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  1. Ed Moroughan

    Win a copy of McLintock!

    I'd have to say Rio Bravo. The relationships between the Duke and the supporting players makes that movie as good as it is. Dean Martin is a great sidekick, Ricky Nelson coming in as the newbie gunman, Angie Dickinson sexing the place up, and old reliable Walter Brennan grumping the whole...
  2. Ed Moroughan

    Exclusive First Look: Twilight Time May/June 2014 Releases

    I just recieved an email that my copy of Two Rode Together has shipped! This is my first buy from Twilight Time, and one of the last Ford westerns I need. :)
  3. Ed Moroughan

    Subscriptions Are Back!

    Are previous subscriptions (before transition) not included in the new Content I Follow? All I'm getting is this thread and the "We're Back" thread. Did I need to click a certain setting or something? Edit: Nevermind, I used the "Content I Follow" inside the My Profile tab. I think I need a nap!
  4. Ed Moroughan

    Subscriptions Are Back!

    Excellent! Thanks.
  5. Ed Moroughan

    Known Issues With The Migration

    Good. The subscriptions page was my bookmark for HTF and I miss it. LOL! Otherwise it looks very good. :)
  6. Ed Moroughan

    Big Lots Sale

    I haven't had much luck at BL in a while. Same stuff today as usual except I found Last Man Standing lurking in the back of a display.
  7. Ed Moroughan

    Big Lots Sale

    Anyone else have a big pile of Bond movies at their BL? The one I frequent has the Ultimate/Special Editions all mixed together.
  8. Ed Moroughan

    Coming Soon From Olive Films

    I don't have much of a response other than .
  9. Ed Moroughan


    I finally picked this DVD up and after reading this whole thread skipped right over the 2005 version and went straight to the Preview version. I wouldn't classify it as being as good as The Wild Bunch, but it's up there close to it.
  10. Ed Moroughan

    Big Lots Sale

    What's with the slashed UPCs at Big Lots? My copy of Grand Hotel has one, does anyone know why?
  11. Ed Moroughan

    MGM MOD: Fox Bows On Demand MGM Movies for Retailers

    Body Slam, maybe the second greatest wrestling movie after The Wrestler? LOL Can't wait!
  12. Ed Moroughan

    "ON TRIAL: LEE HARVEY OSWALD" -- A Personal Review

    I've been complaining about that for years and I've never gotten an answer other than "they killed them all." The nonsense just goes around in a ever expanding circle. *sigh* I wish to add my insulting opinion, based on three bios of JFK I've read, that for a Pres. who did nothing much...
  13. Ed Moroughan

    Jerry Beck on Stu's Show: Tommorrow at 4

    Interesting. I don't have either disc so I have to rely on Amazon for my info. It says "Standard Version" on both and Daffy has the "...intended for the Adult Collector..." nonsense on it. Bugs: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/91xdpJeFdxL._AA1500_.jpg Daffy...
  14. Ed Moroughan

    More Roger Corman Cult Classics coming from Shout! Factory this year!

    I guess Battle Beyond the Stars was delayed?
  15. Ed Moroughan

    WHV Announcement: Looney Tunes Super Stars

    I was more concerned with this statement: "The shorts haven't been restored on the level of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection selections, instead veering from great to middling over the course of the set. The earlier shorts tend to suffer from a lot of scratches and flecks, while the later...
  16. Ed Moroughan

    WHV Announcement: Looney Tunes Super Stars

    I don't know if this is rain on everyone's parade, but the 'toons are mostly in widescreen. http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/daffyduckfowl.php -OR- http://forums.goldenagecartoons.com/showthread.php?t=15157
  17. Ed Moroughan

    WHV Announcement: The Essential Bugs Bunny

    Additionally, The Bugs Bunny Show (1960) - specific episode not yet revealed was just added to Disk 2's contents. I may be interested if it is better quality than that horrid Tom and Jerry set recently released. We shall see. Updated Link...
  18. Ed Moroughan

    WHV Announcement: The Essential Bugs Bunny

    Yep. Disc 1: Elmer's Candid Camera (1940, Jones) A Wild Hare (1940, Avery) The Old Grey Hare (1944, Clampett) Baseball Bugs (1946, Freleng) Hair Raising Hare (1946, Jones) Haredevil Hare (1948, Jones) 8 Ball Bunny (1950, Jones) Rabbit of Seville (1950, Jones) Rabbit Fire (1951...
  19. Ed Moroughan

    The Amazing Race Season 16

  20. Ed Moroughan

    Favorite Paramount Film Quote Thread

    "I am big. It's the pictures that got small." from Sunset Boulevard. http://www.hometheaterforum.com/forum/thread/278128/htf-dvd-review-sunset-boulevard-centennial-collection
  21. Ed Moroughan

    2009-2010 MLB Hot Stove

    *distant trumpets* So long old friend.
  22. Ed Moroughan

    Favorite Paramount Film Character Thread

    Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard. http://www.hometheaterforum.com/forum/thread/278128/htf-dvd-review-sunset-boulevard-centennial-collection
  23. Ed Moroughan

    Big Lots Sale

    Picked up Knute Rockne All American and All the King's Men (1949) at the nearest Big Lots. That was all they had that I was interested in though. Maybe Tony is right that the ride is over.
  24. Ed Moroughan

    Favorite Paramount Film Moment Thread

    Roman Holiday The ending is so poignant. Review: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/forum/thread/94747/roman-holiday-special-edition-dvd-review
  25. Ed Moroughan

    The Ongoing Wal-Mart $4.88/$5.50/$5.88 Bargain Bin Thread

    Has anyone else seen stickers labeled "Promo" on various cheapie DVDs at Walmart lately? Does it mean something other than a promo price?
  26. Ed Moroughan

    Jerry Beck on Stu's Show: Tommorrow at 4

    I suppose this is confirmation: "Late last night I got an e-mail from Warner Home Video announcing the first two single-disc Looney Tunes collections that are coming to DVD. The series will be called "Looney Tunes Super Stars" and the first two volumes will be released April 6. There was very...