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  1. Mark VH

    The Wire: Complete Fourth Season

    No official date yet, but TVShowsonDVD.com has posted artwork for the upcoming release which, according to an ad in Home Media mag, should be out before the holiday season. http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=7875 I haven't seen this season yet as I got into the show after it...
  2. Mark VH

    Godard's "Breathless" Coming from Criterion

    Criterion's latest newsletter includes the following hint about an upcoming yet-to-be-announced title: "Read all about it in the New York Herald Tribune: A New Wave Hits Criterion's Shores." Clear indicator that Godard's "A Bout de Souffle" (a.k.a. "Breathless") should be on its way...
  3. Mark VH

    Fox Announces Michael Shayne Mysteries Vol. 1

    DVD Times has details and artwork (which is fantastic): http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid=63767 I think Fox kind of painted themselves into a corner with those Chan and Moto sets regarding packaging (having to model volume 2 of both after the original one-film-per-disc packaging...
  4. Mark VH

    Double Indemnity: Legacy Series - A Partial Review

    This is probably my all-time most-wanted DVD title, so permit me this long-winded bit of indulgence. And I know some other folks have been waiting for the disc for a while, so that feels like a little more justification. All that bias aside, here goes: this is the DVD release of the year...