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  1. Jeff North

    HT Speakers w/ 1400 Budget here is Sound and Visions Pic. What’s yours?

    I would second BryanZ suggestion... in fact it looks very familiar... oh wait! That is the system I *own*! :D (except I have standard tuning on the 25-31) North
  2. Jeff North

    Help me out with a tough speaker / room setup!

    Sorry if this is getting a bit OT. Did you have any training on Inventor before switching over? I guess I better not say anything bad about my MDT crashing or anything since you work for Autodesk ;-) North
  3. Jeff North

    Help me out with a tough speaker / room setup!

    Yeah, I know rears are mostly for surround, but I still would like to shoot for the optimal setup I can, taking everything else into consideration. I have a Yamaha 5150 DD receiver. From what I can tell (just looked at the pdf of the receiver) it only has time delay for the rear speakers not...
  4. Jeff North

    Help me out with a tough speaker / room setup!

    Brian, I agree, the rears are not really optimal. I was thinking of doing that, but I was worried about the nOrh being too long. They are 17-18" long and have a rear port which should really be 6" away from the wall. This would be no problem for the right rear, but for the left rear, that...
  5. Jeff North

    Help me out with a tough speaker / room setup!

    Well I am going to repaint the living room and once I am done the SO wants to re-organize the room. She does not want to have everything against walls and at right angles to each other. We have an initial plan thought out which I have sketched up (shown below) and am looking for any...
  6. Jeff North

    Question for n0rh owners

    If you want more threads on nOrh try harmonic discord in the nOrh forum ;) North
  7. Jeff North

    Question for n0rh owners

    Allen, Just thought I would chime in here and say I have been very pleased with my ceramic nOrh 4.0, SVS 25-31 combo. They blend together VERY well and is (IMO) the best bang for the buck out there!! OT I also blame (Actually THANK!!) Tyson for influencing both the decision for SVS and...
  8. Jeff North

    What is "BFD"
  9. Jeff North

    Splitting coax feed from FM antenna?

    I think a regular video splitter would work fine. If I remember correctly FM frequency is somewhere between channel 6 and 7 or maybe between UHF and VHF.. anyways I know it is somewhere between the TV channels, so if it works for the TV frequency It will work for FM. North
  10. Jeff North

    Looking for a player with a good freeze frame function

    I have both the Panasonic DVD RV-30 and CV-50 - on both players (probably the same for the RV-31 and CV-51 but not sure) you hit pause, it will freeze the frame. Then hit pause again and it just goes to the next frame. At least this is the way I remember it. I would try it out somewhere in a...