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  1. Crankdoctor

    Angstrom 200 HED with Dolby Digital 205 unit.

    Hi, didnt know if it was still for sale or not. Thanks David
  2. Crankdoctor

    FS: Boston Acoustics Lynnfield VR950 Speakers

    Hi, Do you still have the speakers, I am in pensacola fl. next to alabama @ I 10 if you wand to check shipping, 32507 is my zip. Thanks! David.
  3. Crankdoctor

    Adcom GFA5500

    im in florida would you ship. in the panhandle pensacola, Thanks!
  4. Crankdoctor

    FS: Parasound P/DD 1500 Dolby Digital decoder

    Hey do you still have the parasound preamp and processor, Thanks!