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  1. Bill Maeder

    Native 4:3 projector for 16:9 material

    Hey Randy, I too am looking into the X1 as my entry into Front Projection. Since you say you have the X1,my question is about the rainbow phenom I have been reading about. Does the X1 exhibit this effect noticeably? I know that this is somewhat subjective, just in your opinion. Thanks Bill
  2. Bill Maeder

    Is 6.5 ft too close to 40" TV?

    I know of no danger in sitting close to a TV, but with a 40" screen at 6.5 feet the quality of you viewing will not be as good as if you could move farther back. The picture will not look look as sharp and crisp because you will be close enough to see the horizontal lines on the screen...
  3. Bill Maeder

    Laser disc quality (and a technical discussion of NTSC video resolution)

    Though the visual is better on the DVD, I have found that the audio quality is better on the laser disc. I am talking about tonal quality of the audio not the surround encoding. That said, DVD is the way to go! Bill
  4. Bill Maeder

    Is adding a sub worth it?

    Most definitely get a sub! For movies, the sub adds the the feel of the movie. Bill
  5. Bill Maeder

    best placement of sub... front or rear of room?

    I agree with Robert, I seem to be able to "hear" the sub if it not placed between the mains. I have a Velo CT-100 located directly under the TV with the center channel above the TV.:)