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  1. Jeremy-P

    Best netflix-type rental service in Canada?

    Specifically I'm interested in opinions from anyone on the west coast. I'm currently with hollywebdvd, which I picked because they deliver from alberta and most others are based in eastern Canada. The service and selection is fine, but it still takes a little over a week to get there and back...
  2. Jeremy-P

    Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo for 25 billion in late 99

    There's also a whole chapter here Some interesting facts like the xbox was originally planned to play PC games, and MS waiving licensing to undercut Sony.
  3. Jeremy-P

    Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo for 25 billion in late 99

    Original Xbox codename: Project Midway :eek: Very interesting stuff
  4. Jeremy-P

    Blockbuster about to copy (test) Netflix format....

    If blockbuster does this permanently, they should implement a system of delivering stock back and forth between stores to balance inventory like libraries do.
  5. Jeremy-P

    Commentary Tracks -- who listens?

    It can be hit and miss, depending on who contributes, but I try to watch all the commentaries on my DVDs. If there's more than one on a DVD i'll pick whichever seems more interesting and hope I get to the next one in the future. If the commentary features someone incredibly boring like tim...
  6. Jeremy-P

    Have you ever been mugged?

    Once during a conversation with my cousin, who had it a little tougher growing up, I asked him what he'd do if someone stuck him up from behind and asked for his shoes. He simply replied that he'd refuse and try to fight back. For a pair of shoes? He said they're nice shoes, he worked hard for...
  7. Jeremy-P

    The Cinematography Discussion #1

    First I'd like to thank you for this great thread, John, and thanks to the contributors for all the info provided. I don't want to hijack the thread or anything, but I have a question that needs to be asked after staying up way too late reading the whole thing: how does someone interested in...
  8. Jeremy-P

    Have any of you seen this monstrosity?

    Some interesting info about OK (which stands for Operation Kids is provided in their 'about us' section, including their objectives: Build an OK Community of people who want better media choices in their homes and communities. Use the OK Mark, as licensed by the...
  9. Jeremy-P

    Fantasia 2000 - Surprising!!

    I have this great disc but I don't enjoy it as much as the original fantasia. It's beautiful and scary, not watered down like everything disney does now. F2K has its moments, but it isn't as original as, well, the original. Sure, maybe we shouldn't expect it to be, but think of how...
  10. Jeremy-P

    Commercials in Theatres

    Lately i've noticed my local theater likes to use the commercials to calibrate the projector. The first one will come up cropped or out of focus or something and it'll be fixed by the next one (or sometimes not). At least now they get butchered in place of the trailers. I'm sure the advertisers...
  11. Jeremy-P

    Huge hydrogen stores found below Earth's crust

    Can I sell it too? I've got too much just sitting around in molecules doing nothing.
  12. Jeremy-P

    Is Smirnoff Ice considered a woman's drink?

    A girl drink is basically anything that a "casual" drinker orders and is usually all fruitied up and sweetened so to lessen the taste of alcohol. Personally I don't care what people drink, but I stay away from sugary stuff because it can cause a bad hangover if you drink too much. Smirnoff Ice...
  13. Jeremy-P

    Help needed with WMP XP

    One thing you could do is switch to winamp, because i know it doesn't do that. Otherwise, maybe 2 installs of WMP? I'm not sure if that works, but it's worth a try.
  14. Jeremy-P

    Kazaa to use your "unused computing power and storage space"?!

    Once again I implore everyone to try grokster immediately, it's a morpheus/kazaa clone but without spyware and more users.
  15. Jeremy-P

    Help! Can't get 5.1 output with SBLive and PowerDVD

    It's good to know that your problem is solved, but it's still possible to send a 5.1 AC3 signal thru a Live! value to a reciever, I just don't know why it didn't work for you.
  16. Jeremy-P

    Kazaa to use your "unused computing power and storage space"?!

    I don't see the appeal in begging people on IRC when I can use audiogalaxy or grokster to get al my MP3s with one search. Sharing can also be done on grokster as well as downloading one file from multiple users for very fast downloads. You can also choose the bitrate you want and specify...
  17. Jeremy-P

    Movie Make-Up.

    Yeah, they all wear makeup, everything, even talk shows etc. Just look at an actor when they do an interview behind the scenes. The makeup IS there to look natural, otherwise they have intense movie lighting reflecting off their faces. I also notice many actors look 5-10 yrs older behind the...
  18. Jeremy-P

    Trying to name a line of toys from my childhood

    I remember some toys called bug riders or insect riders, can't remember which, but they were out only a few years ago. Unless you're 16 or something then it's probably not what you're looking for.
  19. Jeremy-P

    Help! Can't get 5.1 output with SBLive and PowerDVD

    I have the same card and have used a similar setup in the past, except with WINDVD, but they're basically the same. I had no problems, but I used one whole RCA cord and no adapter. Maybe try a different connection and see if that solves the problem. Let me know any other details and I might...
  20. Jeremy-P

    Why don't studios let us download trailers - only stream?

    I don't mind apple charging for a high-quality stream, what I do mind is apple monopolizing all the new movie trailers. Apple is now the only place to find alot of these trailers and scouring the web can take a long time. Thanks to file-sharing programs like Grokster, I got the latest Ep2...
  21. Jeremy-P

    Motherboards with built in DD/DTS

    The newest versions of both powerdvd and windvd have software DTS decoding, which should work fine as long as your processor is up to it.
  22. Jeremy-P

    SSX Tricky too easy?

    And to Paul, that's the problem with EA, they can't help but sell you the same game two years in a row! Has any other company done this so consistently with so many games (not counting sequels of course)? EA doesn't even try to innovate and likes adding and removing features to games so they...
  23. Jeremy-P

    SSX Tricky too easy?

    Sorry, but I just call them as they see them and when I see one shortcut jump in a course that used to succeed maybe 2/5 times is now not a jump at all, I say huh, that's different; but when I see 5 of them in every level, I say a little dumbed down, don't you think? And yes I got gold in both...
  24. Jeremy-P

    SSX Tricky too easy?

    I know the game's been out for a while, but i rented it recently and even though i've mastered the original, I expected to be challenged by SSX Tricky. Instead I found it too easy, the harder areas of the courses have been made easier and you can get full boost just by knocking someone down...
  25. Jeremy-P

    Fanboyism at its worst

    Sure, assuming they can actually type with all 10 fingers and not using the pokey-pokey 2 finger method. I think it helps sort out the "Peepee Longstockings" from the rest of the world :)
  26. Jeremy-P

    Winamp CD playback in digital domain?

    LOL, proof that I wasn't even paying attention :)
  27. Jeremy-P

    Winamp CD playback in digital domain?

    Vince, i'm guessing the reason you can't hear cd audio from your cd burner is the same reason as mine, that you didn't connect the little cable (forget what it's called) from the drive to the sound card when you installed it. I deliberately didn't connect it because I only use my DVD-rom drive...
  28. Jeremy-P

    Winamp CD playback in digital domain?

    I'm not sure exactly what you need, but this might help. Apparently you must also disable the default in_cdda.dll in your winamp dir for it to work.
  29. Jeremy-P

    Best Canadian E-tailers?

    Thanks guys, this is exactly what I was looking for, and the goldfish site rankings saves time that i'd have to spend wandering through every site.
  30. Jeremy-P

    Best Canadian E-tailers?

    I'm curious if anyone knows of a site that ranks or just has a list of the best Canadian sites to buy online from? Or just spit out any good sites individually, I always hear bad things about and i'm looking for a similar inventory- DVD's, PC hardware, electronics, stuff like that...