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  1. Brett Jason

    Weekly RoundUp 3/15/05

    There was a line of about 25 people at Circuit City waiting for The Incredibles and (I guess) the mini-basketball. People were buying multiple copies.
  2. Brett Jason

    Desperate Housewives ongoing thread

    My tivo cut off, right after Lynette said, let's take your sorry ass outside. What happened after. There had to be just 1-2 mins left. Did they fight?
  3. Brett Jason

    American Idol - Season 3

    Mean Spirited, but worse, not very funny
  4. Brett Jason

    24 - Day 3 - Hour 23 - 5/18/04

    they could throw in a couple of 2 hour episodes, maybe the beginner and ending one and wrap it up earlier.
  5. Brett Jason

    High Def. Sat Tivo??

    Got mine installed yesterday, working beautifully.
  6. Brett Jason

    Alias - 3/28/04 - The Frame

  7. Brett Jason

    Tivo season pass question

    ok, cool, that's the conclusion I came to as well.
  8. Brett Jason

    Tivo season pass question

    Ive had replayTV and I'm struggling a bit with the DIRECtivo, I just got. Let's say I want to to record the 11 PM ET Howard Stern on E every night. How do I prevent it from taping the 11:30, 2:00 AM and 2:30 AM versions? Adjusting the record first run (vs repeats) didnt do it.
  9. Brett Jason

    Can I control live HDTV?

    thank you, this is very helpful
  10. Brett Jason

    Can I control live HDTV?

    So right now, no one that HD has a Tivo or ReplayTV hooked up with it, that seems bizarre. I mean I know I can't record HD with the PVR, but I just want to be able to pause Live TV
  11. Brett Jason

    Can I control live HDTV?

    I have a ReplayTV and I am about to get a Directv HDTV box. Will I be able to hook it up so I can control live TV, via the replay and still enjoy the benefits of the HD?
  12. Brett Jason

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" (Highly Recommended!)

    April 20, per Amazon
  13. Brett Jason

    $75,000 for growing 3 inches?

    Oh, 3 inches in height ....nevermind
  14. Brett Jason

    HOT!!! DellSB - NEW Dell 2001FP 20.1" 1600x1200 for $749.

    The Yahoo and Poker games problem has only started since I got the new LCD. Plus it works fine on my laptop which runs wirelessly off the same internet connection. Kind of frustrated...
  15. Brett Jason

    HOT!!! DellSB - NEW Dell 2001FP 20.1" 1600x1200 for $749.

    I have a Nvidia TNT2 and I find performance on Yahoo Games and some Poker sites to be very stuttery with the new monitor. Is my Video card to out of date to be used with this monitor?
  16. Brett Jason

    HOT!!! DellSB - NEW Dell 2001FP 20.1" 1600x1200 for $749.

    I'm having trouble with the pivot and rotate. I can physically rotate the monitor, but not the text. I downloaded a Nvidia update driver, but still can't make it happen. Do you need special software as well?
  17. Brett Jason

    HOT!!! DellSB - NEW Dell 2001FP 20.1" 1600x1200 for $749.

    I just received my monitor. I have a question. When I view soem websites, e.g HTF. it's looks great filling up the whole screen. But, if I go to or there's a lot of white space to teh right. IS that just due to the website set-up or am I doing something wrong?
  18. Brett Jason

    Line of Fire 12/9/03

    so the girl playing Bambi, the hooker Roy had breakfast with is the same as the one who plays Eve in Angel, right?
  19. Brett Jason

    24: Day 3 - 12/02/03 - Hour 6

    what actor plays Gael? I know he's from somewhere
  20. Brett Jason

    Weekly Roundup 11/25

    My circuit city had nothing but full screen X2's out, they had to go to the back to get me a WS. Isnt the ratio like 75-25 ws to fs in Sales these days?
  21. Brett Jason

    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    Hey, help a brother out. First year watching Angel, though I've watched all the Buffy's. Who is Lindsey?
  22. Brett Jason

    24: Day 3 - 11/18/03 - Hour 4

    I'm all for suspending disbelief on the "real-time" aspect of the show, but Tony shot at 3:59 PM andthen heading to surgery at 4:10 (when the doc talked to Michelle) is pushing it
  23. Brett Jason

    24: Day 3 - 11/11/03 - Hour 3

    I can't help but think Kyle Singer's girlfriend is going to play a major role. Though I never heard of her before, the actress who plays her, Agnes Bruckner is an up and coming star according to some things I've read. Also according to IMDB she speaks fluent Russian and Hungarian. That could...
  24. Brett Jason

    24: Day 3 - 11/11/03 - Hour 3

    It's only a flesh wound :)
  25. Brett Jason

    Alias - 11/09/03 - Prelude

    Nice nod to Elektra, with Syd's use of the sais :)
  26. Brett Jason

    24: Day 3 - 10/28/03 - Hour 1

    if you navigate to the 24 site at you can check out the backgrounds of the main characters. Kim's says she has an associates degree in Computer Science, and that she is a Level 1 analyst. I think the degree and the fact that her dad saved the free world was enough to get her the job. ;)
  27. Brett Jason

    Sex and the city to be "funnier" in syndication.

    They'll add a laugh track, that'll make it funnier:rolleyes
  28. Brett Jason

    Weekly Roundup 10/7

    BJ's has Lion King 14.99 and 34.99