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  1. alex tan

    Infocus 4805 and subtitle problem

    I have Denon 3800.
  2. alex tan

    Infocus 4805 and subtitle problem

    I have the exact same problem. I posted in AVS forum several weeks ago, but nobody seems to know what am I talking about. I am looking for answer too, anybody?
  3. alex tan

    where to buy Krell Showcase

    Guys, Please let me know where can I get Showcase processor with a good price from an authorized dealer, online or mail order. There is no Krell dealer where I live, the closest one is like 3 or 4 hours drive. I know Krell is also having 25% off sale going on right now. Thanksss.
  4. alex tan

    FS: JVC XV-SA600 region code free DVD

    Hello everyone, I bought this DVD from HKFlix less than a month ago, so it is practically brand new, excellent condition (I still have the dated receipt, original box and manual etc). The reason I am selling it, is because my friend is selling his Denon 3800 region free player and I...
  5. alex tan

    NHT VR-3 speaker stand

    NHT VT-3 owners... please help me. Thanksss.
  6. alex tan

    NHT VR-3 speaker stand

    I just bought VT-3 system, and right now is wondering which speaker stands I should get for VR-3 (surround speakers). the size is 8x12x24 and it weight 45lb. Any suggestions? please help me. Thankssssss.
  7. alex tan

    Lexicon MC-1 & Logic7

    I am thingking to buy MC1. Anybody can tell me where is the best place to buy it with a great price? and also how much the price for new or used? Thanksssss.