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  1. Jared_B

    New Infiniti FX45

    I think it's an excellent vehicle - I like it! I'm a previous owner of an X5 4.4i Sport, so that means a lot coming from me. :) It's faster than the X5 4.4i, and costs the same if not less than the X5 3.0i.
  2. Jared_B

    Buying a gun

    - Go to a gun store. - Pick out a gun (I suggest renting several to see what you like). - Hand over your money. - Fill out paperwork. - Go home. - Come back after your federally mandated 5 day waiting period (usually more like 7 days). - Take gun home.
  3. Jared_B

    How late is too late to answer a knock at the front door?

    Ron has the right idea. I'd answer with my Glock in one hand, Surefire light in the other, and cell phone in my pocket. If I actually heard the knock from my bedroom, I would answer it. My roommate and I tend to be up late a lot, so a knock at 1am wouln't be totally abnormal. Any knock...
  4. Jared_B

    What have you learned from the internet?

    I learned what it takes to get God to kill a kitten.
  5. Jared_B

    *** Official BAD BOYS II Discussion Thread

    I loved it - it was everything I hoped it would be. I go to movies to be entertained, and that is exactly what it delivered, in spades.
  6. Jared_B

    Well, if *I* won the lottery...

    Like Gordon said, the $5M initial winnings would turn into about $1.5M after taxes and lump-sum penalty. What I would do with 1.5M differs greatly from what I would do with 5M. $1.5 Million: Immediately take 50% and give it to a financial advisor and tell them to hide it from me (invest...
  7. Jared_B

    New X-box magazine-the next issue big news

    My vote, er wish, is it's a bumped up release date for Halo 2!!!
  8. Jared_B

    This has GOT to be a psychological thing...

    I agree with Mark. While your position does affect how "bad" you have to go, I don't think that's the whole story. There's some sort of mental anticipation going on. I get the same way when I have to take a poo as well. :)
  9. Jared_B

    Silly Terminator 2 sounds

  10. Jared_B

    Anyone ever hear of Full Sail?

    I have two or three in my fridge right now, calling my name.... oh, not that Full Sail.
  11. Jared_B

    Teen Girl Faces Jail Time For Blue Lights On Car

    http://www.leg.wa.gov/RCW/index.cfm?...&chapter=46.37 Here are the actual laws for the state of Washington. I read through some of them, and found nothing that specifies the legality of blue lights on non-emergency or non-law enforcement vehicles.
  12. Jared_B

    How many of you have finished Halo on the hardest mode?

    Either in Co-op or single player, I think the only level I haven't beat on Legendary is the Library. Best advice I can give is work on your aim. Make every bullet count. Learn to aim while jumping. My friends hate me because I'm constantly jumping around to avoid their fire, and I'm pelting...
  13. Jared_B

    Halo 2 demo on Brute Force?

    Anyone know where I can download this trailer in its entirety? I was only able to find a 10 second clip.
  14. Jared_B

    How NOT To Handle A Firearm!

    The officer is a dumbass. There, thread back on track!
  15. Jared_B

    Forget the BMW M5 or the Subara WRX, anyone ever owned an AMC?

    No, I don't know what you're talking about. ;)
  16. Jared_B

    How NOT To Handle A Firearm!

    It didn't appear that anyone was hurt, and if nobody was hurt, there shouldn't be a lawsuit (that doesn't meant there won't be an attempt, though). That officer should never touch a firearm again.
  17. Jared_B

    Who Has A Cell Phone?

    In addition to it being required for my job, I still couldn't live without my wireless phone. I'm only home to sleep or watch movies really loud, so cell phone is the only way to contact me. I think certain age groups are more "addicted" to cell phones than others. Being 23, most of my...
  18. Jared_B

    Anybody into Sport Bikes?

    I agree with what Chris and Philip have said. Save at least $800 of that $3k and get gear with it. Helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, and pants. Note: You will dump it. It might be something simple, like losing your balance at a stop light, or it might be something more serious, but it will...
  19. Jared_B

    trading leased vehicle for another ?

    Sure, no problem. But it will cost you. You are responsible for the remainder of all your lease payments. So for example you pay $300/month, and you have 2 years left = you owe $7200. In addition to that, you must pay off the residual of the lease. On a Dakota, that's what, around $10-12K? So...
  20. Jared_B

    Is Friends (5/15/03) out as far as this forum is concerned?

    I stopped watching. The direction they've been taking the story lately is horrid.