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  1. Dan Steffen

    $600-700 to spend, AXIOM or KLIPSCH?

    Brook: These speakers have entirely different sounds to them. I would suggest having him go to a store and listen to the klipsch before you make a decision for him. In my opinion (I'm not Klipsch bashing), the Klipsch sound like the singer has their hands clasped around their mouth (horn...
  2. Dan Steffen

    Weekly Roundup 11/12 (May The Force Be With You!)

    If anyone deserves these low prices it is you David;) Keep up the good work and thanks for everything you have done:emoji_thumbsup:
  3. Dan Steffen

    where to does one buy a sonotube?

    Thanks for the info Jeff
  4. Dan Steffen

    Speakerbuilding books

    Parts Express has the same book for $31.95. I'm not certain about shipping costs Loudspeaker Design Cookbook
  5. Dan Steffen

    Movie recomendations for surround placement

    Thanks. I have TPM and the Matrix. I was also thinking of Gladiator for the beginning battle
  6. Dan Steffen

    Movie recomendations for surround placement

    Could someone recommend a movie that I could loop in my dvd player to place my surround speakers. Right now I'm in the process of making height-adjustable speaker stands that I will be able to move quite a bit. I was wondering if anyone has a favorite movie with a lot of surround localization to...
  7. Dan Steffen

    Speaker Stands: Almost a reality

    Looks very nice. Have you noticed any instability with those or is the base large enough to prevent easy tipping?
  8. Dan Steffen

    Diva C3

    I have not heard the "old style" C3 but I do have the "new style" C3 and I can tell you it is incredibly detailed in its sound. The owner, Mark Schifter, has mentioned that he can't hear a difference between the two. I fully trust Mark's ear. It appears that the only people wanting the "old...
  9. Dan Steffen

    Need help from 3802 owners ASAP.

    It is my understanding that you cannot run both A+B+multi room at the same time. Only 7 speakers are supported at once. A speakers are meant for either dipoles or direct radiating side surround B speakers are meant for either direct radiating if A speakers are dipole or vice versa. The...
  10. Dan Steffen

    Outlaw/Axiom/SVS combo.

    Congrats Rey. Looks like you have a killer setup that you will enjoy for a long time. It's also very interesting that you are doing pretty much the same thing I am....buying all internet direct stuff. I have 2 SVS subs and a diva setup. I think for the money, these systems simply can't be beat
  11. Dan Steffen

    Does it matter if sub goes in left front corner or right front corner?

    Don't be ridiculous Todd. You put the left channel sub in the left corner and the right channel sub in the right corner:D :D Seriously, it won't matter but I actually have dual SVS subs one in each corner and I couldn't be happier
  12. Dan Steffen

    Speaker output? Diva Questions

    Ditto what J.Fo said. Its better to have more power than your speakers can handle than having less than they can handle. I have a pretty similar setup..Denon 3802 with 6.1/c3/2.1 and I'm considering getting the outlaw 770 amp. The only problem is that I really don't have a dedicted 20 amp...
  13. Dan Steffen

    Thoughts on this setup?

    Joel: I have a very similar setup as what you'll have soon. swan 6.1/c3/2.1 denon 3802 sampson s700 (2) 20-39cs with upgraded drivers The sound is amazing. When you get the new swans you will hear things that you haven't heard before on recordings. Initially when I started listening to...
  14. Dan Steffen

    What's more important when trying to timbre match??????

    Thanks for your input Russell. Everyday I listen to my Divas I'm a little more amazed at the quality. I know its been said before that you hear things that you haven't heard before but it really is true with these speakers.
  15. Dan Steffen

    dts CD for $10 each

    Cool. Thanks Patrick;)
  16. Dan Steffen

    What's more important when trying to timbre match??????

    Phil thanks for the link. That has a lot of good info that I haven't seen before
  17. Dan Steffen

    What's more important when trying to timbre match??????

    Thanks for the response David. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Def Techs you have contain an aluminum tweeter (not sure about the other drivers). So from what you are saying the silk dome tweeter of the AT374 matches well with other non-silk dome tweeters? Do the other drivers have that much...
  18. Dan Steffen

    What's more important when trying to timbre match??????

    What's more important when trying to timbre match? Right now I have (or soon to have) my front 3 diva speakers 6.1/c3. There is no way I can fit the r3 surround onto my wall so I was trying to find something to timbre match the divas. My question is what is more important, the tweeter or the...
  19. Dan Steffen

    Pls recommend Surround Dipoles

    Dex: I would try to get the same brand/model speaker as you have for your front 3 to timbre match.
  20. Dan Steffen

    I'm an idiot, just blew my SVS

    Gee I just read in another thread that "my sub BEATS SVS". Well that may be the case if you want to spend 3x the money. Possibly the other sub beats an SVS but NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY beats Ron or Tom at customer service. When I buy a product I want people standing behind their product...
  21. Dan Steffen

    Can you *feel* the SVS 25-31 PCi?

    I can't speak for the 25-31 Pci but I have dual 20-39 CSi with a sampson s700 amp. I can feel the bass. In fact I was just talking to my brother the other day about the song that SVS has suggested on their webpage Notorious B.I.G. -- "Dead Wrong" that I can't hear the bass - I only feel it.
  22. Dan Steffen

    Monopole and Dipole...what does that mean?

    John beat me to it. I was looking for a picture to help explain. The picture that I saw previously made it clear as night and day. If I find it I will post it
  23. Dan Steffen

    Bipolars or regular surrounds for surround? Music 50% and Movies 50%

    Todd: This is one of those, "you have to listen to decide for yourself" answers but if I were you, I would buy direct firing surrounds. Music doesn't seem to sound as good with dipole/bipole setups as it does with regular speakers. HT sounds almost as good with regular speakers.
  24. Dan Steffen

    Diva 4.1, c3, 2.1, svs sub vs. def tec pro cinema 200's (x4) c2 center, 100sub

    Todd: You can also go Link Removed to sign up for an audition to listen to the divas in your area if you can't go to their warehouse. This site was set up by a fan of the divas named Steve (codemarine). He is not affiliated with at all so he has no bias other than the fact that he...
  25. Dan Steffen

    I will now be apart of the SVS !!!!!

    Congrats Rey You may just want to take a little time to prepare for your new sub by taping everything on the walls, removing anything standing on tables like vases or picture frames, buy a defibrillator..... Have fun
  26. Dan Steffen

    How low can surround speakers be placed?

    FWIW - dolby suggests 2-3 feet above listener's level dolby site