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  1. Richard Moya

    in wall or bookshelf surrounds AND 5.1 or 6.1?

    Anyone? If there is posting that refer to a similar situation please let me know. I searched but dont find anything related to this question. thanks
  2. Richard Moya

    in wall or bookshelf surrounds AND 5.1 or 6.1?

    I guess the main question is whether I should use direct in wall speakers as L and R surrounds facing the screen or ceiling mounted pointed down towards the listeners. The only potential problem I see with the ceiling mount is the height. The ceilings are 12' and in the seating position, I would...
  3. Richard Moya

    in wall or bookshelf surrounds AND 5.1 or 6.1?

    Here is my dilemma. I have a room for my HT, but it has no usable side walls. So I will do what I did the last time and go with surrounds placed slightly behind and above the seating area. I was considering in wall speakers because of asthetics and WAF. I know for sure that in-wall speakers are...
  4. Richard Moya

    WTS: PS2 Bundle

    Would you be willing to sell the system and controllers alone? If so, how much? Thanks in advance.
  5. Richard Moya

    FS: PS2 System and games

    Are you willing to sell the PS alone? If so, how much? Thanks
  6. Richard Moya

    What do I need.......

    I am looking to connect a DVD player and Playstation to a television with only one S-VID input. I know they make it, but Im not sure what I am going to look for at Rat-Shack. Thanks
  7. Richard Moya

    A Bose product that I actually like...

    Damn Mark tell us how you really feel.;)
  8. Richard Moya

    DAD - Center channel dialogue level too low!

    While having family over yesterday for Father's day we were watching Die Another Day. The system was cranking all the highs and explosions but the dialogue was so low I had to turn up the volume up so loud that the loud portions of the movie were unbearably loud. It was only for lower dialogue...
  9. Richard Moya

    Wtb: Component Cables
  10. Richard Moya

    FS:Sony RMAV2100 remote

  11. Richard Moya

    FS:Sony RMAV2100 remote

    bump........price drop. Asking 45 shipped....Remote is in very very good condition. Read review and see pics here :
  12. Richard Moya

    FS:Sony RMAV2100 remote

    In great shape. Includes manuals. No Box Want to go with a hard button remote. Asking $65 (I paid $199) shipped anywhere in the US.
  13. Richard Moya

    Sony RM-AV3000 versus Home Theater Master MX-500?

    Sean, Did you get this new for 100? and if so, where? thanks Richard
  14. Richard Moya

    suggestions for home theater components

    I second the Sony ES recommendation. I recently purchased a STRDA2ES and I am quite pleased with it. If you leave room for future expansion, go with the DA4ES with 7.1 decoding.
  15. Richard Moya

    JBL Northridge - In search of best prices...

    I recommend adding $60 to that $350 and going for the Sony STRDA2ES for 410 shipped from Sammans. Awesome deal and awesome receiver. It really lends itself to fine tuning. I like H/K stuff, and I was going to opt for it, but Im glad I chose the Sony over it. Good Luck with whatever you do.
  16. Richard Moya

    Help! I think I got a bad AVIA disk!

    I purchased my AVIA disk about 9-11 months ago. Ive used it MAYBE a dozen times or so. Maximum 18 times. The inner ring is CRACKING!. Right where it goes onto the little holder in the jacket. It looks like its holding on for dear life but is ready to any minute. I think the inner ring is encoded...
  17. Richard Moya

    Receiver transformer hum?

    When I power up my DA2ES I find a very, very low pitched transformer hum coming from the unit. It is barely audible, but I was curious if that was considered normal. The unit gets quite warm when watching movies. I wonder if the 2 are tied together. Other than that, the unit works great and I...
  18. Richard Moya

    JBL Northridge - In search of best prices...

    In my opinion, no I think the N28s all around will really sound well. I was pleasantly surprised on how good the 28s sound. Very full and great range. Even the 26s all around would sound great.
  19. Richard Moya

    JBL Northridge - In search of best prices...

    I got the original NSP package direct from Harman Audio on Ebay. 212 shipped. Sony sub on clearance from Sears (no longer avail according to their website) for 129. I bought a Sony STR-DA2ES receiver from for 410 shipped. Total 751 Phils prices seem right in the same ballpark...
  20. Richard Moya

    JBL Northridge - In search of best prices... cant get you the whole speaker setup for about 700 shipped to your they are auth retailer. I was in exactly the same scenario about 3 weeks ago and opted for the NSP series. I listened to the N38s but I thought that the N28 mains with NSP surrounds and modded Sony sub...
  21. Richard Moya

    Polyfil.......Loose stuffing or Rolls?

    with all the mod talk on here someone has got to have some info............
  22. Richard Moya

    Polyfil.......Loose stuffing or Rolls?

    I want to mod my SAWM40 and have bought both. Anyone try both and find one works better than the other? Thanks in advance folks.
  23. Richard Moya

    Need sub advice.

    If you can still find it, I would recommend Sony SA-WM40. Its been a recommended budget sub around here for a while. I have the NSP package with DA2ES receiver and this sub and it sounds wonderful to me. If you find it, expect to pay about 120 or so for it. If you do the mod on it, its...
  24. Richard Moya

    Suggestions for where to buy Sony ES gear?

    I highly recommend Sammans. Ask for Joe. he is the owner. I just bought a 2ES and am very pleased with the whole experience.:emoji_thumbsup:
  25. Richard Moya

    Subwoofer calibrations.....I just dont get it.

    You are a gentleman and a scholar. Very clear, consise and detailed. I appreciate the response.
  26. Richard Moya

    Subwoofer calibrations.....I just dont get it.

    anyone? I have read alot of posts but am still looking for a laymans explanation....
  27. Richard Moya

    Subwoofer calibrations.....I just dont get it.

    Ok here is my setup: Sony STRDA2ES receiver JBL NSP1 Sony SAWM40 Sub Im using AVIA to calibrate speakers. Calibrated all to 75db (including Sub). This was easy. When I leave it like this and watch a movie, the bass is just not to my liking. I like I little deeper feel to my bass hits...
  28. Richard Moya

    JBL NSP1II w/PB-12 sub

    Try ebay harman audio. I got the old NSP package shipped for 212. I also picked up Sony SA-WM40 from Sears for 129. Thats a grand total of 341. BTW, there is no difference sonically from the NSP1 to NSP1II. Good luck!
  29. Richard Moya

    Yet another praise to Sony sa-wm40 mods

    I have a question for all the Sony mod people and subwoofer DIY'ers out there. Does stuffing the actually change the "physics" of the box? IT would seem to me that when modding, what we are doing is decreasing the area for the bass to resonate. I know most subs casings are calculated based on...