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  1. Tom Oh

    Help connect PS3 to ARCAM AVR-300 and LCD TV

    I connect PS3 to Samsung LCD TV by HDMI to get 1080P picture. Problem is that I can't get 5.1 to play through the Arcam using optical from PS3. Do I need to buy a HDMI enabled amp or am I missing a setting. I've been going through the settings on PS3 but still no sound through amp. I watch...
  2. Tom Oh

    Trouble playing SD DVD w/ PS3 & LCD TV

    Toddwrtr, you're the man! Problem solved. Thank you very much!!
  3. Tom Oh

    Trouble playing SD DVD w/ PS3 & LCD TV

    16:9. I do know my aspect ratios and it is not I don't know the difference between flat, scope or even 1.33:1. Not exactly a Joe 6-pack here. The problem is that screen is shrunk so that there is a black BORDER on top, bottom, left and right.
  4. Tom Oh

    Need help playing SD DVD w/ PS3

    I have PS3 connected to Samsung LCD TV via HDMI. Blu-ray looks beautiful, but SD DVD is appearing with sizable black frame. Think of it as only the middle 4/5 of the screen is used. I don't think this is a TV problem since cable TV comes out just fine. FYI, games also come out fine. It's only...
  5. Tom Oh

    Trouble playing SD DVD w/ PS3 & LCD TV

    I have PS3 connected to Samsung 52" LCD TV via HDMI. Blu-ray discs play beautifully but SD discs are play with significant black borders. I don't believe its the TV since Blu-ray and cable TV plays just fine. Please help me to view SD DVDs in a normal way. Thank you in advance.
  6. Tom Oh

    Plasma TV problem

    I've had my Panasonic TH42-PWD3 for about 6 years now. It still looks great, but on a white screen/scene, I see pinkish shimmering. I see this especially in many scenes involving skies. It is really annoying me. Can someone please tell me what this is and how I can get rid of it? Thank you.
  7. Tom Oh

    It's Official: HD DVD and Blu-ray Can Limit High Resolution To HDMI Only

    So, my $9K Plasma is not good enough for HD DVD?!:angry: Where do I sign?
  8. Tom Oh

    The Stanley Kubrick Archives...

    I think I got the same strip as Evan and RAH. I really can't make out what it is. Gary Tooze is so lucky. Besides this dissappointment, I'm happy with the book (wife not). I found a typo in the book. On the 1st page of the Part 2 (The Creative Process) for SHINING, the year of release is 1957!
  9. Tom Oh

    Troy DVD (Region 1) on 01/04/05 (MERGED THREAD)

    The cover art is actually the 1 sheet used for the international release.
  10. Tom Oh

    Aliens (DTS) - Japanese Region 2 Review.

    I want the Alien head:frowning:
  11. Tom Oh

    Movies that truly are frightening

    Japanese film, Audition, scared me. A first film in a long time to make me squirm.
  12. Tom Oh


    He sounds a liitle like Elmer Fudd when he says, "Hello, Mr Buwaythwait" I rewatched A Warrior's Jouney last night on this SE DVD. Damn, that's a great docu. Lost footages from the Game of Death is worth the price of the disc. God I love this film, and I love this DVD. I'll buy every new...
  13. Tom Oh


    On the 25th Anniv. edition you can select isolated score with Audio button on ur DVD remote.
  14. Tom Oh


    Don't throw away the 25th anniversary edition. The SE doesn't have Lalo Shifrin''s isolated score. Even without that, the new SE is a must have.
  15. Tom Oh

    Is FF XI online good or craappy?

    I have played FFXI for almost 2 years now. It is time consuming and can be frustrating at times. If you don't have the time, I say pass on the game. My main job is still only RDM68. I play to improve my Japanese and because of my Japanese friends on my linkshell.
  16. Tom Oh

    The Final Countdown SE due 3/30

    My wife groaned when she saw that I had bought another 80's film. I told her that I really liked the film and the rousing score. She started watching and she was hooked. This is amazing considering that she sleeps through most DVDs. I got the 2 disc version. I still love it and I'm glad I bought...
  17. Tom Oh

    Kill Bill Vol.1 Limited Box set Review R2 (Japan)

    Keep in mind that the yellow jump suit DVD cover is a special item given out for certain outlet orders and is not part of the normal box set. I didn't get one.
  18. Tom Oh

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Kill Bill Vol. 1 (RECOMMENDED)

    I'm gonna go pick up the Japanese Premium Box set (30,000 sets only) today:) It'll cost me around US$77 here in HK. Take a look at what's inside I'm dying to see all color version. Little expensive and must keep it hidden from the wife. 1/10...
  19. Tom Oh

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Kill Bill Vol. 1 (RECOMMENDED)

    I'm curious to see if Korean and HK releases will be uncensored as well. Japanese DVDs are just too expensive.
  20. Tom Oh

    Cover Art: Enter the Dragon

    I saw this in a theater over 10 times. One of my absolute favorite. I cannot wait to get this. I love the original 1-sheet on the cover. If you do not have this, it is a must buy. Look for Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. Sammo is easy to spot and is in the beginning. Jackie is little harder. He...
  21. Tom Oh

    Happy 7th Birthday, DVD! Remembering those Early Days

    I was a late in the game as I bought a DVD player in Spring of 1999 with Criterion Armageddon and Tomorrow Never Dies (Silver cover). I have been hooked ever since. I also remember the days when all the .com stores had crazy $10 and $15 off coupons. I really got some bargains back then:)
  22. Tom Oh

    Whasango (Volcano High) DVD insert question.

    That would be "Fun Movie" A paraody film on Korean films. I would pass on it. Also, contrary to the cover, there is no super hero refernce in the film, only the cover art.
  23. Tom Oh

    What does everyone think of their Grease DVD's ?

    The film is enjoyable and still fun after all these years. My wife loves it and that's good enough for me.
  24. Tom Oh

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Ext. Ed.) (merged w/"PQ and SQ" thread)

    I was so so on TTT in theater, but I loved TTT EE. I can't quite explain it. 2nd time viewing in EE was just so much better for me.
  25. Tom Oh

    DVDs you've bought solely for demo purposes

    Too many to mention. Pearl Harbor Vista Fifth Element Superbit T3 (also to complete collection) Funny thing is I don't use these too much to demo. I like using: Any Given Sunday Matrix Reloaded LOTR FOTR or TTT Nemo Eps. 2
  26. Tom Oh

    ***Official LOTR: The Two Towers DVD Discussion Thread*** -- All Posts Here; NO EXCEPTIONS

    I just picked up 5 disc set along with X2:) Since I haven't watched the DVD yet, I'll comment on packaging only since others have commented on the actual DVDs themselves. Packaging-wise this set is absolutely wonderful. Gollum figure is much better than the Bookends offered in FOTR (which...
  27. Tom Oh

    ***Official LOTR: The Two Towers DVD Discussion Thread*** -- All Posts Here; NO EXCEPTIONS

    5 disc set for me. I should have it this weekend in HK. Yes, the FOTR bookends were like the stone hedge in Spinal Tap:) As Gollum would say, "My precious". 5th disc sounds great.
  28. Tom Oh

    Directors Haiku "Name that film"!

    That one was easy More challenging Haiku please Answer Godfather
  29. Tom Oh

    Do you listen to music in stereo mode or extended stereo mode.

    I use multi-channel for rock only. Everything else is 2ch with sub off and Mains (MA Silver 7) set to Large.
  30. Tom Oh

    Dvd File reviews T3...

    So is the R1 T3 encoded in 386 or 448 for DD 5,1? I ask since R3 comes with DD in 386. It does come with DTS.