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  1. Robert Wainwright

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Frighteners - Peter Jackson's Director's Cut (RECOMMENDED)

    Just bought this title (R1). For some reason mine does not have 5.1!?! I thought maybe there was an equipment issue, but other titles work fine. I took it to a friend's and still only had 2.0 stereo. I'm taking it back to Best Buy tomorrow. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Robert Wainwright

    Mad Magazine's Up the Academy - 2-14-06!!!

    At least it will prove that I'm not completely crazy. My brother and I have been fighting for years on the Alfred E Newman footage. He does believe that it exists. (mocking tone) Vengeance is Mine!!! (end mocking tone)
  3. Robert Wainwright

    Free DVD - "Last Best Chance"

    Currently showing on HBO. Last Best Chance was produced with support from the Nuclear Threat Initiative, with additional funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Get it here -
  4. Robert Wainwright

    Any good deals on blank DVD's?

    Be careful with those huge spindles. You don't want to get stuck with 100 crappy discs. Sales are usually on 3rd or 4th class media. Heck, I used to think that Memorex made a good product until got some of their DVD+Rs. Not really the stuff I want to preserve my family memories on. Here's a...
  5. Robert Wainwright

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood Of War (RECOMMENDED)

    Chris, I'm guessing that you're Korean? MacArthur is a sore spot in my extended family. Being a distant (and I mean really distant) namesake for General Wainwright. "I will return" my ass. Mac didn't walk Bataan. But I digress. Lee EunJu was really very good in this movie, I'll have to...
  6. Robert Wainwright

    Top Ten Discs You Own...But Never Watch

    Good thread! Keeping in mind these were all purchased on release day. My shame - Memento SE (once) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (once) JFK DC(once, too long) Pulp Fiction (once) Scarface (halfway) Rock 'n' Roll High School (unopened) Panic Room (once) Tombstone DC (once) 12...
  7. Robert Wainwright

    Alarm Clock with mp3 hook up

    Thanks Jim, I appreciate the input. A little out of the price range. My ceiling is about $75 per unit. I heard there was a Timex or Zenith model with USB2 input for iPods, I just haven't found it yet.
  8. Robert Wainwright

    Alarm Clock with mp3 hook up

    I hope someone can help. I'm looking for a alarm clock radio with CD and a plug in for mp3 players. I will ultimately need about 800 units, preferably black. These will not be resold. It is part of a hotel refurbishment. If any of the HTF sponsors carry this, I would be interested.
  9. Robert Wainwright

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood Of War (RECOMMENDED)

    I have been corrected by the wife, Robert Sohn is absolutely correct about the flag name. Watched the movie, another great film from South Korea. Not that Saving Prvt Ryan wasn't emotional, this movie is just a gut punch. The end with Jin-tae trying to kill his brother...Whew! I'm still...
  10. Robert Wainwright

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood Of War (RECOMMENDED)

    According to my wife it basically translates to "the flag." I believe it's like an emotional branding. An example - when Americans refer to "the twin towers" almost everyone thinks of the World Trade Center. Got the disc from Netflix this afternoon. I'll give it a spin tonight.
  11. Robert Wainwright

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood Of War (RECOMMENDED)

    Great review! I was going to surprise my in-laws with a copy (they are Korean) but I think now I'll screen it by rental first. cumsa hum nee da (Korean for "Thank you very much" phonically written)
  12. Robert Wainwright

    Weekly RoundUp 1/25/05

    Sky Capt and AVP (guilty pleasure) for me. Metallica is a rental. Does anyone know if Battle Royale comes out this week? Thanks Mike and Patrick!
  13. Robert Wainwright

    Weekly Roundup 1/4/05

    Thanks Patrick. I like the Pulp Fiction reference. Just Troy this week.
  14. Robert Wainwright

    An alternate HTF DVD challenge for 2005

    Okay then..... How about new to me (mostly Netflix): 1/1/05 Ichi The Killer - Rating 3/5 1/2/05 Versus: Director's Cut - Rating - 4/5 1/3/05 Resident Evil Apocalypse - 2/5 1/4/05 Troy (purchased)- 4/5 1/5/05 Fahrenheit 9/11 - 4/5 1/8/05 Highwaymen - 3/5
  15. Robert Wainwright

    New bad habit, anyone else doing this?

    Well, I'm glad I'm not alone in this. A couple of another things - some mentioned already: I fall asleep to a movie almost every night. Set the sleep timer, turn on the subtitles, and relax. Drives my wifes nuts. My reasoning is I already know the ending, so it's okay to fall asleep. While...
  16. Robert Wainwright

    New bad habit, anyone else doing this?

    Because my work responsibilities have increased the past two years, my movie time has been trimmed down. Now I find myself watching parts of movies rather the an entire film. Usually it's the heavy impact stuff - The lobby shoot out in The Matrix The crane chase in T3 Asteriod scenes in...
  17. Robert Wainwright

    ***Official SHAUN OF THE DEAD Discussion Thread

    Finally saw it yesterday with the wife. Great film. Although she didn't get any of the references, I caught quite a few. I liked the follow thru of "You've got red on you." The audio mix sounded great, lots of ambient noise. Zombie moaning, pounding on glass, etc. I also thought...
  18. Robert Wainwright

    Blockbuster - get $8 in trade for DVDs Starts Oct 5th

    The three BB in my area stopped price matching last spring. The "loss leader prices on first week sales were killing them". Funny, that's exactly what they were trying to do to Mom and Pop video stores with rentals.
  19. Robert Wainwright

    Weekly RoundUp 9/28/04

    Anyone see prices for Ramones Raw?
  20. Robert Wainwright

    Free 9-11 Documentary "Up From Zero" DVD

    I got two today! I don't recall ordering it twice but what the heck...
  21. Robert Wainwright

    Help - Game Roundup

    Thanks Rudy!
  22. Robert Wainwright

    Help - Game Roundup

    My old PC crashed and I'm trying to restore all of my Favorites links. There was a weekly game roundup (much like the DVD one) that moved to another forum. Can anyone give me a link? Thanks in advance!
  23. Robert Wainwright

    Stances on Renting, Buying Used...etc

    I rent ocassionally on items I know I don't want to buy. Used purchases are rare and sales driven. Example, I wanted the 1st season of Curb Your ... found it as part of the BB 3 for $25 sale.
  24. Robert Wainwright

    CH new club - DV2

    Bill, Respectfully, I didn't really post it for just you. I have also been an off and on member of CH as have a number of people here. I saw a new program and I shared it. Granted, I don't buy the volume that would make it worthwhile for me personally. I thought there would be other who...
  25. Robert Wainwright

    CH new club - DV2

    Anyone else get Columbia House's new Club mailer? The deal - all DVDs (in the catalog) are 40% off list price. Free shipping. If you like the club, you pay an annual fee of $9.95. There is some decent stuff in the catalog, but nothing really better than release day prices. Might be good for...
  26. Robert Wainwright

    Weekly Roundup 4/20/04 (Still me again)

    Just M&C this week. On the fence about which one... oh hell I'm a sucker for 2D. Get well Mike!
  27. Robert Wainwright

    Weekly RoundUp 3/30

    The Final Countdown 2D! Thanks Mike and Patrick! Great, now I've got that stupid song by Europe in my head....
  28. Robert Wainwright

    Pointless Slipcases

    I also think The Usual Suspects slipcase was an enhancement. Everything else has pretty much been a waste. Ohh pretty holographic colors on the cover, maybe (insert title) doesn't suck!:wink:
  29. Robert Wainwright

    I want Two Supercops [Crime Busters] 1979

    Geez, I loved Terence Hill movies as a kid. I still have the Trinity movies hidden away on VHS. I'd love to see his stuff avalible. His pairings with Spencer were great too!
  30. Robert Wainwright

    Free 9-11 Documentary "Up From Zero" DVD

    Got the email like everyone else. No DVD. sigh....