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  1. LennyP

    Testy Area 51

    My god, I haven't been on this forum for almost SEVEN YEARS! Whew! Now remembered my old nick and logged in. I feel old. Heh. Oh, look at my sig. That's what I've been buying/watching those days. Damn. Got 4 times that number of DVDs now. And the links don't work anymore, gotta fix all that.
  2. LennyP

    John Doe cancelled!!!!!

    Well I liked both shows, they are vastly different but stand out, I'm happy for Fastlane, devastated over John Doe, but I knew only one would survive and I'd feel like this either way. Of course Fastlane won, it's visualy exciting rather than mentaly and I agree, it does say a lot about the...
  3. LennyP

    Anyone know what's going with Larry Sanders S2?

    Glad I'm not alone wondering about the subsequent seasons of this on DVD. I was afraid that with so many TV season boxsets being released, one of them will be unfinished, but never thought something as great as Larry Sanders would be that one! I might as well start recording it off Bravo and...
  4. LennyP

    The Complete Mr. Bean 4/29 - not so complete after all?

    Ok, so there are several cut scenes, but does anyone own the R4 boxset from Australia? I bought it more than half a year ago but it's still sealed, it has a bit different episode order and I think missing some bits of extras present on R1 set, so it's definetly a different release, maybe the...
  5. LennyP

    Miracles creator discusses the show...

    I know I don't have state of the art equipment, but I "transfer, compress, and burn" about 12 custom DVD-Rs for myself a week with 20-30 hours of material, with menus, alone, for free. So that's all BS. It doesn't have to be flawless, you don't have to sit on it, just load up the film, leave...
  6. LennyP

    Miracles creator discusses the show...

    These cancelled TV shows could all be released on DVD in limited runs and be available on official websites only, with small 15 second TV spots with phone/online order info, that way they don't invest much, make some money, and make fans happy.
  7. LennyP

    24: Season 2 - Hour 20 - 4/22/03

    Wow! What a totaly exciting, explosive episode, seems like one of the best again! Loved all the killing, that bad guy just shoots the patient in front of a Doc, 'where is the epinephrine?' Jack is the man! Kicked their ass, killed them all! YEAH! :emoji_thumbsup: "Now YOU tell me who was on...
  8. LennyP

    Gosh Darn, office space is a great movie

    As funny as the movie is, it really really scares me! I'm afraid to be like those guys in it. And I'm disgusted with all the 9 to 5 cycle so many people live, and the friday/saturday night hordes rushing to "relax", it's all just so pathetic and reminds me of communism. Office Space is a HORROR...
  9. LennyP


    Yeah, it was "released" yesterday online, so I've gotten my screenshots from it now. :D
  10. LennyP

    Tremors- Who's watching?

    I record them all to DVD-R but not watching yet, gona wait till I have a bunch, along with Tremors 4, but from the bits I did see I sure liked it, just like the sequels.
  11. LennyP


    What an extremely awesome trailer, Blade what? This is gona be way better, beautiful shots in that trailer, if the whole movie is like that, I'll be in heaven! Now that I got my hands on a better quality trailer file, here are my 10 favorite screenshots...
  12. LennyP

    *** Official "BULLETPROOF MONK" Review Thread

    Strangely, I couldn't find a thread on this. Well I just saw it, I must say it's another disappointing movie with lots of bad, unrealistic, out of place dialogue. The trailer made it look exciting & fun, Jaime King sure looks beautiful, plus the two 3named guys are a strange but interesting...
  13. LennyP

    Battle Royale. Any views on this??

    There is a thread in other regions section discussing the best special edition, with added CGI blood, director's cut, 2nd disc with extras all subtitled, etc. The concept of Battle Royale was originaly done by Albert Pyun with Christopher Lambert and Ice T, only criminals and thugs in a newly...
  14. LennyP

    24: Season 2 - Hour 19 - 4/15/03

  15. LennyP

    24: Season 2 - Hour 19 - 4/15/03

    Holy CRAP! Another torture scene, and they bleepin' kill Jack at the end! :eek: I thought maybe he's faking it and gona headbutt them or grab one of them with his feet and try to escape, but no. And Yusuf getting beat up by a redneck and a mexican, they whack Kate too, damn, they can't even...
  16. LennyP

    A question regarding TV on DVD

    Well, most of the ones you're asking about are from the same company, Fox, so you'd think the prices would be about the same, but The Shield and 24 are more of a marketing releases and need to be cheaper to promote their 2nd seasons, plus some like Buffy and Angel are more mainstream, and...
  17. LennyP

    HTF REVIEW: "Two Weeks Notice" (with screenshots)

    I missed this in theaters, meant to see it, so I'll get the DVD, good extras and a fine once in 3 years light movie to view while munching on a sandwich.
  18. LennyP

    Anime Movies in WideScreen.

    New R1 DVD releases of awesome series like .hack//Sign and Noir are anamorphic widescreen. I've never seen bigger, better looking anime series! At least half of all current series airing in Japan that I get fansubs of are widescreen, like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Project...
  19. LennyP


    This is one of the most anticipated movies of the year for me and that poster is SO MINE! Check out these photos, nothing finer than a beautiful brunette dressed in black holding a gun. :D Or two. :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  20. LennyP

    Dead Zone Season Final

    Zion is now no longer a second season finale, USA network has extended it and will show 6 new episodes in July and August.
  21. LennyP

    Casablanca remake- you will not BELIEVE who's starring

    Oh my god, all you snobs... so what if it's for real, so what if there's another remake, I'm so tired of this advanced hate and bashing of any remake. Sure it'll probably suck and putting those 2 is very cheesy but no one is making you watch it or "jamming" it down your throat. There are plenty...
  22. LennyP

    *** Official "BETTER LUCK TOMORROW" Discussion Thread

    This is definetly in my taste and I'll be getting a DVD sight-unseen, unless there's only crap in theaters for the next 2 weeks and I'll have nothing else to do. 70% of theatrical releases are "straight-to-dvd" for me, cheaper, and I own the thing forever. :D
  23. LennyP

    Law & Order: SVU premiere, Law & Order: CI premier, Monk premier all in June!

    Everyone SHOULD buy ALL 3 of these so as to ensure full season boxsets or any further releases at all. They're obviously testing the market. I don't care much for the original L&O or SVU, but I gotta get CI and Monk for sure.
  24. LennyP

    *** Official "HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES" Discussion Thread

    Yeah, my late night 12:30am showing at the Mann Chinese at the Kodak center was packed. It makes you feel very uncomfortable, gets on your nerves, everyone's totaly freaking crazy in it, and just when you thought you saw it all, there's more and more to it. I guess if that was the objective...
  25. LennyP

    *** Official "HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES" Discussion Thread

    I'll say that I'm scared shitless of this movie, but will go see it at 12:30am latest showing. I hope it's not too yuky gory, I like gore fine but not the Cannibal Holocaust kind, which I never saw but reading just 2 sentences about it over a year ago still gives me a puke inducing sense and...
  26. LennyP

    24: Season 2 - Hour 18 - 4/8/03

    Maybe they just picked some unknown little place (which is what Marietta is to me) so as not to really piss off anyone.
  27. LennyP

    The Pledge (Jack Nicholson)

    No giants, no indians, that's all just tricks and misleads, the unknown guy in the car crash who was going to the meeting place but died was the killer. They were waiting and waiting, and he never came, that's why Jack went insane, he's still waiting, he's locked in that endless cycle, muttering...
  28. LennyP

    Anyone else think the movie BLOW with Johnny Depp is really good?

    It's up there for me below Scarface, Goodfellas, Boogie Nights, etc, an excellent movie and a loaded disc!