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  1. Scott Kimball

    Video conversion software

    Hmmm... That's kind of a loaded question... You have the software you need (Quicktime, via iMovie) to export to a smaller file. The problem is knowing what settings to choose - and that can't be explained in a brief paragraph. iMove works in a 5:1 compression, native DV format. As you've...
  2. Scott Kimball

    Cool OSX Tips - Share Your Favorites

    CMD-click a link in Safari to topn in a new tab.
  3. Scott Kimball

    Cool OSX Tips - Share Your Favorites

    The reversed colors and the zoom are both part of the Universal Access Control Panel. Check it out for more useful interface options. -Scott
  4. Scott Kimball

    Cool OSX Tips - Share Your Favorites

    Didn't see it mentioned... Try holding down the SHIFT key while invoking Expose...
  5. Scott Kimball

    After 15 years....

    Glossy vs Matte I was really, REALLY hesitant to go with glossy. Having no Apple Store nearby, there was no place to have a good look when I ordered a MBP for work in December. I went with matte, because it's what I knew. I had read, subsequently, that Steve Jobs had refused to offer a...
  6. Scott Kimball

    After 15 years....

    Cool. I'm sure I'll enjoy. Just got the delivery tracking notification... it's waiting for me at home... might have to leave work a little early today. -Scott
  7. Scott Kimball

    After 15 years....

    Went with the glossy, Ron. Was really not too sure, because I hate screen reflections and have thought that glossy screens were problematic in that area. A colleague of mine let me try her glossy MBP... took it into a very bright room with flourescent lighting and lots of windows, and was...
  8. Scott Kimball

    After 15 years....

    Welcome back to Mac. I just ordered a new MacBook Pro 15" 2.33GHz/2GB RAM with the 256MB VRAM... the old Powerbook G4 (with only 64MB of VRAM), though still nice, isn't cutting it for the high end stuff. Should have the new Book on Tuesday. It'll be my fifth Mac over the years, third laptop...
  9. Scott Kimball

    Best learning methods?

    Find a locally owned camera shop and talk to the people there. Usually, everyone who works in the local shops is an enthusiast, and would be happy to talk to you about local resources, clubs, and inexpensive community college courses or workshops. They will also stock photography books, and be...
  10. Scott Kimball

    How to make text editor "default"?

    Single-click a document you want to open with Text Wrangler. CMD-I (or FILE > Get Info) A dialog will open. Click the Disclosure trianlge next to "Open With", if necessary. Either Choose Text Wrangler from the list, or navigate and choose if necessary. Be sure to click "Change All"...
  11. Scott Kimball

    Need screen capture software for Mac

    I also recommend Snapz Pro X. It will also capture Apple DVD Player output. It is the best one out there for Mac... -Scott
  12. Scott Kimball

    Almost done with Star Trek Voyager

    I found Voyager generally "okay." The biggest problem with the show is that it was formulaic. It always played things safe, and took three or four years to see any character development - and then it was all about Seven and the Doctor... As one who grew up watching TOS, seeing that series at...
  13. Scott Kimball

    A faithful PC user switches to mac and never wants to look back!

    Welcome, Ron. Glad you've made the switch! ENJOY. -Scott
  14. Scott Kimball

    Advice for [firstime user of Macs] Pro and adding XP?!

    The currently available version of Office for Mac runs well enough in Rosetta that I wouldn't consider waiting for the Universal Binary to be imperative. Powerpoint for Mac vs Windows sees very few compatibility issues. Watch your fonts and you should be fine. 2GB RAM is imperative for...
  15. Scott Kimball

    Salt Lake City NBC Affiliate

    It's been awhile since I was a broadcasting major in college (16 years)... so some of my knowledge may be dated. There were regulations on ownership of multiple media outlets in the same market by the same entity. Those regs have been relaxed. There is no restriction that I know of on what...
  16. Scott Kimball

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Little Mermaid - Disappointingly NOT Recommended

    Thanks for the review. I've crossed this one off my list. Regrettable. -Scott
  17. Scott Kimball

    Filter placement?

    I couldn't agree more. I never have a filter mounted "for protection" - even with my expensive "L" series Canon lenses. I shoot with a hood whenever possible, which gives some protection to the lens surface without introducing artifacts. I shoot in salt air all the time, and never consider...
  18. Scott Kimball

    Need Western recommendations ...

    Check out the underrated "The Tin Star" with Henry Fonda and Anthony Perkins. For a different flavor, try "Rustler's Rhapsody" with Tom Berenger. -Scott
  19. Scott Kimball

    HTF REVIEW: LOST - Seaon Two - Unquestionably Recommended

    Oddly, not a single disc from this set will even load menus on my old (read: ancient) Toshiba DVD player (don't remember the model #, but it's a first or second generation player). I bought season 2 and loaned it to my parents before watching it for myself (I've seen it, they needed to catch...
  20. Scott Kimball

    The Digital Love/Hate Thread

    Terri, You are correct. I recently bought a 6MP point and shoot (another tool for my toolbox). Several people remarked that it must be as good as my 6.3MP SLR. Not until I took nearly identical shots with both cameras, and printed out 12x18 prints from each camera, could I convince them...
  21. Scott Kimball

    The Digital Love/Hate Thread

    I agree with most of your points. Exception - the instant feedback and its value as a learning aid. The speed of feedback should not be considered "the teacher" - but since repetition and learning from experience are fundamental to the learning process, it makes sense that speed of...
  22. Scott Kimball

    Canon S3IS Accessories?

    Get yourself the lens adapter / hood set and a circular polarizer. The CPL is a must for landscapes and seascapes. The adapter is needed to mount the filter, and the Canon adapter comes with a hood, which should minimize flare. -Scott
  23. Scott Kimball

    New Digital Camera - Recommendations?

    Which, from where I'm sitting, is fuel for the perception of Pentax's "also ran" status. Where I am located, it is very difficult to walk into a local B&M and even find *one* Pentax DSLR. Forget about Best Buy and Circuit City... or the local Photo store chains. There is one locally owned...
  24. Scott Kimball

    New Digital Camera - Recommendations?

    You're looking at it from a (current) profitability angle, while I'm looking at it from market share. Chances of longterm success of a company, and that company getting solid support from third party vendors, is tied closely to market share. There has been no "falsehood" stated here. Man-Fai...
  25. Scott Kimball

    New Digital Camera - Recommendations?

    In today's world, I'd hardly call any statement on a camera manufacturer's viability "unfounded nonsense". The landscape is rapidly changing, and companies that were in fine shape not too long ago are either shuttering their doors or being swallowed up by other companies in the "new" digital...
  26. Scott Kimball

    New Digital Camera - Recommendations?

    From your list - print advertising portrait art photography This strongly suggests to me that you should look into an SLR. The larger sensors in SLRs deliver less noise; Higher ISOs; RAW format for better post-processing; The flexibility in focal length is unmatched in small format...
  27. Scott Kimball

    Finally bought FIREFLY!

    Enjoy, Ron! It took me a couple of episodes to really get into it. My favorite: "Our Mrs. Reynolds". Definitely wise to watch the series before the film. -Scott
  28. Scott Kimball

    Cannon A620 and "E18 Error"

    All of the compacts that have an extendable lens, whether Canon or other, are delicate. Care needs to be taken not to bump the lens on anything while it is extended, or block the lens while it is trying to extend. I'm sure there are those who had problems after a time without causing the damage...
  29. Scott Kimball

    Best/Worst online camera retailers?

    If my local shop can't get something for me, I shop B&H. I've found them to be very reliable. Whenever I'm in NYC, I make it a point to get lost in their store for a couple of hours. Back in the late 70's and early 80's, Abe's was actually in Maine, a half hour drive down the coast at Old...
  30. Scott Kimball

    Canon Digital Elph -- S-video Out?

    As far as I know, all of the Canon cameras record in the OpenDML AVI compatible motion JPEG standard. Quicktime can play these back, as I'm sure other OpenDML compliant MJPEG players can. The limits of the composite out would only apply when playing from the camera. Of course, since these...