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  1. MarkWC

    New - Paradigm Reference In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers

    I have three sets of brand new Paradigm SA In-wall/In-ceiling Speakers. I have included the link below with respective details. They were purchased for a renovation that never took place many years ago. Everything has been tested and working. There is one pair of each listed below...
  2. MarkWC

    Anthem MRX, AVM & Amp Choices.....

    I recently sold my entire home theater (electronics, speakers and subs) which has put me in a position to now start fresh. My old system consisted of an Anthem AVM 30 pre/pro and AVM 7 Channel Amp. It was housed in a relatively small room but powered my speakers well for years. I'm now looking...
  3. MarkWC

    A Blu-ray player [Sony BDP-S550] that will do EVERYTHING! (Verified)

    great thank you so much - Anthem is billing $2K for the upgrade for hdmi switching and decoding. I thought I was screwed!!
  4. MarkWC

    A Blu-ray player [Sony BDP-S550] that will do EVERYTHING! (Verified)

    Sorry, but I am very confused with all of this; very amazed by your insight but confused nonetheless. I have a non-hdmi Anthem AVM30 - am I able to hear the new audio formats via the 7.1 analog inputs/outputs? (Sorry to go on a personal tangent but you guys obviously know what your talking...
  5. MarkWC

    HDMI Switching Solution - Gefen??

    Hi all, I am looking for a simple hdmi switching solution. I have read the numerous reviews and will try to avoid Monoprice due to its lengthy problems with connectivity although very inexpensive. I live in Bermuda so it is basically a one shot deal; too expensive to return from here. I...
  6. MarkWC

    24: Season Six thread

    Thanks - where did you get your info?
  7. MarkWC

    24: Season Six thread

    I cannot find when the release date is for this season, does anyone know what it is?
  8. MarkWC

    The Sopranos Season 6, Part II - April 2007

    Then why fade to black so abruptly........something caused the scene to just end........Tony's life.
  9. MarkWC

    The Sopranos Season 6, Part II - April 2007

    Here is my take which may be very different from the rest. Bobby did tell Tony that "everything goes black" when you die at the beginning of the season. Yes, this has been discussed in other forums/blogs. But it is true to form. Tony is sitting there in the restaurant waiting for his family...
  10. MarkWC

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)

    Just saw them, search you tube "at worlds end credits," the clip comes up first.
  11. MarkWC

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)

    If it wasn't posted before can someone go into detail about what happens after the credits. I couldn't wait to dash after the length of this movie and, of course, the big gulp of soda. I thought the green flash occurred as the pearl capsized after the sunset. There was a flash before the...
  12. MarkWC

    Plasma Burn-in - Getting Better?

    Thanks fellas - I have been reading quite a bit about this all over but felt it necessary to ask again just in case I missed something. I was in all my glory Sunday playing RS: Vegas but was constantly worried about any damaging effects. The unit has only about 15 hours on it so yes, it is being...
  13. MarkWC

    Plasma Burn-in - Getting Better?

    Hi all, I know all about the effect of playing long sessons of video games or watching tv with a constant logo appearing in a corner on plasma and RPTV. However, I know that it is getting better - in fact the latest Samsung displays claim to completely eliminate burn-in due to auto shifting...
  14. MarkWC

    Anthem Upgrades for Dolby True-HD and DTS-HD Master

    Does anyone know what the ballpark cost will be for the upgrade?
  15. MarkWC

    Using rear two channels for second zone

    I know this is the speaker area but didn't want to make a move that could overload or damage the speakers I have.............anyone?
  16. MarkWC

    Using rear two channels for second zone

    I want to use the two rear channels for a second zone as I only run 5 channels in my living room. However, I would like to have four speakers running off these two channels for different parts of the house. Additionally I would like to have at least one but preferably two independent volume...
  17. MarkWC

    Buy the Xbox 360 now or in a week or two?

    Here is some good news:
  18. MarkWC

    Your experience moving from a receiver to seperates?

    I will let everyone know what my take is once I actually get my new pre/pro and amp of the dock - living on an island definitely has its downsides taking into consdieration 33.33% duty on invoiced amount, shipping and about an extra $50 for customs clearance. But................when...
  19. MarkWC

    Good deal on Boston Acoustic VR-M90's

    If you don't buy them, pm me with the details!
  20. MarkWC

    Boston Acoustics VR3/VR2 -- Good for vocal musics?

    I also have the VRM's as opposed to the VRx's(insert number). I can tell you in my experience that the imaging of these speakers, when placed and calibrated correctly, sound fantastic. I listen to a variety of music mainly some variation of Rock and my wife loves R&B, Top 20 Hits, etc and never...
  21. MarkWC

    So I had LASIC (Pictures, 500K)

    I actually had my first anniversary on November 5th and must admit it was one of the best purchases ever in my life. I have been wearing glasses then contacts since in fifth grade. I was 29 when I had lasik and my eyes continue to be in perfect shape. I would recommend this process to anyone who...
  22. MarkWC

    Best Small Size Speaker Set?

    I demoed the Boston Acoustic VR-Ms at home and was absolutely blown away with their performance that it was an instant sale for my liking. I know you hear this a lot, but speakers are very subjective, and listen habits, receivers, room acoustics, etc all have a very serious impact on how...
  23. MarkWC

    Help with Decision - XBox vs PS2

    Try this:
  24. MarkWC

    X Box ?'s

    The cost between the Microsoft HD Pack w/ upgraded AR Cables and Monster Cable set was under $20 so I am going with Monster Game for piece of mind. How do I know if I am ordering the older or newer Microsoft Controller? I am having my wife pick it up from Gamestop in NH and want the right...
  25. MarkWC

    X Box ?'s

    I'm not too interested in XBox Live for now, give me a couple of months to get familiar with the system and games and then maybe I will. I went the extension cable route with the PS2 but wrapping/unwrapping it was a pain so I opted for wireless. I sit about 12' away but the controller cables are...
  26. MarkWC

    X Box ?'s

    I am having the wife pick me up an XBox while in NH since Bermuda sells them for $300 still. I need help with two areas: 1) which type of wireless controller should I get? I sold my PS2 yesterday and the Mad Catz Wireless was great but the XBox controllers seem so big and bulky so the...
  27. MarkWC

    satellite speakers vs. bookshelf/floorstanding

    I truly feel that satellite speaker compromise the sound because of the small driver size and a distinct void bewteen the crossover point of smaller sats at 120 or even 100 which makes crossing the subwoofer difficult. I used to have the Boston Acoustic Micro 90 which always felt lacking though...
  28. MarkWC

    Center Speaker-Can't Understand dialogue

    Two things I would check: 1) is your center set to small? 2) check your + - of your connection to ensure they are not crossed This could help.
  29. MarkWC

    Well I am finally starting my HT room

    Congrats - You really outdid yourself. What an unbelievable attribute to have the vision, know how, work ethic, and yeah....some healthy cabbage to invest in top gear in one package. I foresee many enjoyable nights at how and I'm not even a soothsayer. You da man!!! Next pic needs to be...
  30. MarkWC

    speakers--mix and match?

    Boston Subs tend to be over priced for the performance you get from them. I originally..well still have a Mirage PS12..until I can afford a PB2+. The trend of these subs is no joke, embrace the opportunity to go direct to HSU or SVS and never look back!!