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  1. JohnnyA

    Phantom of the Opera: Ultimate Edition pre-book sheet!

    speaking of the show, i've been fortunate to have the opportunity to see the live show in san francisco orpheum theater last saturday. suffice to say the performance was just magnificent. very dramatic and powerful. brad little and christine daaé did a fabulous job.
  2. JohnnyA

    What are some good MARTIAL ARTS flicks on DVD

    search the forum for "wire fu" or "wire-fu" for more.
  3. JohnnyA

    Looking for some good wire-fu dvds

    Swordsman 2 is a great film, as well as Fong Sai Yuk. (Fong Sai Yuk 2 is a required sequel)
  4. JohnnyA

    Will Nickelodeon ever get on the TV DVD bandwagon?

    "YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION" oh the great memories...
  5. JohnnyA

    Yamaha rx-z1...I am close to buying..comments?

    enjoy your purchase. it really is a nice feeling to be able to own a flagship, even if it becomes obsolete. myself, i've started with the dsp-a1000 back in the days, and consequently hopped over to the dsp-2070, dsp-a1, and finally the rx-v1. i'm still waiting, hoping to see the rx-z1 within my...
  6. JohnnyA

    Brand Advocacy

    ahh... the play from left field is a good one. yes, it irritates me most when someone requests for opinion on a certain list of items, and then someone chimes in and deviates from the list with another item without any appropriate or significant info to back up that recommendation.
  7. JohnnyA

    RX-V1 preout problem

    phil, what yamaha has told you is interesting news. from the manual, the split sub output is supposed to be a stereo feed, with bass derived from the main L and R channels separately.
  8. JohnnyA

    RX-V1 preout problem

    phil, i'm not familiar with the setup configuration of your powered towers. but generally speaking, if you want to send only bass output into them, i think the current setup is fine. personally, i would rather use the stereo split outputs to take advantage of directional bass, and set my lfe...
  9. JohnnyA

    RX-V1 preout problem

    keith, if you are using the double-pin couplers from yamaha, i've heard they are not shielded. some users have found that they produce inferior sound compared with using good rca connectors. personally, i have not done any comparison with either my dsp-a1 or rx-v1, but i did opt for the rca...
  10. JohnnyA

    RX-V1 preout problem

    yamaha can service this if you bring it in. but otherwise, yeah, you can insert and leave an rca cable in the jacks as opposed to poking the jacks with it every now and then.
  11. JohnnyA

    my onkyo/integra receiver story..its not pretty...

    leo's right. let's not take past examples of these companies complaints and replicate them into this bowl of soup. i've read more complaints from certain brands and fewer from others, so generalizing the entire bunch may not be very accurate. i, too, have just gotten the yamaha rx-v1 into the...
  12. JohnnyA

    Help me pick my 100th DVD!

    i also think Grave of the Fireflies would be a great addition. unforgettable film.
  13. JohnnyA

    Remote for Yamaha RX-V1

    hey patrick, thanks for that scoop. i've sent you an email.
  14. JohnnyA

    Remote for Yamaha RX-V1

    greetings, i have just acquired a champaign-colored rx-v1 for $700 (hehe), but the thing was missing a remote. i've looked at yamaha's site and the RAV220 remote is listed for a shocking $150. also looked in ebay and found one listing for this item, but description says it's for model DSPAX1...
  15. JohnnyA

    WTB-Yamaha 2095 Receiver

    if anyone else has the 2095 for sale, i'm interested also. thanks.
  16. JohnnyA

    DVD Etc Poll: List Your Favorite Demo Selection

    Armageddon, beginning male vocal and space shuttle take offs/flight in space. lord of the rings, beginning female vocal
  17. JohnnyA

    Got my HK AVR8000 from OneCall

    i'm a late-comer, but i've posted my initial reaction to this receiver here, sorry to hear about everyone's problems.
  18. JohnnyA

    HK AVR 8000 Falgship at stupid price?!?!

    geez! all this talk about this reciever has gotten me all jazzed up. i'm currently in the market for a reciever to replace my yamaha dsp-a1 (which is going into the bedroom) and i got so tempted on this discussion that i went to fry's the next night to check it out; couldn't buy anything i can't...
  19. JohnnyA

    TV Shows screaming for DVD

    looney toons collection voltron, defender of the universe (5 lions) he-man, masters of the universe (80s version. the recent storm of updated action figures are pretty impressive also) three's company murphy brown night court