slices (not too much mayo or the eggs...
  5. Ray R

    SACD playing hardball

    Forgot one other aspect of this issue. The patents that Philips and Sony own on the original CD format started to expire last summer. This means that they no longer get .03 for every CD sold. Using RIAA figures that means a lose of $29 million a year. Your probably right. Philips and Sony...
  6. Ray R

    SACD playing hardball

    About a month ago Philips had a press release stating that the copy protection on the new The Fast and the Furious soundtrack which makes the disc unplayable in most computers, did not conform to the standards they had established for the CD format they own the rights to. Philips presented it...
  7. Ray R

    Why don't CD players have remote power on/off capability?

    ChrisMatson, How long have you had the Sony 400 disc changer and how do you like it? Can a pronto be programed to take place of the sony remote? I've been seriously considering this as my next purchase.
  8. Ray R

    Need more NFL on DVD?

    I agree that entire games are a must. Just think about all the extras they could have; locker room and sideline talks, how specific plays evolved and were developed during the season, alternate audio tracks with coaches and players. I suggest that if HTF follows up on this, point out that...
  9. Ray R

    Sponge Bob Square Pants DVD

    Monroe K. Lay off the crabby patties for a while. I think they're clouding your head.:)
  10. Ray R

    need freq. range of instruments

    Thanks for the info. This leads me to believe that for the most part frequency range is not a big factor in why some subs are not considered musical. Even most of the bargain subs are reasonable flat down to 41hz.
  11. Ray R

    need freq. range of instruments

    There have been several posts about which sub is better for music and how to set up a sub so that it integrates more seamlessly with the main speakers. I recall a while ago coming across some information about the frequency range of rock music instruments. What suprised me was that the bass...
  12. Ray R

    Spin Magazine 50 Greatest Groups of All Time

    I personallly think this is one of the better greatest bands lists I've seen. Like the intro says, this list was based not only on the quality of their music, but their influence on music that came after them. The bands that didn't make the list and were mentioned in this thread built their...
  13. Ray R

    Bose- How can anyone honestly *NOT* hear how bad they are?

    I would like to add one more reason why many people think Bose speakers sound great. Bose is all about money and business and smart businessmen they are. People can be split into two groups; those who really have no experience with audio equipment other that boom boxes and car stereos and the...
  14. Ray R

    Hard to get used to non-EQed music

    Welcome to the darkside Tom. You have just opened the door to the never ending quest for the perfect sound. Do you go to see live music at all? I do and the goal for my system is to recreate that live sound. Unfortunately many and I mean many live rock shows are not set up to produce a flat...
  15. Ray R

    'Skeet Surfin' anyone? 'TOP SECRET' on dvd, when?

    Definately a classic. OK, then be an asshole. [Nigle is handed the back half of the cow costume]
  16. Ray R

    Cowboy Junkies - how did I miss them

    Some how I went to college during the late 80's and never got turned on to the Cowboy Junkies. I bought the best of CD, but I have a feeling I'll be checking out their other discs. Any suggestions?
  17. Ray R

    My trip to Chicago

    I do miss Chicago. I worked for Quaker Oats a few years back and loved going to their Corporate Headquaters in downtown chicago. The Redfish was one of my favorite resturants.
  18. Ray R

    DVD-A/SACD: Does J6P care?

    Thinking with a business mind I would be surprised if record labels are still supporting either of these formats 5 years from now. Teenagers are where the money is at and SACD and DVD-A don't offer anything significant to this group. Something that does offer a little more is DVD-V music...
  19. Ray R

    The crazy people I met at the mall

    Jeffrey, I suppose it could be viewed as childish, but I like to think of it as negative reinforcement meant to diminish the anti-social behavior exhibited by this individual. :D Alright, it was childish, but it felt right at the time.
  20. Ray R

    The crazy people I met at the mall

    My mall story is from this past December. I had taken a half day's vacation on a Friday to do some Christmas shopping. I lucked out and came across someone backing out of their parking spot and waited for them to leave. Well some little trampy b!tch in a Geo Tracker whips into the spot while...
  21. Ray R

    Sell me your favorite album.

    The Clash - Sandinista is an album I never get tired of. Forget everything you know about the Clash. It really doesn't apply to this album. Although several traditional Clash style songs are on this two disc effort, most of it is the band experimenting. The first two songs are in the...
  22. Ray R

    An excellent test for you beer lovers.

    I got 8. I guess I need to study more.:D
  23. Ray R

    Most Overrated Music Artist

    TheoGB, What if the Backstreet Boys started candy flipping and hanging around with Paul Oakenfold?
  24. Ray R

    HTF Jazz Club

    I picked up John Coltrane - My Favorite Things and a Count Basie disc called the Gold Collection this past weekend and here are my first impressions. I'm a deadhead at heart and have been exposed to some of the NY improv jazz bands like Medeski, Martin and Wood. I tend to like music that...
  25. Ray R

    DVD player vibration dampening - worked for me

    Mike_Ch, I was actually thinking about taking the cover off my DVD player and painting the inside of the cover with rubberized paint. I figured this would provide additional vibration dampening, but also quiet it down some.
  26. Ray R

    Why are people proud to not see a film?

    Alex, These two things are not mutually exclusive. Someone could be very picky when it comes to watching movies, but then watch the same movie 30 times. Does critical acclaim of a film mean that everyone will like it? If it doesn't, then critical acclaim by itself is not a reliable...
  27. Ray R

    DVD player vibration dampening - worked for me

    I use my DVD player to play CD's. It is setting on a wire rack shelving unit that vibrates pretty significantly when I turn up the volume. I got a hold of some scrap, closed cell insulation at work. It's about a 1/2" thick and feels kind of like those gel filled wrist pads for keyboards. I...
  28. Ray R

    Why are people proud to not see a film?

    I think you will find that people who pass on extremely popular movies also pass on lessor know movies as well. We, I'm one of them too, only seem to be criticized when we pass on a popular movie and that's when we become a little defensive. It's not teenage rebelion. It's just being more...
  29. Ray R

    Most Overrated Music Artist

    I think I'm going with the camp that thinks over rated bands are those who have little to no talent and are pushed onto us by record labels. I think this would include U2, all the boy bands, the teen tramps, and most of all Metallica since their testicles were removed around the release of And...
  30. Ray R

    EQ frequencies posted...please offer suggestions

    Before starting with the BFD, I would suggest moving furniture. It doesn't have to be a complete shuffle. A few inches might make the difference. Play the 40 Hz test tone while sitting in position 2 and then move the soundlevel meter front and back a few inches. If your lucky it will only...