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  1. Tony Loewen


    As a user of an HTPC set up, I can attest to the fact that when using optical connections, you eliminate any ground loops or hum. It is electically isolated, so you don't pass on any electrical noise. My 2cents
  2. Tony Loewen

    Aspect Ratio ???'s

    You would use a panamorphic lens to zoom to the full 2.35/1 screen, then you would use a scaler like ffdshow to squeeze the picture into the 16/9 panel. If you use a quality scaling algorythm, then you're good to go and you would be using every pixel available on your panel, when watching...
  3. Tony Loewen

    Home Theater room in a "rented" basement

    Green will be ok as long as it's a flat green, anything flatter than semigloss will do, the flatter the better. We went with a deep burgendy, eggshell finish. That way it doesn't reflect the light and the walls tend to disappear when the lights are out, but still look good when the lights are...
  4. Tony Loewen

    Home Theater room in a "rented" basement;DaysPrune=0 Here's a good forum for acoustic treatment construction/ideas to help with your panel building. Not sure if anyone has successfully done an acoustically transparent DIY screen on the cheap, but you could check here...
  5. Tony Loewen

    Home Theater room in a "rented" basement

    if you want to keep the industrial look, one thing that was suggested to me was to rent a paint sprayer and paint everything on the ceiling flat black, joists, wiring, ducts, etc. First off, the open joist ceiling will help to diffuse the sound, my basement is currently like this and I like the...
  6. Tony Loewen

    Question on cables

    what type of projector do you have? It sounds like it has component inputs, no transcoder required [(Y/R-Y/B-Y)/RGB component] If you have a longer run to make, you can make your own cables with some rg6 and some connectors from radio shack. I have a 30 ft set of DIY cables, f-type connectors...
  7. Tony Loewen

    Bass Traps again

    Oh, and decent bass trapping will help smooth out a null, maybe not eliminate it completely, but it will go a long way.
  8. Tony Loewen

    Bass Traps again

    check out this article from Ethan Winer. It covers alot of acoustical treatment, including Bass Traps. He is very experienced in the field.
  9. Tony Loewen

    Need a little help with some video connections and setup

    I thought that you could turn PureVideo on/off through the drivers, however I have never used it, so I don't know that much about it. My bad. As far as decoders go, if you don't watch alot of interlaced stuff, like "Season XX of TV Show" on DVD or anime or stuff like that, dscaler5 codecs are...
  10. Tony Loewen

    Need a little help with some video connections and setup

    If your video card doesn't natively support the resolution you want, you can use a utility called Powerstrip to create custom resolutions. I had to do this with my Sanyo Z2. Once you create the resolution you need with Powerstrip and reboot, it should be on the list of available resolution on...
  11. Tony Loewen

    Wireless Networking Help

    Yeah, I could get on the internet, but not to the files on my other computer before turning off the firewall. I ran without the FW for about 6 months, then I got Trend PC-cillan, and enabled it's firewall, then set up an exception to allow any traffic between the two computers. Set that up on...
  12. Tony Loewen

    Newbie needs help :) (A bit long)

    Acoustic treatments are a must, really. Digital room correction can be done with very high end equipment or a properly set up HTPC, but it is usually only effective for a very small part of the room, ie the money seat. All other seating in the room tends to have decreased sound quality. If...
  13. Tony Loewen

    Want something nice - but on a budget - please help

    For projectors, there is quite a large selection, depending on what exactly you are looking for. I personally had an LCD sanyo z2, and I love it. My friend just bought one for about $1000. You will typically get higher resolution (ie more pixels, sharper picture) for less money with an LCD...
  14. Tony Loewen

    Why do DVDs look so poor on the typical PC?

    Also, re-reading the previous post, I just felt I should mention that there are lots of utilities to get your PC to be much more superior to a set-top-box dvd player. Powerstrip and reclock can be used to dial in the refresh rate, and it can be checked with a program called juddertest to make...
  15. Tony Loewen

    Why do DVDs look so poor on the typical PC?

    Jesse, I spend most of my time over at avs, and yes, the HTPC section is much more comprehensive than it is here. I also agree with what others have said here. The problem is not with the PC/monitor being inferior to a dvd player/tv, the problem is definitely with the set up of the PC. You...
  16. Tony Loewen

    HTPC Display help

    S-video will have a max res of 480, and it will be interlaced, so windows will just not look good through it onto your TV. Some cards are better than others, but without going to a better connection, you will be limited. If your TV has component input, which I will bet it does, you can buy...
  17. Tony Loewen

    Video & Audio Interfaces

    Agree with Bob, except that DVI is less suceptible to noise and interference over longer runs. If you have a short run to make, and don't have to run along side power cables and such, component will be as good as dvi, some might even say better. It all comes down to which piece of equipment does...
  18. Tony Loewen

    HD vs. ED

    For 42", I would say it's not likely going to be life or death, but HD will look better. HD plasmas are still pretty ridiculously priced, from what I can remember. If he want's plasma, ED would definitely be a step up from SD, but I'm not sure if it would be cost effective to jump to HD. But...
  19. Tony Loewen

    No audio outputs

    Yeah Dave, just found the manual: Press the DSP button just below and to the left of the arrows/OK button when you are on AUX input. That should do it for you. Also, just looking a little bit more at the manual, if you want to set...
  20. Tony Loewen

    No audio outputs

    David, the only thing I can think of is that you might have to use one of the receiver's DSP's to get surround out of a 2-channel source. Being unfamiliar with the unit, I am not sure how the remote works or where the menus are, but I would assume that by default, the aux inputs are set to...
  21. Tony Loewen

    Stars Wars EP V no center voices

    Is there any chance you have the front and rear center's mixed up, if not, is there any chance that the receiver has the front and rear centers mixed up? Do you have any sound coming out of the rear center, and if so, is that where the voice tracks went? Stranger things have happened...
  22. Tony Loewen

    Alright--I want to hear the TRUTH about Bose!

    Those who swear by bose are strictly comsumers who don't really have anything else to compare them to. The old "I paid a fortune for these, they must be good" mentality. Those who hate bose are people who know what else is out there. Ask a bose supporter about frequency response. Accuracy...
  23. Tony Loewen

    No audio outputs

    I think from the specs I saw, there are 2 audio inputs, but no video inputs on that machine. What that means is for audio, you are good to go for all of the inputs. Here's a link to those reviews I was talking about before, the third one...
  24. Tony Loewen

    No audio outputs

    David, I'm not trying to insult you. And yes, it IS supposed to replace, maybe not eliminate, but definitely replace the original source of sound. That's why people buy surround sound receivers, and all in ones. It is NOT to suppliment the TV's stereo rendition of the DD sountrack, it is meant...
  25. Tony Loewen

    No audio outputs

    Can I ask why you can't watch a dvd with surround only and nothing throught the TV? That really makes no sense at all to me. If it doesn't sound right to you, I would suggest that you go through the audio setup of the player to adjust levels and distance of each individual speaker. If you are...
  26. Tony Loewen

    Room Acoustics

    With wood laminate on the floor and big (I would imagine) glass doors on one end, I would imagine you will have LOTS of reflections. Any kind of acoustic treatment that goes behind the drywall will be more for isolation than for acoustics. Not that that isn't important either. Even if you don't...
  27. Tony Loewen

    New Ht

    I would say, if you have good light control, for a real home theater experience, front projectors are the only way to go. Typically, and I say typically, the picture quality is greater, the viewing angle is as wide as you want it to be (ie no dark corners on the screen, or washout, loss of...
  28. Tony Loewen

    Using a computer as a DAC, DVD, CD Player and a preamp?

    In your case, I would say yeah, separates are the way to go. They are much simpler to set up than HTPCs, and for the most part, work right out of the box. I imagine you can tweak them just like anything else, but I'm not that familiar with them. HTPCs do require a fairly good working knowledge...
  29. Tony Loewen

    Using a computer as a DAC, DVD, CD Player and a preamp?

    Check out the htpc sections here, and over at to find out what you can do with them. One of the reasons that people use HTPCs is for their jukebox capability. When you consider that you can rip your entire collection to a lossless format, the transport becomes irrelevent...
  30. Tony Loewen

    DTS-ES is more Quiet?

    both dd ex and dts es have different, separate information going to the rear surrounds than to the side surrounds. Dts 6.1 es has a separate rear center channel in the mastered soundtrack, whereas DD ex uses the side surrounds and matrixes the rear channel. If the source is encoded DD ex, rather...