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  1. Jerry Almeida

    Ja'mie on HBO

    Is anyone watching this show? I was suprised to see that a search for Chris Lilley and his previous shows didn't come up with more hits on this forum. I think he's really funny and when I heard about the show I thought he might be going to the well one too many times with his Ja'mie...
  2. Jerry Almeida

    Closed - Win an Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master Home Theater System or $2242 in Credit!

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  3. Jerry Almeida

    How I Met Your Mother - season 8 thread

    That's already been established. It's the night of the wedding, after the reception is over. Ted has to leave for Chicago early the next morning.
  4. Jerry Almeida

    How I Met Your Mother - season 8 thread

    With regards to the most recent episode, I'm amazed that they're going back to the Ted & Robin well yet again. Even if they don't spend an entire episode on it, it's still too much. As soon as she called Ted after Barney, I turned to my girlfriend and said, "here we go again".
  5. Jerry Almeida

    Walking Dead Season 3

    Yeah, I don't think that post was directed at you Lou, or others like you. I think he was referring to this . . .
  6. Jerry Almeida

    How I Met Your Mother - season 8 thread

    Oh, well that's good news then. I'm glad I'm wrong.
  7. Jerry Almeida

    How I Met Your Mother - season 8 thread

    I thought it was already established that we're not going to meet the mother until the last episode of next season?
  8. Jerry Almeida

    How I Met Your Mother - season 8 thread

    I agree. Which made it even more disappointing when they went right back to the well again in the first episode back from the holiday break. Apparently Ted is never going to let Robin go until he meets his future wife. I don't know how many more episodes, or potentially another season, of Ted...
  9. Jerry Almeida

    Disney buys LucasFilms for $4.05 billion

    Most of those have been out for a while. Disney has been hosting Star Wars weekends at MGM/Hollywood Studios for about 15 years.
  10. Jerry Almeida

    Walking Dead Season 3

    With regards to the last scene and the hatchet. Is that really necessary? Since they're already infected with the virus now, would a non-lethal bite really do anything? Maybe I missed something last season that already addresses that. Thoughts?
  11. Jerry Almeida

    HBO's Game of Thrones: Season 2

    I know it's been talked about in the Season 1 thread and this one, but people still don't seem to get it. Even with the, "what's coming up next is very important" kind of stuff, they're still spoilers. It's no different than watching a movie with someone who has already seen it and they keep...
  12. Jerry Almeida

    How I Met Your Mother - season 7 thread

    So did anyone else notice how prominent the color purple was in the first two episodes. Many of the characters and extras wore various shades of purple. At the ball at the end, the floral arrangements were purple as well. Finally, the surprise character at the end was also wearing purple. I...
  13. Jerry Almeida

    Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

    Hopefully they capitalize on this in the Avengers movie. The two characters should play off each other well.
  14. Jerry Almeida

    Hawaii 5-0 season 1 thread

    Can someone help me understand something about the serial numbers of the stolen money. If internal affairs does have the serial numbers, how come they couldn't track it when it was spent by the uncle? I feel like I missed something. Thanks
  15. Jerry Almeida

    Moving laundry to another location in basement. Wood laminate floors? Ontario, Canada building code.

    Google "Washing Machine Pan", and I'm pretty sure that's all you'll need.
  16. Jerry Almeida

    Midseason return/premiere dates

    What? No love for Caprica on 1/22?
  17. Jerry Almeida

    Clash of the Titans trailer

    To answer your question, I'd say no. However, they're using the title, "Clash of the Titans", so I would say in this case it is a remake. The trailer has me excited.
  18. Jerry Almeida

    HTF Fantasy Football '09

    I was actually going to decline when I read the email invite this morning. Then I come on here and read this heartfelt message. How could I say no? I'm in for my 8th season!!!!! Jerry Chicago Carnage
  19. Jerry Almeida

    Need help with on-line silk-screeners or silk screening machine recommendations

    I've used on several occasions, and have always been satisfied.
  20. Jerry Almeida

    Testy Area 51

    test test
  21. Jerry Almeida

    Holy crap! I've been a member here over 10 years!!!!

    Add me to the 10 year club. That makes my average about 40 posts per year.
  22. Jerry Almeida

    Asking someone out at their work, appropriate?

    It worked in the movie Enough. He scored Jennifer Lopez.
  23. Jerry Almeida

    Big Bang Theory - season 2

    Yes! Where's the pic of that? When she answered the door in the white t-shirt.
  24. Jerry Almeida

    Fight My Brute!

    I just signed up for the clan. ollin My Brute
  25. Jerry Almeida

    Do you wear denim? George Will thinks you are a immature slob

    "Yankee", as in American. Never seen Clerks?
  26. Jerry Almeida

    Do you wear denim? George Will thinks you are a immature slob

    He should have titled that piece, "F*ck You Yankee Blue Jeans!"
  27. Jerry Almeida

    Fight My Brute!

    My level 2 stomped you as well. :D Waasaaaap My Brute
  28. Jerry Almeida

    Thundercats! HO!!!!

    :D Too funny
  29. Jerry Almeida

    One of Them Questions

    I'm glad I'm not the only who's been bothered by that for the last 20+ years.