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  1. Aris A

    Earhtquake Supernova MKIV-10 -FS

    DB, I got the sub in the mail and it is really nice! The only problem bro, you forgot to include the power cord and the y connector (you said you got an extra). The y connector is no big deal but I need the power cord.
  2. Aris A

    Follow up inquiry...

    I ask this in a different forum but I would like to get some feedbacks from here. Hello to all! Maybe you can share some thoughts on my additional tweak to my setup. I recently bought a used subwoofer to complement the speakers I have. I wasn't that impressed with the bass when I bought it...
  3. Aris A

    cable question

    Thanks Chris.
  4. Aris A

    cable question

    Are 8 AWG wires good for amp/speaker use? No problem with signal transfer?
  5. Aris A

    Blue Jeans Subwoofer Cable 7 foot length

    Do you still have this sub cable available? Email me at [email protected]
  6. Aris A

    DVDs For Sale

  7. Aris A

    4 adult DVDs for sale

    Is M.O. ok? What's the updated price and your address?
  8. Aris A

    amp got fried?

    So just in case my amp craps out...anyone from SoCal (WCovina area) who knows of a hi-fi service guy that you can refer me, I would really appreciate it.
  9. Aris A

    amp got fried?

    Hello to all...I got this problem recently and I need some opinions from you guys to what's my next move. I have a 5.1 avr connected to a 5 channel amp. I used the 2 ch from the amp to power a set of speakers located outside the house. About a year ago, I disconnected the speakers located...
  10. Aris A

    Curious but...

    does anybody heard or read any news or articles from Nikon if they will introduce dslr bodies to swap with your non dslr but still compatible with the lenses? It would be nice and a whole lot easier for anyone who would like to transition to digital capabilities but with limited cash to afford a...
  11. Aris A

    AudioQuest, Eichmann, Xbox games & RCA HD Reciever

    Is this only a pair of 1.5m interconnects (eichmann)?
  12. Aris A

    unshielded speaker cable

    I'm using this kind of cable to do a diy for my ht. I used this for inwall setup on the room addition I had. Now, the other day a question pops up in my mind "is there a shielded one"? What would be the pros & cons of this cable compared to a shielded one, if there is such a thing? I'm doing a...
  13. Aris A

    B&W owners

    Finally, received this reply from tech support and I would like to share this info with anyone going this route. Thanks.
  14. Aris A

    B&W owners

    Thanks a lot guys! I will be using this for a 60/40 movies/music setup. I'm still shopping around for a pre/pro or receiver, a multi-amp, sub and the rear speakers (all used items for budget reasons). Yes, I would definitely look for a match rear spkrs. and I already emailed B&W thru their...
  15. Aris A

    B&W owners

    Anyone who has a knowledge base about B&W speakers. I own a pair of DM602 and LCR60 for center channel. DM has 90db/LCR 88db. Would I be worried about matching them for HT since DM is way older than the LCR. Would you also recommend matching rear speakers. Thanks.
  16. Aris A


    A general question to all...I'm planning to add a subwoofer along the line for a 2 ch. setup. Which connection method would you go: (1) Audio source+tube preamp+amp+sub+speakers or (2) Audio source+preamp(with sub preout)+sub & amp+speakers. :)
  17. Aris A

    Is there such a brand?

    Drew/Wayne...did your suggestion now it plays on both system. I didn't know that the optical toslink is one of the audio input/output until now. Thanks alot guys and all who contributed to this inquiry.
  18. Aris A

    Is there such a brand?

    I'm shopping around for the best universal disc player and I'm looking for a player that has like an A&B function. I do have 2 setup at my place, one surround the other music. I need something that could play on 2 there such a player? If yes, which brand & model if you guys know so I...
  19. Aris A

    subwoofer connection ?

    Allan, I do have a powered sub and last night I double check the connections before going far with this idea and found out (1)RCA input(line level), (2)sets of binding post(speaker input and satellite speaker output). This sub was part of a HT package which probably tells why there's this set...
  20. Aris A

    subwoofer connection ?

    Can you tell me if I'm doing this the right way. I'm running my subwoofer connections out from my receiver pre-outs to the subwoofer input. I do have a separate system for my music needs and I was wondering if instead the wires originally coming from the amp of my music setup to the speakers, I...
  21. Aris A

    advice on how to get rid of.....

    humming noise coming out from my speakers. I have setup a dedicated 2 channel system apart from my ht piece by piece. I started with the speakers, the ss amp and finally a tube preamp. I've noticed a very faint hum when it is on which is okay by me since when I turn up the volume the music...
  22. Aris A

    Marantz Mono Blocks with cables

    How much is it just for the Audio Quest RCA's only?
  23. Aris A

    grounding & hum questions...

    Wayne, The AM9080 is a power amp...sorry I forgot to specify. Any suggestions how to deal with the ground loop. thanks Aris
  24. Aris A

    grounding & hum questions...

    I need some advice from all you tech savies out there. I have a Sherwood am9080 amp and I noticed a ground terminal at the back of it. Now do I still need to hook it up to a receptacle or the power cord ground is good enough? I do have a sub which constantly hum...any suggestions? Thanks...
  25. Aris A

    matching impedances

    Hey guys maybe you can help me out on this...I have a ss amp which has an input sensitivity of 47K(1000mv)and I'm considering to match a tube preamp which has an output impedance of 600 ohms. Is the matching good or bad?
  26. Aris A

    audio interconnects

    Is it a hassle DIY audio interconnects? With the outrageous prices of it nowadays, I don't know if I should grab it. If not what tools and materials do I need to buy and where to buy? I consulted "the shack" and they have rca ends but they don't carry the cables for it. Does Home Depot carry...