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  1. Blimpboy

    Wildly Popular; Sadly Neglected SITCOMS!

    I wish there was more intrest in Mayberry RFD. It was a continuation of The Andy Griffith Show and a top 10 Show. Ran for three seasons. I think it is a WB property.
  2. Blimpboy

    Mannix is Coming! (All things Mannix w/spoilers)

    Looks like Mike Connors is suing for video royalties. I wonder if this will halt any future releases.
  3. Blimpboy

    Any opinions on "The Starlost"?

    If you can handle the fact it was shot on video in the 70's, then yes. I enjoy it the same way I do Doctor Who in the same time period. The concept is top notch. The thoughts and ideas far outway the budget. Great guest stars from that era as well. Iv'e watch half the show with no stinkers yet.
  4. Blimpboy

    Any hope for Mayberry RFD?

    Mayberry R.F.D. is owned by Warner Brothers. I saw their logo at the end of episodes when last ran on TNT some years ago. I'm not sure why the studio change from the Andy series.
  5. Blimpboy

    The Beatles Album That Never Was

    There are two CD's from Japan that take all of the singles from 70-76 and put them out as two albums. After the Beatles vol.1 and 2. Same idea.
  6. Blimpboy

    Logan's Run BD this year?!

    There was a deluxe laserdisc of Logan's Run that had many extras not ported over to the SD release. I hope they could be found as well.
  7. Blimpboy

    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    In all the talk between changes in visuals in all the versions of ST:TMP, no one has mentioned the change in sound design on the DC. That was more disturbing to me than the new effects. I would listen to Trek recordings before video was readily available, and know every part of the film from...
  8. Blimpboy

    The Ipcress File (UK release)

    I have the soundtrack on CD as a Japanese import. About $15 on ebay. I believe a U.K. SD had the score as an extra 5 years ago as well.
  9. Blimpboy

    The Official Star Trek Music Discussion Thread

    The music to The Cage was altered when shown as The Menagarie. In Jeff Bond's book on the music of Star Trek he mentions that after Pike is told he is going to be reliving his memories, there was no music after the line... " We will begin with this." It was added for the two-parter. When they...
  10. Blimpboy

    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    Not only should deleted scenes be included, but the made for TV features made at the time to promote the films. I remember a great one hour show to promote Khan hosted by Nimoy. MGM/Fox include all the Bond Tv spots from the sixties. I'm sure collectors would be glad to see these again. The...
  11. Blimpboy

    Star Trek TOS Season 3- Remastered coming in November

    The Empath is too much like the Outer Limits episode "Nightmare". It even had the same director if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Blimpboy

    Star Trek TOS Season 3- Remastered coming in November

    My top seven for season three: Requiem For Methuselah The Savage Curtain Elaan Of Troyius The Paradise Syndrome Day Of The Dove Spectre Of The Gun The Enterprise Incident
  13. Blimpboy

    James Bond Blu ray Collection - Volumes 1 & 2

    The movie cash is from a website listed on the back of the sticker. Don't throw it away!
  14. Blimpboy

    Outer Limits (90's)

    Series One through Four were released in Canada. Series One in the U.S.
  15. Blimpboy

    Magnum PI Season 8

    Why does this happen to all the two hour shows? Back on the Charlies Angels sets from Sony they had the same problem. Who stores these prints anyway?
  16. Blimpboy

    The Official Star Trek Music Discussion Thread

    I was very fortunate to come upon the Symphonic Suites when they were first released. I had developed a love for film music at an early age. My parents were aware of this and bought the Cage / Where No Man Has Gone Before score for me as my first CD one Christmas! They may not be the origonal...
  17. Blimpboy

    The Official Star Trek Music Discussion Thread

    I enjoy the Fred Steiner scores from TOS. Corbormite Maneuver is great from beginning to end. He re-recorded two albums worth of music in the 80's. It seems his music from the third season will never see the light of day. I love the Klingon music in Elaan of Troyius. After seeing what FSM did...
  18. Blimpboy

    Galactica 1980 on DVD, maybe soon?

    I believe Sci Fi channel used the same print with the removal of 1980 in the title sequence after the 3 parter.
  19. Blimpboy

    The Man From UNCLE??

    I went to the Time-Life site today. They say "Bonus DVD's !" in the same block as the free shipping offer. Does anyone know what this refers to?
  20. Blimpboy

    Public Domain TV Show DVD's with the original Commercials included

    The second and third seasons of The Andy Griffith Show have the commercials as a bonus on each disc.
  21. Blimpboy

    Banacek - The first season

    Does anyone else think these are edited? There are a lot of early fades and some music doesn't match up between scenes sometimes.
  22. Blimpboy

    How has Universal treated Magnum, p.i.?

    One item I have noticed about Magnum on DVD are the "day for night" scenes. I still have my off-air versions of most shows and noticed they "brightened up " these scenes to the point where it looks like daytime. Most notable is the beginning of the J. Digger Doyle episode from the first season...
  23. Blimpboy

    *** Official CASINO ROYALE Discussion Thread

    I feel like I saw a different movie than most who posted here. I thought the cast was the weakest point in the film. I never cared about any of the characters. Vesper and Bond's "romance" never developes naturally on screen. OHMSS, which many have compared this film to, shows Bond and Tracy...
  24. Blimpboy

    Megaforce Baby!!!!

    To the post from two years ago, I wish I could tell you who sang the theme song. I made some poor music store clerk track it down for me while my Mother waired patiently in the wings. I lost the 45 years ago, before I could transfer it to mp3. Would love to hear " a Megaforce!!" again by...
  25. Blimpboy

    Twilight Zone The Movie

    I was listening to the Jerry Goldsmith score today and thought I'd look up the title on HTF. Other than the Vic Morrow death and John Landis trial, which I think are resolved, what has held this title from release for 20 years? I would hate to see this end up like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which...
  26. Blimpboy

    Companion Books for TV on DVD series

    I have read The Mission: Impossible Dossier many times. With the series coming to DVD soon, it will make an excellent companion. The book covers many behind the scenes details for each episode. Each season is also given a synopsis. Highly recommended.
  27. Blimpboy

    When are We going to see a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Blu-ray Release?!

    Did anyone else note the use of the Goldsmith theme in Leith Steven's score for Time Bomb? I found it very effective. For those who liked it, the Jonah and the Whale score is available on CD.
  28. Blimpboy

    Star Trek TOS Special Edition Starts Sept 16th.

    Just finished Catspaw today. I do believe they are getting better at the ship in orbit shots. More shadowing appears than before. In regards to the syndication edit, I think it tightens up the pacing in this episode. The cuts back to the ship as they try to establish communications are removed...
  29. Blimpboy

    "Magnum P.I." Season 5?

    I went to three different Walmarts and two Target stores. No one had it. It's clear they don't want to carry it. Same for Sam's Club. I was only able to get it at Best Buy. Is Magnum selling that poorly? I hope the full run is released.
  30. Blimpboy

    Star Trek TOS Special Edition Starts Sept 16th.

    I think this is why all the later Trek shows looked wrong to me when they used the old uniforms. They never got the right shade of fabric. A straight gold looks wrong on film. Maybe the next franchise will have a better reference now with the restored prints when they emulate TOS.