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  1. steve nn


    HA HA;) Have you seen his Theater though? It's got to be the nicest I can remember seeing. Check his link out, it's really something! And to think he wanted more off. Don't tell him I told you though
  2. steve nn


    Thank you Rajeek, I appreciate that. It was a pleasure doing business with you and glad everything worked out so well.
  3. steve nn


    Thanks for the feedback HeatherM and Southpaw. Take it from a sub-nut Southpaw, it i$n't worth it My last marriage of 25 years went south and subs/DIY played a part;) At this time it looks as though both subs are sold. I really would like to keep one of them, but I'll take the hit for now...
  4. steve nn


    Hand operation requires me to sell two mint PC13-Ultra's. They're only two months old and are in perfect shape. All original packing in original box with transferable warranty. Priced as single units to your door in the lower 48. That's myself paying shipping from 97140. $1200 each, $300...
  5. steve nn

    Wanted SVS B12-Plus/4 or B4-Plus

    I just decided to sell both of my new PC13-Ultra's if your interested. I had a hand operation and recovery is longer than expected. Oh! I have sold many subs on this Forum since collecting is sort of a hobby along with DIY. They are only a few months old. One of two
  6. steve nn

    Newbie but very willing to learn

    What Denon are you running? Off the top of my head I'm presuming your problem isn't the receiver? Maybe settings coupled with your speakers and sub.
  7. steve nn

    AV123 MFW-15 vs SVS PB13 Ultra

    Craig put two MFW on Parr/very close anyway.. with a single Ultra if memory serves me correct? If you do go the Ultra rout, it'll ship within a day of the order most likely and definitely be a better single sub over the MFW I think most would agree. If any issue comes up with anything, they'll...
  8. steve nn

    SVS subs

    I would agree. Very easy to place since they're vertical and take up such a small footprint. Performance for the amount of real-estate used is very favorable.
  9. steve nn

    a simple questions....sub1 vs sub2

    I would guesstimate the Dayton would have twice the output as the subs mentioned with it's advantage in sporting a 12" driver?? I dunno, it's been quite some time, but back in the day the Dayton held it's own against the WM-40 Sony 12" sub, which was the best bang for your buck sub at the time...
  10. steve nn

    the best $250 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!... ehm... hint Klipsch :D

    Talk about a deal! I mean heck the C7 is $600 plus change alone. So what do you think of the size of that big lunker?..the C7 that is:) Congrats!
  11. steve nn

    My new SVS PB 12 Plus/2-Subwoofer Heaven!

    Nice purchase..Congrats! I hope you enjoy it for many years.:emoji_thumbsup:
  12. steve nn

    Energy, Paradigm, or Polk

    I picked up a pair of the Polk 6's along with the center for a demo and thought for the money they were a good value. In the end I wound up going Klipsch ref, but thought the Polk's were very respectable for the $$. The C comes across very nicely and I liked it better than another higher end...
  13. steve nn

    SVS's mid-line MTS-01's announced

    Yeah my first impression is I thought they looked very nice! I don't know what I was expecting, but looks wise, they exceed my expectations. Since many feet only serve as an estedict on carpet, I strongly suspect the feet are more inspired for functionality?? Anyway hats off to SVS for moving...
  14. steve nn

    SVS PB12Plus is here!

    Congrats Gary.. It's quite a treat setting up and experiencing your first real sub isn't it? Back in the day the material on VHS and then DVD was far and in-between compared to what is spun today as far as LFE goes.. many don't know what they're missing. You have a sub that'll take advantage of...
  15. steve nn

    Bout to pull the trigger on a SVS which should I get 10-NPD or 12-NPD

    As far as music goes, I cant recall hearing a difference myself? I have had a good many SVS subs including the 10-ISD and both the 12-ISD that converted over to the upgraded NSD driver option. In a room your size, I would highly recommend going with the 12". It's going to have more presence/feel...
  16. steve nn

    SVS PB12-Plus Subwoofer

    Good to see your so happy with your new sub and to think you won it, what a treat! Good for you.. Congrats:cool:
  17. steve nn

    FS: Two new RL-p D2 15" drivers

    Sold!.. including the two used drivers.
  18. steve nn

    WTB Klipsch KLF-C7 or KV4 or trade for my KV3

    I have a nice black RC-7 and a pair of black RB-75's that I have been contemplating selling. I hate to do it though.
  19. steve nn

    FS: Two new RL-p D2 15" drivers

    New price folks.....$169 each with $30 shipping in the lower 48... That's $199 to your door in the lower 48.:)
  20. steve nn

    WTB: Klipsch RF-15 & RS-25

    I have a couple RB-75's, a pair of RB-35's and a C-7 that I have been thinking about selling do to needing to down-size.
  21. steve nn

    FS: Two new RL-p D2 15" drivers

    New price!
  22. steve nn

    FS: Two new RL-p D2 15" drivers

    I have two new (still in their original packaging) RL-p D2 15" drivers that I have decided to sell do to a new living situation for 6-12 months. $169 each with $30 shipping in the lower 48... Bottom line, $199 to your door for a single high excursion driver that has a great performance history...
  23. steve nn

    AV123 MFW-15 120lb Beast of a subwoofer!

    I dunno Jeff? ... I notice no measurements and lacks in extension?
  24. steve nn

    How is this sub?

    I'm glad you found what you were looking for at such a good price. Frankly though, the 15" drivers we like to use in the DIY arena have a tendency to start around the $250 mark and will require much more than a 150 watts....well unless your building a budget project. Do you happen to have a pic...
  25. steve nn

    First HT system....thoughts???

    Looking good, you should really enjoy it...:cool:
  26. steve nn

    How is this sub?

    Oh it definitely would no doubt about it. Considering it's only $20 more and still way below the $200 mark, why not? It would certainly trounce whats being considered imo.
  27. steve nn

    AV123 MFW-15 120lb Beast of a subwoofer!

    When it's all said and done, I cant imagine this not doing very well Mark. I know that's not what it's all about, but it really does seem to have a lot going for it in the ever popular $600 price range... my gut and understanding tell me it's a winner.:emoji_thumbsup:
  28. steve nn

    How is this sub?

    That was my first thought. I picked up the Dayton to do a little comparison against the Sony WM-40 (budget leader at the time) and it held it's own and then some. It would be fun to see how it stacks up to their 12" offering. Anyway if the $100 mark is what your wanting to come in at, I would...
  29. steve nn

    AV123 MFW-15 120lb Beast of a subwoofer!

    Knowing what it costs to build a sub, this seems quite attractive for a ready 15" 18hz tuned out of the box. Nice work Mark!