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    Big "Home" Theatre/Bar

    I'll try to respond, but there are some things/links you mentioned I've got to check out. Soundproofing I'll probably pass and just get the best drywall. The best 5/8 drywall is $11, but soundproof is $53 a sheet. 12 ga for any runs over 50 ft No wireless for anything For the TVs my current...
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    Any thoughts on this? ViewSonic PX800HD 1080p Ultra-Short Throw Home Entertainment Projector
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    Big "Home" Theatre/Bar

    Yes, sofas, sectionals, love seats, tables/chairs, bar height tables/stools a variety 1 to 70 nope, but casual not extravagant youtube/netflix/blue ray/dvd
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    Short Throw Projectors

    So far I like this one.
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    Big "Home" Theatre/Bar

    Hello everyone, new guy here. I love music, video and music videos. My preference is for less expensive but loud/vintage equipment that shakes the walls as opposed to really expensive high end stuff. My current home audio equipment consists of a Yamaha pre-amp, NAD 2200 power amp powering two...
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