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  1. Lou Loomis

    "storing" plasma tv during contruction question

    Thanks! I'm calling him now to pass this along. Lou
  2. Lou Loomis

    "storing" plasma tv during contruction question

    Hi, A friend just called figuring I'd know the answer to this - which I don't, but figured you all would. He's having contruction done and will be storing the 42" Sony flat screen to protect if from damage. He asked if it's better to store it vertically or horizontally. I assume these are...
  3. Lou Loomis

    Denon 883 vs 1803 what is the difference?

    if you can get them for the same price, go with the Denon. the 811 may have a few more bells and whistles, but the sound quality of the Denon, especially with music, will be superior.
  4. Lou Loomis

    could my HK 320 be causing "ghosting" with its component switching?

    my HK 320 is just over a month old. before its arrival, the digital cable signal (Time Warner Cable - Scientific Atlanta box I believe) went from the box directly to the TV (Sony 42" rear projection) via RCA's. The DVD player used the TV's svideo in. Thanks to the receiver's component...
  5. Lou Loomis

    PDR-10 Sub - should the LED light stay on?

    Richard, I was getting embarassed that I had REALLY overlooked the obvious, so I went to re-check the back of the sub. I can find no toggle switch for the auto-on. Where the power cord comes in, below it is written, Auto On. I'm wondering if this is where the switch used to go, and to cut...
  6. Lou Loomis

    PDR-10 Sub - should the LED light stay on?

    thanks Dave. that makes me feel better. however, I shut my system off for a bit (15-20 minutes - the silence was odd), and the amber light still stayed on. it seems like Paradigm has gone through a few "versions" of what the LED does, so maybe it just stays on now, but it would seem more...
  7. Lou Loomis

    Buying Denon products Online

    I'll vouch for I ordered a Denon 2802 from them - good price and service. as mentioned, they are an authorized dealer.
  8. Lou Loomis

    Denon 1803 vs. Harman 320...

    I support letting the look of the receiver factor into your decision. I mean, not if it's a fancy looking piece of crap, but that is certainly not the case here. I was in the same situation. Actually handed my credit card to the store for the 1803, and then learned it was out of stock. Spent...
  9. Lou Loomis

    PDR-10 Sub - should the LED light stay on?

    thanks for the replies. not sure what the deal is with mine. all I'm getting is an "always on" amber light. goes off when I unplug the power, of course, and back on when I plug it back in. seems like the green LED indicating it is getting a signal doesn't work. wonder if this is worth sending it...
  10. Lou Loomis

    PDR-10 Sub - should the LED light stay on?

    the Paradigm manual doesn't seem to address this, so thought I'd check and see if anyone who has one knows. the PDR-10 is supposed to have auto shut-off. when I turn off my amp, the amber LED on the front of the sub stays on. I didn't know if this light is supposed to indicate "power-on" or just...
  11. Lou Loomis

    H/K for HT

    Dennis, The 320 can be had from JandR for $399. They were trying to get a final batch from H/K three weeks ago, and apparently have gotten them in. That was the price I was told, so talk with them. They can also get you the 1803 for the same price, but they won't ship Denon. I see you are in...
  12. Lou Loomis

    H/K320 vs H/K225

    as if it needs it, I throw out a third on the JandR comment. called them three weeks ago and they said that although it was discontinued, they were trying to get more in, and apparently they have. The price was $400. I couldn't wait so went elsewhere in NYC and picked up someone's last 320 for...
  13. Lou Loomis

    my Paradgim Titans vs. my Bose 201s

    with all the Bose posts, I thought I'd post my recent "real world" observations on my recently replaced 201s. I bought the Bose 201's about 5 years ago. I wanted a basic set of bookshelf speakers for a recently obtained "hand me down" receiver. I figured going with a "trusted name" in...
  14. Lou Loomis

    Bose accoustimass 6 series II for $369.00...

    When I was making my recent speaker purchase, the topic of Bose came up and I told the guy I was not a fan. He said he knew of all the negative word-of-mouth Bose gets, but felt they had their place. so he put on a demo of U-571 and told me to see what I thought. Initially, as the scene started...
  15. Lou Loomis

    Suggestions on Subwoofers

    Rob, If you have a pretty big room, perhaps you have the space for slightly larger speakers? I was all set to buy the Paradigm Cinema Series because of their small size (I have a small apartment) and because they came in white. Searching the Forum revealed the repeated advice that whenever...
  16. Lou Loomis

    Red dots on the screen (LCD projector)

    I'm not an expert on LCD projectors, but if it's anything like laptop displays, perhaps it is a stuck pixel. on a computer, sometimes you can "unstick" them by tapping on the back of the display. not sure if there's an effective way to do this with a projector.
  17. Lou Loomis

    H/K EZSet vs SPL

    Ryan, Curious about this myself, but my initial thoughts are that perhaps it is not. I say this only b/c I was using it the other night. I noticed that the right surround, which is farther from me than the left was being adjusted for a much lower level than the left. as a result, I...
  18. Lou Loomis

    ***Official MERGED "Should I get 6.1 (or 7.1) - Is it worth it?" Thread***

    I agree with Angelo about the H/K over the 811 - too much distortion on the Pioneer. a salesman at a high end shop in NYC game me his thoughts on 5.1 vs. 6.1 - he said in some applications he prefers 5.1, particularly in smaller rooms. he pointed out that 6.1 doesn't give you any "new"...
  19. Lou Loomis

    mounting brackets & Paradigm Atoms

    Thanks Alan. That's just what I needed to know. I screwed in the Omnimounts successfully.
  20. Lou Loomis

    mounting brackets & Paradigm Atoms

    hi. I'm looking to mount one of my Paradigm Atoms (surround) to the wall. So that it can mount on the back wall and aim toward the listener, I'll be mounting them at 90 degrees (also won't block the rear port). I know the Premier m-60's are the "official" mounting bracket for the...
  21. Lou Loomis

    Bose 3-2-1 system...anybody tried it?

    I actually listened to this BEFORE developing the anti-Bose bias that comes from research and listening, and this is my impression then: I just didn't get it. Their in-store demo setup was fancy, too bad the sound wasn't. I didn't even get the pseudo surround effect. I was sure at least the...
  22. Lou Loomis

    Denon 883 vs 1803 what is the difference?

    Michael, Can I ask why you are going with the 1803 over the HK 320 you mentioned? Have you heard them side by side? Or is at cost/features decision? I ask as I ponder a similar decision. Thanks.
  23. Lou Loomis

    s-video/component question about denon 1603/1803

    I believe Marc is correct. Put it to you this way, on the 2802, the on-screen display does not work on the component hook up. I had to add another connection from the receiver to the tv to use the OSD. If it could send the S-Video through the component, I likely wouldn't have had the...
  24. Lou Loomis

    Polk RM6700

    Bob, I'm familiar with the 6600's, and I imagine they are somewhat similar (6700's may well be improved, but I'd guess it's not an enormous difference). I will confess I had looked at these as the end-all-be-all of home theater speakers. This is largely due to the fact that I went with a...
  25. Lou Loomis

    Questions about Paradigm trade up policy and could you tell me if I'm getting a deal?

    Paradigm doesn't actually have an upgrade policy. This is something dealers decide to do on their own. it's too bad they all don't do it. would sure make upgrading painless.
  26. Lou Loomis

    new Denon's - hard to find in-stock????

    Seems like many places in the NYC area don't have the newer Denon's in stock. 6ave says it won't be in for a few weeks. JandR says it is not in yet, etc. Some reference the CA dockworkers strive preventing shipments from coming in. Has anyone else found this? Anyone know places in NYC that...