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  1. Peter Staddon

    A few words about....Blu-Ray

    Just to clarify, Fox has not chosen a side in this contest yet. Our decision to Join the Blu Ray Group did not contain a commitment to publish on that format, we are hoping to be able to influence the format as it continues to evolve over the very important coming months. We are...
  2. Peter Staddon

    Concerning "Splitting" TV Series DVD sets

    As one of the Greedy Studio Execs reffered to indirectly by our "Whistle Blower" let me just make a couple of points. 1)We were very disaappointed in the sales of "Lost in Space Season 1". A big part of the reason we felt it was not as successful as it should have been was the pricepoint. It...
  3. Peter Staddon

    Lost In Space Season II RUMOR

    I just wanted to add that we are committed to releasing both volumes of Season 2 this year. I believe volume 1 is in September and volume 2 is in November. Thanks for your interest. Peter Staddon.
  4. Peter Staddon

    Lost In Space Season II RUMOR

    We are indeed looking at this option. In an ideal world I would like to produce a complete Season 2 package. The sad reality is that although Season 1 sold ok, it did not sell well enough for many accounts that carried it to carry Season 2. Dividing it into two volumes and lowering the shelf...
  5. Peter Staddon

    Sony DVP-CX777ES 400 disc DVD/SACD changer, this thing rocks!

    I have recently bought three of these units for the HT I'm building in my new house - the best storage for 1200 discs you can find! I also got the Escient DVM100 controller to provide one interface for all three units. When they are all set up and working I'll post a review on the system...
  6. Peter Staddon

    High Def. Sat Tivo??

    Robert, many thanks. Looking forward to seeing you in September. Peter
  7. Peter Staddon

    High Def. Sat Tivo??

    I'm also thinking of getting one, can anyone post details about a specific Direct TV unit that I can go and check out. Thanks, Peter
  8. Peter Staddon

    Little Murders - excellent black comedy coming out on June 1st.

    Of course it will be a brand new transfer in the correct OAR - don't believe everything you read online!! Thanks for your interest, Peter Staddon
  9. Peter Staddon

    What's the status of The Enemy Below? 20th Century Fox's War Classics

    We have re acuired the rights to The Enemy Below and it will be a FoxWar Classics. Film Noir will be coming to DVD this year, in a series similar to the Studio Classics line. It will not debut until much later in the year. It will follow a similar release pattern as long as sales hold up...
  10. Peter Staddon

    FOX- - If you ever do D.C.'s Fly SE...

    Good things come to those who wait. You should be happy sometime in 2004. Peter Staddon
  11. Peter Staddon

    the lady's a STAR! - August 19th

    Delayed to include additional VAM material. You won't have to wait for another musical promotion to get this disc as someone posted in another thread, but it will be a significant delya. Thanks, Peter
  12. Peter Staddon

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Sunrise" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    Seth, not a bad idea about the libraries. Let me do some checking. Peter
  13. Peter Staddon

    August 19th for that Bob Fosse classic musical...

    Ron - you've got mail! A check disc is in the post for you to look at!! Hope you enjoy it. Peter
  14. Peter Staddon

    300 Spartans Canceled by Fox?

    Crawdaddy, which version are you talking about :wink: It will be out the month after Grapes of Wrath, I'm really looking forward to both of these, but we'll all have to wait a bit longer. Peter
  15. Peter Staddon

    300 Spartans Canceled by Fox?

    We have tracked down a new source for Grapes of Wrath and will be releasing a fully restored version in the next 12 months as part of the studio classics line up. Peter Staddon
  16. Peter Staddon

    300 Spartans Canceled by Fox?

    300 Spartans was delayed as there is a "problem" with the master that we are looking to fix. The restoration work done by the team here is so good on this title it drew attention to a specific issue that we are now looking at.Sorry to be vague. The Enemy Below is a title we no longer have...
  17. Peter Staddon

    Fox Classic DVD Releases for February?

    These are the studio classic titles being released from Jan - /Jun '03 Jan All about Eve How Green Was my Valley Gentleman's Agreement Feb An Affair to Remember Mar The Day the Earth Stood Still Apr The Ghost & Mrs Muir May Love is a many speldid thing Jun The Song of Bernadette...
  18. Peter Staddon

    "no black bars" sticker on full-frame ver of UNFAITHFUL

    Maybe it's because of a direct request from the customer who's buying the discs?
  19. Peter Staddon

    great news from the Peter Staddon Chat regarding older classic titles

    We test all our discs on current models from all licensed CE manufacturers. The test are done by independent QC labs who have no vested interest in either not reporting a problem or downplaying it. If anything is the case it would be the opposite, we pay them to prevent problems making it out...
  20. Peter Staddon

    Back from Hollywood: A brief summary of our trip, plus: CLONES, SPIDER-MAN and MORE!

    Absolutely last post from me in this thread .. .. Fox and HD .. .. .. Dan do not believe everything you have read. All the studios are gathering on a regular basis to discuss what the specifications for the next HD Disc based format should be. Fox is not supporting one format option at...
  21. Peter Staddon

    Back from Hollywood: A brief summary of our trip, plus: CLONES, SPIDER-MAN and MORE!

    OK I'll jump in with a couple of quick answers and then leave the rest of the discussion to you 1. Wal Mart Wal Mart is a force to be reckoned with. They are very smart, they know their consumers like the back of their hands and they give them what they want. Period. They have nearly 3000...
  22. Peter Staddon

    Back from Hollywood: A brief summary of our trip, plus: CLONES, SPIDER-MAN and MORE!

    Hi there, I 've read with interest the posts in this thread, and although I don't post that much any more I thought I'd give my $0.02. It's always a pleasure to meet with the HTF folks. It's interesting to talk to people who are passionate about film and explain to them some of the...
  23. Peter Staddon

    Fox! Start Planning Now for "24" on DVD!!

    James, That information is not strictly accurate. You might well be seeing the entire series on DVD sooner than you might expect .. .. More than that I cannot say yet. Thanks for your interest, Peter Staddon
  24. Peter Staddon

    FOX: *Yawn*...THE FLY (1986) SE?!?!

    OK Greg, sorry to have missed your earlier posts. Even sorrier (SP?) to tell you that an SE of the Fly is not on the cards at the moment. Things may change but not in the next 18 months. Thanks for your interest, Peter Staddon
  25. Peter Staddon

    Buffy Musical DVD in yesterday's Variety

    I'll see if I can lay my hands on some more and get tehm over to teh people in this thread. Don't hold your breath though, since someone is paying $450 on Ebay spare copies have seemed to have vanished. I'll see what I can do. Peter Staddon
  26. Peter Staddon

    FOX: Thank you for STEALING BEAUTY, but it is missing the English subtitles!

    ok, here's the deal. The subtitles have been added in to discs shipped to retail after the initial shipment. If you have a disc without the subtitles call the customer service number and they will send you a replacement disc. The number to call is 888 223 2369. You will need your package...
  27. Peter Staddon

    FOX: Thank you for STEALING BEAUTY, but it is missing the English subtitles!

    Jeff, I'll look into this and post back before the weekend. Thanks for your patience, Peter Staddon
  28. Peter Staddon

    FOX: Buffy Musical on DVD - Can we buy it?

    Fox Home Entertainment did not produce the DVD. It was done purely as a promotional peice for the emmy campaign. We will not be selling it as a stand alone DVD, we will continue to release Buffy on a Seasonal basis on DVD. Thanks for your interest, Peter Staddon