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  1. Patrick

    Home Depot/Loewes 12Ga Speaker Wire

    Folks I'm looking to purchase cables from these places but I have a couple of questions. The Home Depot cable has one strand that is obviousoy copper as it is brown. The other strand is silver. Is this strand coated copper or something else? If so, what is it and why the difference? The...
  2. Patrick

    what gear offers "switchable" rears?

    I think I understand what Mathew is asking as I wondered about this myself. I have the Denon AVR5800 which has 4 separate amps for surround duties. You can simultaneously connect two pairs of speakers to the surround side channels (referred to as surround A and surround B). However, both pairs...
  3. Patrick

    Press Release/Specs on New Denon AVR5803 Flagship DENON BRINGS UNPRECEDENTED POWER AND PERFORMANCE TO HOME THEATER WITH INTRODUCTION OF NEW AVR-5803 SURROUND SOUND RECEIVER AT CES 2002 For Immediate Release. Contact: Sharron Silvers at Dobbin/Bolgla Associates. Tel 1(212)388-1400 or...
  4. Patrick

    Dolby decides to release Dolby Digital EX decoding without THX for home use

    In true THX style, surely they must release another decoding process/format to keep one step ahead of the game. Perhaps we will soon see a height channel in the next incarnation of THX - rumoured to be introduced with the Episode 2.
  5. Patrick

    Dolby decides to release Dolby Digital EX decoding without THX for home use

    Here is the press release from Dolby's website. Dolby Laboratories Begins Licensing Dolby® Digital EX TM San Francisco, November 5, 2001—Dolby Laboratories announced that Dolby Digital Surround EX ™, the award-winning multichannel audio technology originally developed jointly by Lucasfilm...
  6. Patrick

    Speaker combination for EX/ES set-up

    I'm in the process of setting up an EX/ES system. I'm not sure what speaker types (direct/dipole)to use for the side and back surrounds. I know what THX suggests, but I'm wondering what you guys are using. Please specify your setup as follows: Side surround/back surround: a) direct/direct b)...
  7. Patrick

    FS: Paradigm speakers

    I'm moving abroad so I'm selling the following speakers to help reduce shipping costs. These speakers were purchased from an authorized dealer in October 2000 and remain under warranty. CC370 centre (v 2): $250 Monitor 9 (v 2) $600 ADP370 dipole surround (v 2): $450 Will consider further...