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  1. Curtis_D

    Dark Angel $17.83 at Walmart Canada

    Was this in one of the Moncton stores? I am going to check this out tonight, I think. I've wanted NYPD Blue for a while. Thanks for the heads-up!
  2. Curtis_D

    Weekly Roundup 7/15

    Thanks for the roundup, Dave! (I never post, but I read the roundup every week, and find lots of good info in the weekly thread.)
  3. Curtis_D

    Sarah Harmer - SACD ?

    Kathleen Edwards is a little bit more "country" that Sarah Harmer, but I think she writes great songs. I actually picked up Failer for about $10 from, so you really can't go wrong for the price. The Sarah Harmer SACD is listed as N/A on the site, I don't know what this...
  4. Curtis_D

    Sarah Harmer - SACD ?

    Hi everyone! Just wondering what the word is on "You Were Here" coming to a high-rez format. I know Elusive Disc is taking pre-orders on the album in SACD format at one point. However, the project seems to be delayed. Anyone heard anything? This is a damn fine record that I'm really looking...
  5. Curtis_D

    Sony SACD SCD-CE775 Question

    KeithH, I have a bit of a theory as to why the XE670 was marketed in Canada but not the US. With the high exchange rate, price differences between products becomes exaggerated. For example, in the US a $100 dollar unit and a $200 dollar unit differ by $100. However, these units would cost...
  6. Curtis_D

    Sony SACD SCD-CE775 Question

    If anyone is reading this thread and interested in picking up a cheap SACD player, time is running out to get a SCD-XE670. I picked mine up from Future Shop here in Moncton, NB yesterday, and they only had 63 left in Canada at the time of my order (3 days ago). Anyway, I paid $199 CDN for it...