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  1. Chuck L

    Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy - Season 2

    I must say that this release (Laverne and Shirley) is one that I have waited anxiously for. Last night I was lucky enough to find a copy of the set and have to tell to tell you that I am not the least bit disappointed. I have already gone through six episodes of the show and the shows are...
  2. Chuck L

    Any word on Knot's Landing season 2? thing that you will learn from Warner is that when they say that there are not current plans that doesn't mean no. It simply means that don't expect an announcement within the next month or two...BUT... I have learned from past chats with them on their movie products that usually...
  3. Chuck L

    Any word on Knot's Landing season 2?

    Actually Jon...Knots ran 14 seasons...not ten.
  4. Chuck L

    Dolly Parton Show ever on DVD??

    Was reading recently on Olivia Newton-John's, ONLY OLIVIA, website that R2, the same group that has released the three disc Sonny and Cher collection (and Christmas DVD) and several other variety shows of the time, are looking into releasing several other programs including Donny and Marie and...
  5. Chuck L

    Fox And The Hound: 25th Anniversary Edition - Summer 2006!!

    They just need to get off their asses at Disney and get out the two disc "Lilo and Stitch" that is available in other regions...thankfully, I have had mine for about a year now and I love it more than the single disc version. Glad to see this one...but others are needed over this I believe...
  6. Chuck L

    *** Official Oscar Nominations and Discussion Thread

    I loved John Stewart as the host and I hope that he does return. I really enjoyed the montages and it was nice to see Hollywood pay some respect to the lost art of Film Noir. Can't say that I am happy with the Clooney win or Reese (should have been a supporting award and then maybe I would...
  7. Chuck L

    Wings is FINALLY coming to DVD!!!

    Glad to see that finally Paramount is wising up and releasing the first two seasons of this show as they seriously dropped the ball in not doing that with "Laverne and Shirley" and "Happy Days." Music clearance issues aside, I do still feel that, if lackluster sales were the reasoning why...
  8. Chuck L

    Assistance requested in getting into DLP's

    John...I appreciate the help. We were looking at the InFocus and wondering how it was. Nice to hear that you are happy with it. Tell me more if you can think of anything to help me out.
  9. Chuck L

    Assistance requested in getting into DLP's

    My partner and I are thinking of for 2006 finally getting a projector for movie viewing instead of the fifty two inch HD that we presently have. Any tips on where to start and what to get? I am sure that there are some grand pros on here that can set us in the right direction!
  10. Chuck L

    Knots Landing Reunion Special 12/2....

    I must say that I loved it and wish that it had been an hour longer just to get more things discussed. It would have been great to have seen more of the bloopers though. I cannot wait for the DVD's of this program to finally hit the shelf. It's something that I have waited a long time for. I...
  11. Chuck L

    "If you could see any band in history..."

    The Eurythmics for me all the way. Having gotten the pleasure of seeing Annie open for Sting was a huge treat...though only getting to hear her live for an hour wasn't nearly long enought. It was truly a religious experience seeing her. It still send chills through me thinking of it. I...
  12. Chuck L

    Laverne & Shirley - Any news on more season sets

    Though it is really hard for me to do...I have to give Paramount the benefit of the doubt on this one. I do beleive that in time we will get the further seasons of LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY basically do to the fact that L & S are now considered as pieces of Pop Culture and there are many fans out...
  13. Chuck L

    Charlies Angels Season 1 -- Possible Cut Episode

    Good eye...and memory if you recall 1978 that well... You know this point, I wish that we had something to gripe about with season three other than the fact that it is not out yet!!!! UGH!!!!
  14. Chuck L

    Olivia Newton-John "The Videos" Aug. 30, 2005

    Jay...I am with you and I have to agree. I own everything that Olivia has put out and I have to tell you that I would rather listen to an album of her's than anything that is currently within the top 200 albums on Billboard.
  15. Chuck L

    Need help with the song "Superstar"

    It was more than likely the Vandross version that you have heard. Seems as of late, since his death, they are playing his songs again from earlier in his professional life. It's a nice version of the song...though...if this is even possible, seems to be even slower then The Carpenter's version...
  16. Chuck L

    Olivia Newton-John "The Videos" Aug. 30, 2005

    Here is the press release for the two DVD's that has been posted on OnlyOlivia.Com: Pop icon Olivia Newton-John was one of the first and most endearing artists of the video generation. Her clips for hits such as "Deeper Than The Night," "Twist Of Fate," "Physical," "Soul Kiss," "Magic" and...
  17. Chuck L

    What Do You Think Of The Studios?

  18. Chuck L

    What Do You Think Of The Studios?

    don't know why my work server went crazy with multiple submissions...sorry mods...
  19. Chuck L

    What Do You Think Of The Studios?

    Paramount- While yes...I have been getting everything they have released so far from I LOVE parnter would love to get the multiple STAR TREK series, but at their current price...not even on the radar. On the downside...for LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY to be sitting and doing nothing and having...
  20. Chuck L

    Did Paramount forget...

    ...about releasing Halloween titles this year? Still no word from them about a single genre title. Was hoping for at least "Let's Scare Jessica To Death" or "Student Bodies," but alas...nothing.
  21. Chuck L

    "The Flash" TV series coming to DVD Finally!

    Maybe this news will lead to something good about "Birds of Prey" as well.
  22. Chuck L

    Hart to Hart - Season 1 on 10/25/2005!

    They will introduce "Hart To Hart" but won't continue on with "Charlie's Angels"? Something is jacked up here.
  23. Chuck L

    What are you hoping for in 2006?

    My Top Ten Wanted Television Titles 1) Laverne and Shirley 2) Knots Landing 3) Animanics 4) Pinky and The Brain 5) Charlie's Angels 6) Alice 7) The Jefferson's 8) Twin Peaks 9) Lilo and Stitch: The Series 10) Classic SNL Years 11) Comedy Central's TV Funhouse
  24. Chuck L

    Will Devil's Rejects Help or Hurt Modern horror movies?

    John...not wanting to ruin a single thing about the film...I won't tell you about specific scenes but I will tell you that of recent films in the past several years this film had a lot of red stuff!!! Great red stuff...Some of the scenes I was really suprised that they got by with what they did.
  25. Chuck L

    Will Devil's Rejects Help or Hurt Modern horror movies?

    Just got home from the screening and I have to say that I loved this film even more so than what I loved the first film. In saying that....THIS IS NOT A FILM THAT IS GOING TO PLEASE EVERYONE!!!!!! In fact far from it. If you are expecting more of what was in the first are not going...
  26. Chuck L

    Designing Women

    What I like is when they said that they 'inadvertantly' listed in the BEWITCHED set as coming. That would mean that someone seriously wasn't paying attention in the PR division when they divised the booklet to include in the box about their titles. WHATEVER...sure that it was done with the...
  27. Chuck L

    Upcoming Paramount (mostly Oct)

    A agree about LET'S SCARE JESSICA... STUDENT BODIES would have also been a nice title for them to have finally announced for October. I am still most disappointed in the Television lineup. While yes...I will be purchasing the Brady sets and the Lucy sets...I still want LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY...
  28. Chuck L

    Bewitched Season 1

    Trying to find the Black and White version of this set in stores is like trying to find someone that would say that they were a witch in Old Salem!!!!! Damn I hate this mainstream world where B & W doesn't appeal!
  29. Chuck L

    Knots Landing 25th Anniversary special coming...could dvd be far behind?

    In a heartbeat am I in for all 14 seasons of this show and the two part reunion movie. Come on Warner. (Let's just hope that they do the same that they did with "Dallas" with two seasons in one shot since the season is only truly a half season's worth of programming. BRING ON ABBY!!!!)
  30. Chuck L

    What are the odds of seeing Charlies Angels: Season 3?

    The biggest kick in the ass should we not see anymore seasons of this series is for those of us that went on the day of release of the first two seasons and purchased them. Watched them. Loved them. Wanted more. It is almost like you are being penalized for purchasing the shows that you love...