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    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    My ideal Atmos home theater setup would be a place where I (friends and family welcome) can be immersed in the audio, and lose ourselves in the experience. This ideal Atmos home theater setup would be a place for escape, decompression, fellowship, and occasionally entertaining my twelve year...
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    Win your choice of Dolby Atmos encoded Blu-ray

    Gravity: Diamond
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    Onkyo 535/636...bit of 737/838

    Agreed! I'm getting noticeable "clickey-clack" when the receiver switches audio during commercial breaks.
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    Onkyo 535/636...bit of 737/838

    Audyssey - "renamed"? I read their statement on AccuEQ as their own "proprietary" product. I'll wait for both professional as well as real-world testimonials on AccuEQ, but it sounds as though they have taken something of "proven" value, and replaced it with something that sounds far more...
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    Axiom FMS QS Speaker Stands

    Hey if anyone is interested, I have recently upgraded my m22s to a pair of floor standing m60s. I also have a "complete" (down to the screws & spiked feet) pair of the FMS 16s for sale, along with two boxes of the "FMS Stand Weights" Here are the product info pages; FMS 16 Full Metal Speaker...
  6. After latest upgrade

    After latest upgrade

    and say hello to the Axiom Audio m60s (fronts)!
  7. Before latest upgrade

    Before latest upgrade

    say goodbye to the Axiom Audio m22s (front speakers)
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    Comment by 'SpenceJT' in media 'serenity pano'

    While I did not have the budget for professional sound abatement, I took measures to help isolate my home theater area and absorb as much pressure as possible. Measures taken; DriCore - underlayment (isolates & insulates the carpeted flooring from the concrete, with a half-inch airgap). Floated...
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    Closed - Win an Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master Home Theater System or $2242 in Credit!

    Quote Username: SpenceJT # of Posts: 333 Current Speakers: Axiom Audio Grand Master 350 (7.1) Why I Want To Win: While I love my Axiom Grand Master 350 7.1 configuration, I genuinely wish to expand my system, to 11.2 channels! An acoustically matched set of extras would help me to realize a...
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  11. serenity pano

    serenity pano

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  14. Serenity Home Cinema

    Serenity Home Cinema

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    Blu-ray Review God Bless America Blu-Ray Review

    Nice review, but early in the review you refer to the star as Joel Miller, not Joel Murray.
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    3D Blu-ray Review Journey to the Center of the Earth: THE HTF 3D ADDICT REVIEW

    Just received and viewed my copy - the scene where the diamond falls from the backpack and cracks the floor was nowhere near as horrible as the anaglyph version of this movie! Love it!
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    The Adventures of TinTin available for preorder on Amazon

    Missed it in the theater (my 9 year old didn't want to go with me). Can't WAIT for the BD 3D!
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    3D Blu-ray Review Journey to the Center of the Earth: THE HTF 3D ADDICT REVIEW

    double-wholly crap - Best Buy has it priced at just over $40!!! I'm kind of in shock by this given it wasn't a "blockbuster" of a movie! WTH!!!
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    3D Blu-ray Review Journey to the Center of the Earth: THE HTF 3D ADDICT REVIEW

    LOL! "Diamond" (not emerald... which was either how it looked through the colored lenses, or how I remember it). Thanks for checking - I had hoped that it was a result of the anaglyph process on my old CRT RPTV, and that it would look fantastic on the LaserVue. ...I'm still getting this title...
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    3D Blu-ray Review Journey to the Center of the Earth: THE HTF 3D ADDICT REVIEW

    Can't wait for this one! Just gave away my anaglyph blu-ray, and am hoping that the BD 3D will have less ghosting. Specifically the scene where the emerald is dropped onto the floor, where the view of the rock falling, had serious ghosting issues. Can you comment on this? I can't wait to...
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    3D Blu-ray Review Meet The Robinsons: THE HTF 3D ADDICT REVIEW

    Thanks for the review Ron! My old 2D blu-ray has always looked fantastic. I can't wait to upgrade this title to 3D!
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    3D Blu-ray Review Bolt: THE HTF 3D ADDICT REVIEW

    If I had a preference, in order of interest; Meet the Robinsons Chicken Little G-Force (which I had seen in 3D at a theater)
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    3D Blu-ray Review Bolt: THE HTF 3D ADDICT REVIEW

    Great review Ron! November is really going to hurt! I'm purchasing upgrades for; Bolt Chicken Little Meet the Robinsons
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    75" Mitsubishi LaserVue (L75-A91)

    I am really surprised that it is not available north of the border. Does it have anything to do with the embedded streaming functionality? I know most CA products such as blu-ray players have (or at least until recently "had") the streaming features such as NetFlix and YouTube stripped.
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    75" Mitsubishi LaserVue (L75-A91)

    still loving it, however have noticed a slight "judder" issue, but I have attributed this to either my Dish Network DVR or the source material. I have no judder on DVD or Blu-ray titles, nor do I notice any judder when viewing live television. Colors are fantastic, and the 3D has really grown...
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    75" Mitsubishi LaserVue (L75-A91)

    This is exactly what I am indicating - there is no "hot-spot" that I can see, however it appears to show up in my video so I am guessing that it is either the auto-iris adjusting to the change in light, or my camera is more sensitive than my eyes. I urge you to seek out a LaserVue and see...
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    75" Mitsubishi LaserVue (L75-A91)

    Here is one final video I have compiled. Basically delivery, unboxing, first power-on, and some extreme viewing angles for those concerned about any video "sweet spot" that it may have. Note the reflections of the room lighting reflected in the screen when viewed from low levels. I believe...
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    75" Mitsubishi LaserVue (L75-A91)

    Here is the video that I had taken from my second visit to see the LaserVue. I made a point to bring along my IR thermometer, and obtain readings from both sides of the television (connection panel on the right hand side, and venting on the left). I had also took a temp of the top, however it...
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    75" Mitsubishi LaserVue (L75-A91)

    Not sure if anyone has seen it, so I'll post it here - Mitsubishi is running a promotion which includes a "3D Starter Kit" with the purchase of any Mitsubishi 3D ready TV between September 24th and November 21st, 2010. I am excited about this, as it lines...